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The Mysterious Mental Laboratory
by GB
Citation:   GB. "The Mysterious Mental Laboratory: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp95014)". Erowid.org. Sep 18, 2013. erowid.org/exp/95014

2 mg sublingual 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
I was excited for this trip as I planned to set up my electric guitar and play while tripping which I hadn't played for months. After picking up a new cable to hook the guitar to the amp, I dosed 4 hits (2 mgs) of 25i-nbome sublingually shortly before I got back home at ~ 2 pm. I got initial alerts fairly quickly and the comeup was about the only thing on this trip that I would find to be easy. I chatted a bit on HF and then when I felt fairly involved in the trip I tried to go tune my guitar. Unfortunately I didn't realize my electronic tuner was either running out of batteries or is not registering correctly but it was way off the notes. I even confirmed this in a sober state of mind later on. I found this quite frustrating so I attempted to tune by ear and I got a couple of the strings tuned correctly but I found this a very difficult task as the strings sounded like they would shift in pitch after a couple of seconds and I was not able to get them all tuned correctly.

As the effects came surging on with jolts of stimulation and rapidly firing thoughts I set the guitar down and laid on the couch. I was getting pretty overwhelmed at this point. This initial rush felt like a meeting point between the visual distortions and abstract thinking of a strong acid trip with overtones of the color enhancement and empathogenic effects of 2ci. My brother just left for college, so I was thinking a lot about him and the family. There was also a cat on the couch across from me and I would look at him and black and white hair seemed if it was flowing and I was getting the impression he was making faces at me. I recall looking at the brick against a side of one our walls and the brick seemed to really stand out compared to the rest of the architecture of the room. I felt it didn't really fit in for some reason as the bricks were crawling with movement.

After gaining some composure, I sat up and decided to try and play the guitar with the few strings that I had tuned. My amp has some pretty cool sound effects so even though I couldn't play full songs because some of the strings weren't tuned I did some soloing and would add some phaser, tremolo, and delay sound effects to make my playing sound really spacey. It was pretty awesome to play, I was really captivated by the sounds and I forgot how much more raw and dynamic the electric guitar sounds and feels to play compared to the acoustic. I felt as if the sounds were rebounding and vibrating all around my being. I would play with the phaser and jam out on a pentatonic scale into spacey rock type soloing trying to emulate Hendrix and then later go turn on the tremolo/delay and repeatedly stick around a few notes to give a very trancey type repeating hypnotic sound.

After playing for a bit, I had the desire to come back on HF and play some music on the computer but for some reason the effects were starting to pummel me after the thrill of playing the electric for the first time in awhile and I couldn't make it to computer. I headed outside for a moment and then I noticed my trip started feeling extremely lysergic in nature. I took the cat with me as he wanted to go out but I held him for a bit. I wasn't getting overwhelming euphoria but I was stimulated and got extremely analytic as I looked out at the enhanced colors of the trees, creek and street and noticed everything swaying and forms breaking at the seams as if my world had become a runny oil painting. I had rapid fire analytical thinking, very little of which I retained but I do recall me enjoying this part quite a bit and I thought I was starting to flow with the trip but when I came back inside I found I was mistaken.

When I came back inside I got on the computer and thought the trip was going to settle down a little bit, I scanned some of the forums on here and I was making a lot of abstract connections with some of the posts. A lot of posts seemed to take on significant meanings which created synchronicity with my thoughts or would trigger some thoughts. The trip started feeling extremely artificial as if somehow the drug was controlling my thoughts from an external force. This perception didn't feel like the loving 'guide' that many mention with psychedelics like Magic Mushrooms, this feeling felt as if my brain was being tinkered with in a very foreboding strange laboratory type way. At this point my thoughts started drifting to ideas of deception and fairly significant paranoia.

I got off the net and sat back down on the couch and watched a bit of tv. With the television on, the synchronistic thinking continued and I still felt my mind was not right. I was very aware of my surroundings but my thinking was very fragmented and I still had a decent amount of paranoia. At one point I saw some sort of alien looking holographic keyboard appear in front of me and then I would rush through a series of twisting, turning and rapidly firing visual effects that were extremely bizarre and undecipherable to me. I lay down for a bit, the cat came back inside and he actually helped me calm down, I felt as if I was taking some guidance from him somehow and he helped me relax.

The effects slowed down quite a bit about 6 hours in and there was a lull in the trip for about 2 hours. I still felt extremely stimulated and could not really formulate my thoughts very well. An extremely fried feeling in my brain from the overload of sensory input. I came back on HF for a bit and talked on the phone which calmed me down some more. I played the guitar again while talking on the phone. I jammed out on the electric for a couple minutes and played the unplugged version of Layla to the song on the acoustic. To my surprise I actually played the song really well. I then lay down with the acoustic and sort of did some repetitive slap playing which was enjoyable.

Around 10 pm when I thought the effects were all but gone I was in my room with the door slightly cracked and the lights off and with the little bit of light that shined on my walls through the cracked door I started hallucinating again. The visuals were coming on much slower but still pretty ominous looking. I saw some machine tentacle pop through my wall with an eyeball and it scanned my room for a bit before retreating and giving way to some other abstract hallucination. There was sort of ominous figures that transformed in my closet that I didn't really look at too closely but from the corner of my eye they were sort of ghostly characters and a gigantic spider among other things. The last visuals that I really recall were the corners of the room illuminating and sort of seeming to come out away from the wall and the light on the door creating this spinning after image in my field of vision when I looked away into the darkness.

This 25i nbome trip was extremely bizarre for me. I find it a very intense, powerful trip with some unique qualities and I appreciate that aspect of it but at the same time the stimulation coupled with the bizarre thinking creates an ominous, paranoid tone to the trip which didn't really agree with me. Perhaps with more exploration and maybe a lower dose, I could find this trip more useful and valuable for psychedelic growth but as of now I don't plan to take this trip at this dose level again anytime soon.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95014
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 18, 2013Views: 6,022
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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