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The Insufflated Diaries
Citation:   Lung Passage. "The Insufflated Diaries: An Experience with Ethylphenidate (exp95092)". Feb 29, 2012.

T+ 0:00
10 mg insufflated Ethylphenidate (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:20 7 mg insufflated Ethylphenidate (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 200 mg oral Pharms - Gabapentin (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:55 5 mg insufflated Ethylphenidate (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:15 8 mg insufflated Ethylphenidate (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:15 800 mg oral Pharms - Gabapentin (pill / tablet)
  T+ 2:45 2 oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 4:45 15 mg oral Pharms - Cyclobenzaprine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 6:45 25 mg oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 6:45 25 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
The material was acquired from an online source. To the naked eye it appeared as a very clean, white, crystalline powder. Under a microscope the crystals were clear and stick-like, like quartz but not as perfectly shaped, and they varied in size. Since the material was quite dense, it bulked up considerably when crushed. Insufflation of this quantity caused little discomfort.

5:45 PM - I insufflated 10 mg of ethylphenidate.

6:00 - Minor stimulation is noted, but not much else.

6:05 - I insufflated another 7 mg.

6:20 - I am feeling moderately stimulated without any significant euphoria and Iím motivated to get stuff done, like cleaning and organizing the house. This is productive, enjoyable and not at all obsessive or frantic as can be the case with stimulants. There is also a drying out at the back of my throat, and Iím beginning to feel a tad bit cracked out but this feeling is very manageable.

6:45 - I take 200 mg of gabapentin to help mediate the creeping dysphoria.

7:30 Yeuuuuckkk Ö Iíve felt very dysphoric over the past hour. I enjoyed an alfredo that I made for dinner but it left me feeling a bit sick to my stomach afterwards. Iím quite stimulated and I talked my girlfriends ear off throughout dinner, but the dysphoria sucks Ö it is the same way I feel after insufflating MDPV, jittery with a hollow gut feeling.

7:40 - I insufflated 5 mg more to see if I could stem off some of the dysphoria. It definitely helps, but overall I am left only feeling very stimulated (in a good way) and crappy (in a bad way).

8:00 - I insufflated 8 mg more just before going out the door to play football and popped another 800 mg of gabapentin with the hopes of knocking this out before bedtime. The final dose brought the stimulation up, and by the time we were on the field I was feeling better. The game definitely makes me feel better. It is as if I have somewhere to put all that energy and it makes the dysphoria less noticeable.

9:00 Ė Iím feeling very, very stimulated. Iíd say in terms of the stimulation, the 30 mg total dose feels about equivalent to 20 mg of methylphenidate but not as enjoyable, nor as comfortable. Itís like methylphenidate without the fun. However, I drank a couple of beers while I was playing and I played harder than I ever have in my life (Iím in pretty good physical condition or I wouldnít have been doing it)! It all merged together to be a great deal of fun. I paid attention to my pulse as I was really exerting myself and sweating. My pulse was reasonable .. somewhere between 120-150, but given the exertion that seemed totally fair. What a blast! Underneath everything there was still the icky feeling, but the stimulation, along with the drunken feeling from the beer and gabapentin, covered that aspect up and I ended up having so much fun.

10:30 - I returned home and still felt wired, but much better. Time to take the dog for a walk outside. I have a lot of energy. I take 15 mg of cyclobenzaprine to assist with the wind-down before bed time.

11:30 - Iím still feeling very stimulated. My muscles are tight and Iím chewing gum like a madman, but the cyclone is kicking in, so I think I should be okay when morning comes.

12:30 - Iím still highly amped up so I take 25 mg of dimenhydrinate and 25 mg of diphenhydramine.

1:00 AM - I fall asleep easily. I wake up feeling extremely hung over, but the weird thing is, I only had three drinks yesterday, so the question is, what caused the hangover? It could be the horrendous mix of sleep aids or all of the sweating and activity or all of the above. All in all there were a lot of different substances ingested so I suppose I shouldnít be surprised.

If I had to sum things up as concisely as possible Iíd say insufflated ethylphenidate is like insufflated methylphenidate without the fun Ö which implies to me that the fun takes place somewhere in that letter m. It is very effective as a stimulant but there were very prominent, unpleasant side effects which can be described as a vague sense of dysphoria. The dry mouth and gurning werenít much fun either.

Added some time later:

Iíve since experimented with this substance at insufflated doses of 2-5 mg for use as a study aid and found it to work very well, providing I donít mind the vague shitty feeling that comes with it. At very low doses the dysphoria is still present but there is less of it.

Certainly not my favorite substance, but it will do in a pinch when nothing better is available.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95092
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 40
Published: Feb 29, 2012Views: 26,010
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Ethylphenidate (563) : Alone (16), Difficult Experiences (5)

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