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The Growing World
by Ether
Citation:   Ether. "The Growing World: An Experience with LSD (exp95016)". Apr 15, 2021.

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)



7 or so years of experimenting with various substances, such as mescaline, psilocybin, LSD. marihuana for the most part, combining with training in other altered states of consciousness such as dream, waking etc. Slowly, I had returned to the conclusion that I cannot do everything alone, and that some things are only attainable through the Grace of the Lord (After all 'The Father and I are one'). I have also noticed that from a certain perspective, duality disappears, and polar opposites begin to fulfill each other. An example of this would be a monk sitting in Zazen, who from our perspective would be sitting still. However if we were to look at him from the viewpoint of the sun, he would be moving indeed (because our planet is hauling ass through space). Truth has stopped being an absolute for me, it is a process in which I discover more and more, and these new truths contain all of our past previous experiences and more. Quabbalistic diagrams reveal this very openly.


It appears that a clean, and healthy body not only needs smaller dosages, but is also able to percieve more clearly the effects of various substances. The day before I tried to carry out a small fast (about 24h) - but I didn't make it all the way to the end because I ran into some trouble with chocolates. Nevertheless, it was a good little cleanse. I think that sometimes LSD can give just a little boost, so that I can see over the edge of a big wall that is called 'Matter', a little leg-up if you will. Over the past couple of weeks I had been sleeping not so well, going through some emotional hold-up and general lack of sleep due to issues related to the past. Additionally I have been trying to stretch more daily, using Hatha Yoga, Falun Gong, and in general just moving myself more which I noticed also feels really good.

My interest in Naturopathy recently lead me to the field of Urynocology, which caught my interest. This morning in order to try the effects of this substance I drank a little bit of my own urine (apparently the middle part of morning urine is the healthiest due to various iterference patterns etc), which had a golden yellow colour, and after the liquid settled for a while, in the middle of the fluid I could see a little 'string' of red. It reminded me of Bohm's implicate order. Nevertheless I downed some, it wasn't so bad - and the taste reminded me of how much crap I had inside my body. The day proceeded slowly, I did some work around the house, ate only about two sandwitches and an apple throughout the day, in the evening I smoked some weed with a friend and slowly headed home. Throughout the day I drank lots of liquids, and had prepared some for my experience, making some tea with herbs and water. The evening had finally arrived, and Zero Hour came around.

Opening the Doors of Perception:

22:23 (T 0:00) - I place one square blotter containing a fragment of Alex Grey's wonderul artowork on my tongue.

23:10 (T 0:41) - Lying down, I begin to feel some distance towards things. Not the kind of indifference distance, but the fact that some things that I considered large (for example a three month relationship) began to seem really small as I once again grasped the infinity of time before and after my life. I head into the kitchen for some more water, and I turn on the light. Everything seems brighter than usual, more intense. A feeling of peace slowly dawns over me like the settling of a low, thick morning fog. The perception of sound is also amplified. I start to feel again some pain around my liver, which has been appearing now and again for some time. However I know that pain is sometimes required to transmute energy and burn up karma.

23:23 +/- (T 1:00) - As the effects start to slowly appear, I do some stretching to open up the energy channels. My body moves easily. My body becomes more relaxed and elastic. During the warm-up Falun Gong exercise I begin to feel some heat, and while in the last position which is focused around the Dan Tien (area around the navel) I begin to feel some heat, and I feel as if the pain that I had felt before in that area slowly begins to melt away.

23:27 (T 1:04) - I head towards the kitchen, the headlights from the cars on the street pulsate, changing their intensity, however I'm not sure if it is them or me causing this pulsation.

23:51 (T 1:28) - Once again I lay down on the bed in the darkness. I close my eyes and begin to see the world as a growing thing, I see various kinds of plants that also share this characteristic of growth. Little growing cabbages bloom in front of my eyes. The world seems to also be growing, resulting in new buildings being made. I notice that the organic and cultural development seem to be part of the same I also begin to see little doughnut shaped energetic rings that appear to be the basis out of which all things are made, perhaps they symbolize the power of creation which is inherant in every part of the universe. Slowly I realize how bad of a person I can be sometimes, which allows me to become more humble not only towards myself, but towards others as well.

0:06 (T 1:43) - I realize that the only way to move forward is to assimilate the past, become one with it and use it for future growth. There is no point in getting caught up in what we percieve as that which could have or should have been. The next couple of hours I spent analzying various events from my past which allowed me to gain a higher perspective on things in which all of the elements that I did not take under consideration earlier came together all at once like pieces of a pizza, forming a complete circle. I noticed that the thing which I had before seen as a good event, really wasn't so good at all, and now that it is over I shouldn't worry too much about the loss, but accept it as a necessary part of my life path which no longer needed those circumstances and individuals for it's growth. At a certain time in the night I also saw various nasty visualizations such as intestines, blood, and other sexually oriented things, however I knew that these were elements that were emerging from my own psyche and I shouldn't be too troubled by them, for they will soon pass.

5:00 (T 6:37) - I go to the bathroom to once again relieve myself, but this time I collect the urine to drink. It has a much different colour than before, it seems more clearer and has a slight shade of yellow. I drank it again and this time with much more ease than the first time. The taste is much better this time around. For the next couple of hours I lie in bed again and wonder at the marvel of creation, and the beauty of life. I think that in urine there could be the funnelling down of all aspects of the human being, it contains information about all of our body parts, like a daily review.

8:30 (T 10:07) - Warm bath. Afterwords I go for a walk outside, I marvel at the flying birds and the bird feeders which I never noticed before. The sun is shining and I think: 'What a wonderful world this is.'


The following day I felt really well, had lots of energy, I was much more happier and I was singing lots. The trip allowed me to let go of some of my previous beliefs about myself and what had happened to me.
The trip allowed me to let go of some of my previous beliefs about myself and what had happened to me.
Due to that I feel a lot lighter and I do not spend so much time as before being sad and lamenting over the past. Additionally I also realized that I have inside of myself huge potential, everyone of us does! I feel really relaxed after all of that, and a general sense of calm has futher accompanied me throughout the following days. I am thankful for the experience and perhaps sometime in the future I will repeat it. However I have also noticed that regular physical exercise and just 'sitting' also posess beneficial effects of the expansion of consciousness, although it is a much slower process. Therefore I think that we need a dual approach to ourselves, because as someone once said; 'Spiritual and Physical life should grow together'.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95016
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Apr 15, 2021Views: 131
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LSD (2), Yoga / Bodywork (202) : Combinations (3), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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