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Our Bodies are Synced to This Planet
DOC, Sleep Deprivation, Cannabis, Alcohol & Tobacco
by Kronox
Citation:   Kronox. "Our Bodies are Synced to This Planet: An Experience with DOC, Sleep Deprivation, Cannabis, Alcohol & Tobacco (exp95065)". Aug 27, 2016.

T+ 0:00
1.2 mg oral DOC  
  T+ 18:00 5.5 mg sublingual DOC (capsule)
  T+ 21:30 2.75 mg insufflated DOC (powder / crystals)
  T+ 21:40 2.75 mg oral DOC (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   repeated oral Alcohol - Hard  
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Tobacco  
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00   repeated oral Caffeine (liquid)


A little background on me: I am 225 lbs, 6í 2Ē. I started substance use with salvia, then alcohol, weed, 2C-I, LSD, then DMT. I had been very excited to use DOC because I had used 2C-I at high doses like 70-80mg and I loved it. The only problem to me was that the visual effects did not last as long as I had hoped. I love when things last otherwise I feel jipped or as if I did not take advantage of the situation. Lately I have been feeling self conscious and have not been eating much, and my stomach is always empty.

A little recent life background to set the mental mood: I had gotten in a lot of trouble after a summer full of partying, smoking, and lying to my parents. It has been 6 months and I have not touched weed or alcohol the entire time. My sister, who is attending UC Santa Cruz, is throwing a birthday party for her room mates who are turning 20 and my parents (who love my sister) said I could go down for the weekend because they trust her. I not only am excited for the party, but also the independence I will get to express in the city of hippies and LSD.

I made the mistake of taking 1.2mg of DOC the day before this trip at 3pm, and it was pretty great for such a low dose, I was extremely excited for the weekend to start.

9:00am T+0.00- I take two capsules (both with approximately 2.75mg) of DOC, under my tongue, chased with an iced tea Monster. The taste is bitter but it goes away quickly. I get picked up by my sisters friend and I leave Dixon, on my way to Santa Cruz. The ride down is usually around two hours which is perfect for the come up time.

T+1.45- We are almost to Santa Cruz, I am starting to feel the heavy eyes and euphoria, but no intense visuals yet. I feel like the amphetamine part is starting to kick in.

T+2.30- I am at my sisterís house, I see a shiny, underlying pattern, almost grid-like, on the walls. Rather than the floor moving like it did on 2C-I, the floors feel like they are dragging me, as if the whole house were on wheels. It is amazing with physical feeling rather than visual distortion.

T+3.30- I get sick of waiting for the visuals, and I donít want to waste my only day away from my parents, so I ingest another 2.75mg, but this time I snort it. The feeling is way smoother than 2C-I insufflated. Last time I snorted 2C-I I get a hardcore headache on the verge of a migraine and it almost makes the trip not worth it. This just had a 10 minute chemical drip. I then get into a phase of bad judgment and take another 2.75mg orally. I start to think I might overdose but at the same time, I am amazed at the tolerance levels from only 1.2mg from the previous day.

T+5.00- I am at lunch at a little cafť, and I order a burger just to fit in, but I have no need to eat. I have not eaten for 2 days now, and I am running on 3 monsters and 3 hours of sleep.
I have not eaten for 2 days now, and I am running on 3 monsters and 3 hours of sleep.
I start to look at the clouds outside. My visual field crops in on the blue sky and all houses and streets are excluded. The clouds rapidly form faces of different origins. I start to see a theme of Greek mythological figures in the sky. All of a sudden the clouds become a mushroom cloud, engulfing the whole sky, surreal and so much larger than life I canít keep looking at it. I then start to notice I am sitting in a restaurant and I stand out greatly. I speak so out of my regular flow when I order that I feel like people think I have a mental problem.

T+7.00- A few more people are over, I am sitting on the couch just watching faces form on the wall. I start to think about things. My mind races through philosophical thoughts and theories that I get carried away quickly. The visuals are still mellow enough that I can just relax and feel fine.

T+8.30- People have gone out to get things for the party. It is a 20ís theme, and I have to coordinate suspenders, a suit jacket and pants, and be able to stay hydrated in the warm house. I ask my sister to get me a grape swisher because I know that sometimes when I smoke something, all chemicals in my system hit me like a wrecking ball. I go out to get a drink and I just feel so happy and at peace that all is right in the world and I do not need to try to change anything. I get 2 more monsters and await the party to start.

T+10.30- I start to hope that there will be weed at this college party seeing as I am only a senior that hasnít smoked in 6 months and I need to have some fun. A girl comes that we all are aware is not the best person to drink. She starts getting people to take shots and I take 4 double shots of vodka with her. She gets hammered before the party even begins and it starts to bother everyone. My head high is getting increasingly amazing. I feel powerful, happy, full of so much information that I need to share. All is great and perfect.

T+12.00- People are at the party, I smoke half of my swisher and feel a heavy load of head and body high just smack me right in the face. I feel great. Almost as if flying down a tunnel of euphoria and pleasure. When I get back inside the house, one of my sisterís friends comes up to me with a girl and ask if I could help out with some weed. Thinking they want money I get my wallet, but they just needed me to roll a blunt. The guy says, ďI usually smoke bongs, but your sister says you are good enough to roll a bluntĒ. Iím not sure if itís the DOC and Vodka, or if I am just really happy that someone needs my set of skills, but I am extremely stoked to roll this blunt. I go inside, and roll the best blunt of my life and we proceed outside to smoke it. The weed makes it to me, and I am about to feel the purest high of my whole senior year. I take a huge hit, and French inhale the whole thing; thinking because I am around college kids, a French inhale is nothing, people start to give me a shocked look. ďWOW, that was so damn cool dudeĒ. I feel so special. People are enthralled that I can breathe in the smoke with skill. I smoke the blunt and a little more weed, and even a couple prime times, just enjoying the enlightening CEVís.

T+14.00- I sit down with many cups of water, talking to a philosophy major, who is mind fucking the hell out of me. This is the highlight of my night. We start to discuss the specific blocks of memory someoneís mind can reserve for numbers because he mentioned the book Outliers, which details the Chinese sentence structure that allows for many more numbers to be memorized. I start elaborating my improvised thoughts on the brainís connection to calculus integrals and the way one can mathematically memorize specific syllables.

This is where I become enlightened: I start to think about memory, and why some things are so easy to recall, and others are not. I start to explain that pure, earthly created memories and loads of information, are transmitted as waves of information or energy, and are carried to the center of the Earth. I believed that humans are not meant to permanently leave this planet because all thoughts are recorded on the crust. Like a vinyl record, the waves of information are so specific they are engraved with such thoughts accordingly. Then I start to say that, false, emotional layers, like paint on a wall, can cover, and weigh down the pure nature of a humanís earthly connection, clouding their judgment and destiny. Like an electron among protons, the negative charge pulls true information back. I rambled on about the meaning of unity on Earth as if I were reading out of a book. A couple of girls sat next to me and started recording me on their phones. They were actually understanding what I said and this made me feel so happy.

T+15.30- I am exhausted from all of the mental power I used, and I just want to sleep. I lay down and listen to California Dreaminí just to stir up some CEVís. I feel peaceful, sleeping on the floor. Life is great and I have just gotten the confidence and extra push to make me chase my dreams.

The next day I was dead. Every time I blinked, I would fall asleep. I woke up with a vicious head ache but 5 aspirin took it away within 15 minutes. I spent the entire day sleeping, but there were no adverse affects.

This was the best thing I have done in a long time. I have only done LSD a couple times but the hits were so low dose that I did not get the intense mind fuck or visuals, and I really feel like I experienced LSD with this high dose of DOC. I am definitely doing this again, and I am so happy I had such a great time. The world is part of us as humans, and because of this chemical I feel so much more connected to our planet. Peace. 

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95065
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Aug 27, 2016Views: 1,947
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DOC (357) : Large Party (54), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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