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A Lazy Morning
by latexsanta
Citation:   latexsanta. "A Lazy Morning: An Experience with Methoxetamine (exp95067)". Mar 8, 2012.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral Methoxetamine
  T+ 3:15 6 hits smoked Cannabis

BODY WEIGHT: 10.5 kg

Now, I’ve taken this drug once before (in the same format, a swallowed pill) and had an ace day. However, this time I thought I could keep a log of how I felt. The following is a combination of that log and a couple of additions from memory.

10.45: MXE taken. I go downstairs with my girlfriend (E) and turn on my xbox.
10.56: Extremities buzzing slightly. Can’t feel my toes.
10.59: Head rush.
11.01: Edges are beginning to seem more defined. I have a slight feeling of disassociation with my body. Slightly harder to write.
11.05: Start playing a game. My friend (N) comes onto xbox Live and we discuss playing co-operatively on something else later. N then leaves to eat.
11.15: I switch to the suggested game and begin to play. I feel much more like I am IN the game – an intense and enjoyable experience!
11.20: VERY strong headrush and a feeling of being “pulled through”.
11.29: I’m still here. N comes online and we attempt to set up a party. I find it difficult to speak, but tell him why. He is very unimpressed.
11.44: N leaves in disgust. I continue to spin around in circles and fire at random things. E stops me and suggests a cup of tea.
11.47: Tea is nice. It’s warmth is lifegiving and pure.
11.48: Things ripple lazily around me, but apparently “I laugh at the thought of suppressing it with my iron will” (or so I said according to E).
11.51: Can feel myself falling out of it.
12.05: Come to. Go upstairs with difficulty and sit down in my chair.
12.15: Still here, but difficult to write.
12.17: From here until 12.27 I wander my memories. I focus particularly on one: a salvia trip that left me with the feeling that I was meant to try something stronger. I consider my recollections of Ayahuasca reports. Several of them mentioned that they felt “called” to it. I feel uneasy and convince myself that I was not meant to be a shaman in any way, though the idea remains.
12.27: I return to “real life” to find things rippling. When the visuals stop, I put on some music and start to read a manga series online. I am drawn into the story, with the monsters seeming all too realistic.
12.36: Enjoying music very much. E asks if I want to come and sit in the bed. I spontaneously take off all my clothes, feeling comfortable and unashamed of myself. I lie down and close my eyes. Immediately I am taken somewhere else. Time seems to stop, and my lonely sense of identity struggles to maintain itself as it travels the void. I feel myself being pulled back, but not before I get the feeling that I am attempting something with the wrong equipment. I look at E, and can see around her head her fears and worries. Most worrying though is the large black entity that I am sure is her mental instabilities (she has slight schizophrenic issues). I push my willpower into it and see it move. I know that there is nothing I can do about it.
13.36: Get up to go to the bathroom. I feel cleansed, and sit back down in my chair. I think about the idea of alchemy’s equivalent exchange. It seems sensible and realistic. I put on “Spoonman” by Underworld.
13.46: E falls asleep.
13.51: The mouse is becoming very hard to move.
14.00: E wakes up, and we decide to go and have a smoke in the bathroom. The bowl on my bong is enormous, and we end up having a good 6 hits each off it. We stand around in the bathroom for a bit, and I attempt to tell E about the feeling that I could be a shaman.
14.27: Sit down at my desk again. Colours seem more vibrant and flashy.
14.30: Put on “Dracul” by Infected Mushroom and remember that I’m going to see them that night, but at some point I need to get on a train to London.
14.55: Notice E is missing, and hope she hasn’t heard me talking to what I thought was her.
15.10: I put on my dressing gown, and E comes in reminding me that I’ve got about an hour before we need to go.
15.37-15.48: I have a shower. The water feels, smells and tastes metallic (but not in a bad way) and I get out feeling very refreshed and much more clear-headed.
16.00: I have a shave, and look in the mirror to see my face looking much more goat-like than I remembered. No, more as if I have a connection with goats and their natural characteristics.
16.10: Leave for the station.

After this the effects definitely wore off, though I was left feeling euphoric for a couple more hours. I didn’t feel any sort of a comedown (though this could be due to the excitement I felt about going to see Infected Mushroom!). All in all I found this to be a great drug, but it did prevent me from doing anything for a couple of hours…

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95067
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Mar 8, 2012Views: 10,854
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Methoxetamine (527) : Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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