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Tripping at a Mall
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "Tripping at a Mall: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT (exp95162)". Mar 14, 2020.

17 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT (liquid)


Experience: Me and my friend “N” are moderately experienced with psychedelics, having tried many 2Cs, a couple acid trips, and occasional dabbling in dissociatives. But for some reason I never mustered up the courage to try shrooms. I had heard of so many trips gone bad I was anxious to even try the 4-acetoxy analogue of Psilocin. However, my curiosity persisted and I ordered a small amount to sample.

Earlier N had presented the idea to trip at the mall, and for some reason he thought he’d be able to shop for jeans during the visit and even get a coney dog to start his trip. Needless to say N wasn’t a ‘mall person’ but I figured blending in would be easy enough.

T :00 - I showed up at his house at around 2, and dissolved two 17mg doses in shots of water. We downed them and grabbed bus fare, sparing no time before the drug would start its come-up. We headed out to the bus stop, I began to feel nauseous.

T :30 - I couldn’t tell if it was a hangover from the blur of a night before, but regardless I struggled with the nausea as the bus driver rocketed us towards the mall. As soon as I noticed the nearest trash can, I debated grabbing it, but the first tracers began and colors became slightly enhanced, and I’m always incredibly fond of visuals, so this kept me excited for the part to come. The bus ride was long. We weren’t sure where the bus was going, so we got off at the edge of the mall parking lot, in a big grassy field. As I stepped off the bus I noticed the color enhancement had come in full swing; I had instant deja vu from my first LSD trip walking through the neighborhood park, as the setting and headspace were very familiar. As we walked into the mall, we snickered at the task we had enlisted for. Fortunately, me and N are both fairly composed and surprisingly worry-free.

T1:00 – We wandered around the maze of Macy’s, and once we found the men’s jeans section N was tripping a little too hard to pick and try on jeans, not much of a surprise. So we go to the food court just to sit, as the body load was also pretty bad at this point (lack of dopamine reuptake inhibition presents a major difference from LSD) and found some seats. We contemplated eating, but predictably were also not able to do that. Although I was hungry, I knew the only food I could eat would be fruit. N said he wanted to go to play the trial games at GameStop, I said why not, but they were occupied and we found ourselves feeling the pressure of salespeople to be off-putting. So we decided to escape the shopping environment and wander into the less crowded Best Buy next-door. On the way out of the mall I scored some girl-scout cookies.

T1:30 – We wandered around Best Buy and checked out the xbox game section, where the games were floating and expanding on the breathing shelves. The visuals were pleasing and I had to hold my tongue out of paranoia. Passing the music section we saw a high school kid doing a very homoerotic dance in front of his dad, who looked disappointed, and the fact that these kinds of things were happening seemed more than coincidence. On the way out a sales rep at the door asked where I got the girl scout cookies. I started to panic because I was on drugs, and told her I got them at the mall. She said she was curious, and was going to get some. I said I thought she was gonna stop me (since they’re the anti-theft guys) and everyone laughed. It was funny that my paranoia turned into a joke, as I felt I could have been cornered for a second and panic turned into laughter.

T2:20 – We realized we had to take the bus back, still tripping at about a ++, and as we saw the bus came in 5 minutes I contemplated getting fast food, but I just couldn’t stomach the thought of it. So we sat at the bus stop, until an Asian guy came and sat in the stop with us. I noted to N that the grass behind the stop was growing in a trippy way, yet I had to do so nonverbally, once again to feed the paranoia.

T2:30 – The bus ride went fairly quickly, and we stopped at an Oriental mart to pick up those awesome 50 cent Chinese samosas. We usually encounter some crazy characters in the oriental mart, and this time there was luckily no such encounter. However, I had my girl scout cookies too, and was worried they would think it was their product. I then started laughing that the denomination between stealing was the language on the box. It sounds weird at the time, but somehow that societal boundary was funny to me. We walked back to N’s house, taking the same road as we did during the first acid trip. It turned into nostalgia lane, as it was almost a year ago we had done that first acid trip, and I began reminiscing the conversations and interactions that had taken place and missing the tripmates that had moved away. My nostalgic moment was broken by the singing of a drunk homeless guy and we laughed and kept on. I noticed we always managed to keep a positive headspace and I’m convinced our trips would always be that positive, as we are both easy going guys.

It was unfortunately still a Michigan winter and we were getting sick of walking in the snow. We get to his house and I notice awesome morphing and breathing visuals on his couch, a kind I had never experienced before. It was then I saw the spirit of the tryptamine.

T3:30 – we finally get back to my apartment, after slipping past some cops in more paranoia, and we are mostly done with the trip. My girlfriend returns and we play the original Sims on xbox in multiplayer for laughs, and accidentally make our characters look just like Bret and Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords. Most of the effects are gone, save a slightly trippy headspace.

Overall I had a very pleasant trip, despite the poor choice to try and trip in public, but regardless the two nostalgic moments made this trip for me. Next time we’ll be better prepared. The afterglow was amazing, and the next day I noted quite a bit of mental energy. I’m convinced I’ve found a very therapeutic solution to some of my recent stress problems. Entering 4-aco territory showed me that there is a truly magical tryptamine headspace out there, that doesn’t come with the strong side effect of LSD memory association and the 12-15 hour duration. 4-AcO is a promising and I believe we will have quite a few more adventures with 4-AcO when the right weather comes around.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 95162
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Mar 14, 2020Views: 375
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4-AcO-DMT (387) : Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53), Hangover / Days After (46), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2), General (1)

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