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Restful Sleep and Wild Dreams
Citation:   Aurora. "Restful Sleep and Wild Dreams: An Experience with Melatonin (exp95123)". Nov 1, 2017.

3 mg oral Melatonin (daily)
For the last three or four months, I've been taking a dose of 3mg of Melatonin every night. This came after months of poor sleeping patterns. I was barely getting any sleep through the night; I was constantly waking up and then having trouble getting back to sleep again. What sleep I did get provided no recharging benefits for my body and I was constantly exhausted on a regular basis.

Melatonin was the first supplement I began taking to sleep better besides amitriptyline, which I took for a couple weeks and had little success with. I also use marijuana on an occasional basis, and I noticed that it definitely helped my sleeping patterns. However, it was too expensive for me and had other effects I wasn't interested in experiencing more than just every once in a while.

It took a few weeks of taking the 3mg pills before I began to feel the effects
It took a few weeks of taking the 3mg pills before I began to feel the effects
, which I expected.

The intentions worked extremely well for me. I stayed asleep for most of the night and felt very well-rested upon waking up in the morning. The drowsiness after taking it was noticeable, but not debilitating; I took one 3mg pill with a swig of water every night about forty-five minutes before I planned to sleep.

After a while, however, I began to notice the only side effect of this drug that I've felt: the dreams.

Almost every night I take this drug I have vivid, LSD-like dreams that often involve people or things that are close to me. They can sometimes be amazing and almost enlightening but other times they can be almost scary and give me a strange sense of déja vu. The strange part was that I always remember these dreams in vivid detail, often down to the exact occurrences and people, places, or things in them.

I've felt no other side effects from this drug.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95123
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15
Published: Nov 1, 2017Views: 9,555
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