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A Retrospective View
Citation:   J. Bingo. "A Retrospective View: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp95009)". Mar 5, 2012.

T+ 0:00
300 ug insufflated 25I-NBOMe (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 500 ug insufflated 25I-NBOMe (liquid)
  T+ 2:28 0.1 g inhaled Cannabis  
  T+ 2:52 500 ug insufflated 25I-NBOMe (liquid)
  T+ 3:31 0.2 g inhaled Cannabis  

4 months ago I tripped on 25i-NBOMe. Seeing that there were few reports on the drug, I took it upon myself to make a trip report detailing my experiences. Below are 2 trip reports. Both times the drug was administered intranasally using an emptied 15ml Afrin nasal spray bottle filled with a solution of 25i-NBOMe HCl dissolved in water at concentration of 1mg/ml. When measured each spray dispensed about 100μL of liquid +/- 5μL. This made for an accurate method of administration at about 100μg of 25i-NBOMe per spray. Note: the chemical was reluctant to dissolve to this concentration at room temperature. Heating it up in the microwave to about 40-50 degrees Celsius fixed this problem. The solution did not precipitate back at room temperature. WARNING: As this chemical is active at extremely low doses I made sure to be extremely careful not to breathe any in or get any on my skin when creating the solution. If you do not have the proper equipment or experience to handle dangerous chemicals, I'd strongly recommend against it!

25i-NBOME: Trial 1

+0:00: 300μg of 25i-NBOMe is administered nasally.

+0:20: First effects are felt. My vision starts to flicker slightly as it did on 2c-e. No nausea or anxiousness, only a slight mood uplift is felt.

+0:24: I realize the punk music I am listening to is a bit harsh for psychedelics. I put on There, There by Radiohead. Thatís much better. The hounds-tooth pattern on my hoodee hanging on the wall begins to checker into itself.

+0:42: Heart rate: 100BPM. There are little to no signs of physical unease. The Ďeroticí as Shulgin put it, rears its beautiful head. Visual effects are starting to manifest themselves as things bend and wane as I look at them. Music has a certain profoundness to it with a particular emphasis on beat.

+1:30: A bit of bruxism manifests itself, but it is very minor. On 2c-e I would get pretty intense teeth grinding, this is just something minor and could probably be remedied with some chewing gum. Iíll remember that for next time. I begin to see dragons and skulls as I look into the window drapes to my right. I am in a very complex headspace but my visual field is still most of the way intact. I am at a [+]. Heart rate: 100BPM.

+1:45: I decide to meditate, working my way into a [++]

+2:05: I am caught up in a feeling I am quite unable to describe. The carpet has the same small pattern repeating throughout its entire surface. Despite the intense visual and perceptual changes, I feel surprisingly in control in that I can tune them out and come back to reality in a second. Apart from the huge shit-eating grin I keep finding plastered on my face I could imagine acting fairly normally in public on this compound (at this dose).

While under the influence, I feel it necessary to write the following commentary:

I can see 25i becoming this generationís acid. Itís incredibly cheap; This dose cost me literally 6 cents. There is no nausea that typically accompanies the come-up of psychedelics. 25i-NBOMe has all the positives of acid, but unlike acid, itís extremely stable and probably doesnít even need to be stored in the freezer. And unlike acid, itís completely legal as long as its not Ďfor human consumption,í whatever that means.

+2:30: There is a tinge of the profoundness that was apparent on my last 2c-e trip, the feeling that you are sitting in a room with god. Of course that only came at higher doses of 2c-e. Perhaps this entheogenic feeling will bring itself out more at a higher dose.

+2:45: I begin to realize how unfair it is that we indoctrinate children about psychedelics with stories of people jumping out of windows or losing their sanity. This is not an experience that someone behind a two way mirror can describe to you. There are no words, no forms to portray this drugís action, it can only be experienced. I feel no urge to jump out a window, only an insatiable thirst to make the world a better place and live my life to the fullest.

25i-NBOME: Trial 2

+0:00: 500μg is administered nasally

+0:14: I start to feel waves of energy crash over me. Colors have brightened significantly. Thereís a HEAVY sexual pull which Iíve yet to read about in other trip reports

+0:33: I am already [++]. Mild audial distortions. Heavy visual flickering.

+1:00: I get into the shower and I am thrown hard into a brick wall of psychedelia. [++/+++]

+1:18: I get out of the shower and look at my stopwatch. Itís been 18 minutes. Fuck. I feel like Iíve been in there for at least a few hours. My ego starts to fade as my perception of time becomes more and more skewed.

+1:50: I eat an apple. The flavor of the fruit fades into the background as the feeling of the juices hitting my tongue take center stage. Tactile sensation is taken into another plane of existence while sense of taste is dulled.

2:15: I am starting to come down and feel it necessary to write the following:

Thereís an urge to do everything at once while at the same time the feeling that I will have an eternity to do it. With this chemical a dualism makes itself apparent in literally everything. The table standing by itself in a room becomes a clash of forces between its legs and the support of the floor. In my mind, the political struggles in the world battle against each other, not as right and wrong, but rather 2 different sides of the same coin. In our day-to-day life we are so caught up in how the world relates to us but we canít ever really be bothered to stare across the lake from the other sideís perspective. And if we seek objectivity, we find ourselves caught in a trap because there are only 2 perspectives and each one is warped in its own peculiar ways.

2:28: I am starting to come down a bit more, perhaps at a [+]. I vaporize 0.1g of cannabis and am thrust back into the depths of my own mind. I lay down in my bed and close my eyes. I am confronted by an array of kaleidoscopic visions, each incredibly complex, completely unique, and with a depth that the English language can do no justice. These visions are made up exclusively by bright colors with lots of purples and greens. After about 20 minutes of this I feel the urge to push the dose up a bit higher.

+2:52: I redose 500μg. Note: the following timescale is relative to the second 500ug dose.

+0:26: I am looking out of my bedroom window and the trees outside are dancing in front of me. The world becomes a work of art as the leafless branches blowing in the wind melt into an animated Van Gough painting. I feel the chill of the November wind through my window. Incredible.

+0:39: I am just about peaking and decide to take another 200μg dose. I also quickly prepare and vaporize perhaps another 0.2g of cannabis.

+???: Time becomes irrelevant. I skip forwards and backwards through it uncontrollably. I put on my headphones and start listening to some Animal Collective. I find myself processing music very strangely. I will mentally skip 5 seconds ahead in a song, listen for an instant and then skip 5 or 10 seconds backwards in the same song and listen to the part I had just listened to over again. I feel indescribable pleasure. Bliss. Nirvana. This is the ultimate human experience. My life up until this point has merely been preparation for this moment. Everything from here on afterwards will never be the same. I literally FEEL the beauty of the universe in its infinite complexity. My perception of myself is erased. There is no longer a Ďmeí.

1-2 hours later: I remembering crying several times as I came down feeling truly blessed just to be alive.

Post-trip retrospective commentary: I am writing this about four months since my last trip, which was described in detail above. This is one of the best if not THE BEST drug ever made. It would be almost impossible to improve. I am done searching for the perfect psychedelic; this is the one. Both low and high doses are extremely comfortable and get more rewarding as the dosage is pushed higher. Under its influence at relatively high doses there was no nausea, no anxiousness, and absolutely no fear. There was, instead, a gentle push as the chemical guided me to a mind-state of pure and indescribable bliss. There is no doubt in my mind that this chemical changed me. It has made me happier. It has made me more compassionate. It has made me more enthusiastic about going and doing things. The experience in itself is incredible, but it is the effect it has had on my perception of the world that makes up the majority of its value to me.

I feel as if my emotional hard drive was wiped clean that day. I recall about 2 weeks after this trip having a dentist appointment. Now, normally I get pretty bummed out when I have to get my teeth scraped with sterilized metal tools, but the afterglow was so strong that I remember walking into the office and radiating happiness from start to finish. With bleeding gums I joked around with the office staff and assistants. I didnít care that I was in pain. Pain is not relevant anymore.

My irrational fear of heights, the dark, insects, and spiders disappeared entirely. I used to tense up whenever I was around someone I thought was attractive; since the trip I have become extremely confident around women.

People who have wronged me in the past are forgiven. I realize that past mistakes that I have made are no longer relevant. I am fitter, happier, more productive, living my life without limits. I am freed from my cage. My grades in school have gone from Bís and Cís to straight Aís. I think I should also note that I have had pretty much zero craving for the drug since my last trip. My eyes are already open, what would be the point of another trip? I think I should also note that this drug really needs cannabis to be fully exploited. By itself it was unbelievable but with cannabis it was mindblowing.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 95009
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Mar 5, 2012Views: 52,457
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