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A Wonderful New Chemical
by Narkopolet
Citation:   Narkopolet. "A Wonderful New Chemical: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe (exp95049)". Mar 2, 2012.

600 ug sublingual 25C-NBOMe (liquid)


I recently acquired 20mg of this chemical through a trusted supplier. I weighed and diluted the 20mg into 20ml liquid. The liquid now holds 100ug per 0.1ml or aprox. 50ug per drop. I first tested 1 drop for allergy reaction. No effects of any sort noted. A few weeks later I tested 3 drops sublingual. I went out and smoked a few joints with some friends. There are very small effects, but this could easily be just the weed or placebo.

Then yesterday, over a month since my last trial I decide to really try and see what this chemical has to offer. After carefully reading through all trip-reports I decide on dosing 600ug sublingual. Setting was me home alone. I was in a good mood and cleaned my apartment right after my girlfriend left for work. I had a playlist with songs that I love ready and had a pretty full stomach.

00:00 - I used a syringe to pull up 0.6ml of the solution which I dropped on a piece of paper towel. I put this paper in my gum and held it in my mouth for a good 40minutes, without swallowing my spit. At 40minutes I swallowed the spit that had been accumulating in my mouth, then I took the paper and stuck under my tongue, where I kept it for an additional 20 minutes. During this period my mood was starting to be lifted very good, I walked around the apartment, watering all my plants, dancing with myself.

01:00 - I spit out the paper and lie down on my couch. There is definite euphoria at this stage. Music sounds better then normal, mild visuals noted. The feeling is reminiscent of the come up of my MDMA experiences.

01:05 - Strong euphoria present.

01:15 - I decide to take a shower. I dim the lighting and bring a “star projector” to the bathroom. The feeling of water hitting my skin along with all the “led stars” hitting the glass of the shower is amazing. I stand in the shower bathing in intense euphoria for at least 20 minutes.

01:35 - I come out of the shower and lie back down on the couch. This seems to be the peak. Strong euphoria, very similar to MDMA along with some visuals. I was excepting this chemical to be much more visual, but the intense body sensations more than make up for this in my opinion. Music at this point is intense.

02:30 - Feelings still going strong, I rarely eat while tripping, but I am getting a little hungry and the thought of food is actually intriguing. I get a yogurt from the fridge and it tastes amazing. My tastebuds are sharpened and taking a sip of coca cola feels like a million mini-explosions in my mouth.

02:48 - Earlier my girlfriend had bought a few bouquets of some flowers and I find myself in love with this one fucking flower. I can’t stop smelling it, the smell brings out flashbacks of earlier memories and my mind is clearly able to focus around on different memories and sensations. The feeling of all the petals as I slowly stroke it across my face and body is amazing. I spend a good 15 minutes with this flower, but I keep it close for the rest of the trip. Visuals are nothing spectacular, my focus and depth perception is off, and all colors are enhanced, but I don't really find them that interesting with eyes open or closed, I am much more interested in the music appreciation, feelings of euphoria and and my thought alterations that this chemical induces. Though I have a feeling the visuals will come more out in higher dosages.

03:20- Smoke a joint with some premium hashish. The synergy is great. Brings out more euphoria, and slightly more pronounced visuals at this point.

03:31 - Still lots of euphoria, the music is flowing throughout the room.

04:00 - I decide to call up my old tripping buddy on facetime(videochat). We live in different cities and rarely see each other anymore. I am still definitely tripping but have no issues communicating. Although I feel I lose some of the trip talking to a sober person it brings a sense of joy to share my experience with him.

05:07 - My girlfriend comes home. Although I am still tripping she doesn't notice. She is usually very good at spotting when I am under the influence, but on this chemical it is very easy to hold a straight face. At this point I feel the effects are starting to subside. We smoke a joint.

08:16 - We go to bed. Small residual effects. I have some difficulty reaching sleep. But fall asleep after 30-40 minutes. Intense dreams, very realistic. Wake up a few times during the night with clear memory of my dream and the ability to jump straight back into it.

I wake up the next day feeling refreshed and fine. I kind of feel there is some disturbances in my visual field, but that resides throughout the day.

Overall this is a fantastic chemical. No nausea to speak of. Fantastic euphoria and mild visuals. Mindspace is interesting with no anxiety what so ever. I could use this as a substitute for both MDMA and acid in the right social setting. Can’t wait to try this with more people. I feel like sublingual dosage is a much better route of arrival then insufflation. All the negative reports I have read on this substance is through insufflation where the effects starts only 10-15 minutes after dosing. With sublingual I get a smooth and pleasant come up with longer lasting effects(although I have to dose slightly higher then insufflation).

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 95049
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Mar 2, 2012Views: 13,830
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25C-NBOMe (540) : Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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