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Renewed Affection, Reduced Anxiety
by Yotee Coyote
Citation:   Yotee Coyote. "Renewed Affection, Reduced Anxiety: An Experience with Kratom (exp95059)". Jan 19, 2014.

T+ 0:00
1 tsp oral Kratom (plant material)
  T+ 4:00 1 tsp oral Kratom (plant material)
  T+ 36:00 1 tsp oral Kratom (tea)
  T+ 40:00 2 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  



Over a weekend, I consumed kratom for the first time. Overall, it was a positive experience. However, I did encounter some negative side effects due to improper dosing. The goal of this experience report is to extensively cover my mental/physical health, motivations for taking kratom, and the experience both during the high and the 'day after'.



The following is medical information about me. I choose to provide these sensitive details to better communicate the context in which I took kratom.

Age: 26
Sex: Male
Weight: 185 lbs
Height: 6 feet, 0 inches
Physique: Average, fit

Health conditions: Hypothyroidism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (low level), Cyclical Moods (low level bi-polar disorder / depression)

Prescribed medications in system during experience: Methylphenidate ER 20mg, Levothyroxine 125mcg, Fluoxetine 40mg

Other medications or intoxicants taken before experience: None

Drinking habits: 2-4 alcoholic drinks per week. Favorite drinks: whiskey, beer, wine

Other recreational drugs: Marijuana on an occasional basis (no more than once per month), Opiates (prescribed pain killers) taken orally when they are available, usually when I hurt myself or a friend has them (a few times per year)



I believe it is important to indicate some basic elements of my personality and spiritual beliefs, since psychoactive drugs play with these facets.

My sun sign is Capricorn. Reviewing the typical personality traits of this sign should provide basic insight on my personality. Some additional words and phrases that describe my personality: logical, spiritual, introverted, jocular, prone to depression, prone to social anxiety, work-a-holic, musical, playful (love to play games, or be fun).

My spiritual beliefs rest in the realm of Magick and the Kaballah. Another loose term could be Paganism. I believe in the Divine source of all life, and the inability to truly know it. I practice daily rituals to enhance my control of magical energies and elements, as well as to travel on the astral plane. I study the Tree of Life and the Four Elements. I am learning Tarot and Astrology. I am tolerant to all religions, as I see within them consistent elements and the humble appreciation of a divine light.

My sexuality is what I consider omni-sexual. I do not limit my sexuality and will project it on those people and things I love in a spiritual sense. My mate is another male who shares this view.



Before proceeding to the experience, I will discuss why I decided to purchase and use kratom. I wanted to find a way to relax and feel good without affecting my medications and without forming a habit. I prefer not to use illegal drugs (I am wont to get caught) and heavy drinking leads me to physical addiction.

I chose kratom because it was a natural plant and it gave similar effects to opiates. I was seeking a general relaxed state of mind. I was under a lot of stress, with many things on my mind; I was seeking a quieting. However, I did not want to run away from my problems. I was looking for a way to organize all the things in my mind and slowly bring them out one-by-one. I was intrigued by Kratom's dual effects: it can either be a stimulant or a sedative. I was also looking for relief from back pain so I could get some chores done.



This report will describe two experiences in a three-day period. Experience A and Experience B.

Experience A:

Dissolved ~5-7 grams (1 heaping teaspoon) in warm water and drank. I did not have a scale to measure the mass. Roughly 4 hours later, dissolved ~5 grams in orange juice and drank.

Experience B:

~36 hours after Experience A, made Kratom Tea with ~7 grams.



Experience A:

I drank the first dose (in hot water) on an empty stomach. I wanted to spend the evening organizing and cleaning my kitchen, something I had put off because of all the stresses in my life. The consumption was not very pleasant. The drink was bitter and gritty but I muscled through it. I chased it with some water, but not too much, as I heard kratom could cause stomach upset.

About 10 minutes in, I felt a surge of energy and a little shaking, I kept on working on the kitchen with a clear head and motivation. About thirty minutes in, the sedative properties kicked in, and I felt a dopey smile on my face. I did not feel like lounging around, I still had motivation to work on organizing and cleaning the kitchen. It no longer felt like a chore but a pleasurable experience. I worked slowly, but deliberately, and with care. Most times I rush and make mistakes. Pain in my back was going away, which made it all the better!

My neighbor stopped by to drop off a sewing project. My normal awkwardness around people at first was gone; I was quite happy to sit there and chat with him without worrying about what to say. Again, I could feel the dopey smile on my face.

My stomach had a slight tightness to it, but no nausea or pains. I was a little hungry, but wanted to wait a bit for my stomach to settle. I ate later that evening without a problem.

My mate came home and I greeted him with a lot of affection. My affection has been wanting lately, so I was happy to be giving him this. I was much more comfortable with him and our sexual relationship, and readily mated. However, regular performance issues were still present.

The overall high was much like opiates. The only difference was that I was still motivated to do things. On opiates, I'd just stare at video games enjoying the colors and sound and stare of into nothingness. On kratom, I was willing to move about, play games, and socialize.

After four hours, the high was still present and I felt good. I decided to take an equal dosage in orange juice. This ended up being a mistake; I should have heeded the warnings not to over-dose on your first try. The extra dose came into effect about half an hour later. I became very lethargic and found myself forgetting to breathe, which scared me a little bit. I told my mate to keep an eye on me, I was going to bed. While sleeping, I found myself waking up unable to feel parts of my body and the general feeling that I was slipping into a coma. I was a little worried and told my mate again to keep an eye on me and my breathing and to make sure I wake up in the morning.

In the morning, I felt very refreshed and happy with a slight headache. I read this was likely due to dehydration. I had some lunch, which ended up turning me ill. I felt very nauseous and ate some antacids and dramamine. I had the shakes and kept burping and feeling like I had to throw up. Finally, my body couldn't take any more of it and I threw up everything I had consumed that day. I instantly felt better. I took a short nap and had some basic foodstuffs for dinner.

The next day, I felt fine. I did some research on my side effects and it was clear that I had simply taken too much. If I had not taken a second dose, I would not have had the fears I did, and most likely not have been sick. I also found that the plant matter itself often caused the sickness. I found a nice way to make tea and decided to risk it and make a cup with about 7 grams. The tea was very nice with some honey in it. It tasted natural and my body accepted it readily. When putting the powder in water or OJ, my body physically was telling me 'no, this is gross, don't eat it!' But the tea was smooth with no plant matter and happily digested.

I had the same effects as with my first dosing two nights before and continued my cleaning spree. The effects seemed a bit milder, probably due to the consumption method. I did not eat the remaining plant matter after making the tea. I happily took care of some of the work tasks that had been on my mind without any stress. I noticed a slight headache but I realized that was from caffeine withdrawal. I had not craved caffeine all weekend! I was more social as before.

I was offered a beer and consumed two. This increased the sedative effects and made me just want to go to bed and be antisocial. I do not recommend mixing kratom with alcohol. It is fine on its own!

The day after, I did not have the nausea I suffered from before. This confirmed my belief that I had simply overdosed.



I am very pleased with kratom. I find that it has similar effects to opium, without the complete disassociation from the world. It is important to be careful with dosing because the risk of illness is real. Do not mix with other drugs. I feel like this is a 'mature' drug not a party scene intoxicant to get wasted on. It takes time to prepare and the effects are slow and subtle.

Kratom helped me overcome stress and focus my efforts on one task at a time, instead of ignoring all of them. As my tasks are completed, my overall stress has gone down. It has also helped me be more loving towards my mate and more social with those around me.

I do not think I will make this a daily drug so long as I am on my current prescribed medications. I will use it to relax when things are hectic or I want to have a nice evening.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95059
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Jan 19, 2014Views: 9,217
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