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Gateway to Introspective Relaxation
Anadenanthera spp.
by YopoFan
Citation:   YopoFan. "Gateway to Introspective Relaxation: An Experience with Anadenanthera spp. (exp95175)". Feb 9, 2018.

3 seeds insufflated Anadenanthera spp. (ground / crushed)


( Reported Substance: "Yopo Snuff Anadenanthera colubrina" [sic] )

Often when I smoke weed, for whatever reason, I become fascinated with researching legal highs, and in my most recent research I came upon Yopo Snuff. The fact that the active ingredient in yopo is 5-MeO-DMT peeked my curiosity, especially after hearing my friend's accounts of DMT's mind altering ability.

After keen research around the internet I arrived at a preparation conclusion:
1. heat seeds to make taking the shell off easier
2. grind the tan inside part of the seed into a very fine powder via mortar and pestle
3. mix yopo powder and Edible Lime (easily bought online) in a ratio of 3:1 until the mix is an even, light-brown color
4. add a few drops of water to the mix and work the mix into a 'doughy' ball, and flatten to a pancake
5. let the pancake dry for several hours (2 hours min. if set on a radiator)
6. regrind the dry pancake via mortar and pestle into a very fine powder

After those steps the powder is ready to snort. I eyeballed about 3 seeds worth from a 10 seed batch, cut two lines, and snorted one line into each nostril.

The immediate sensation I felt was an eye-watering burn in each nostril. The burning lasted for less than 5 minutes and reduced to a throbbing numbness. Then the physical effects began after another 5 minutes. At this point a heaviness in all my limbs was present, which eventually built into what felt like a pressure from within my body, pushing against my skin. I blew my nose, making sure I got as much seed powder as I could out of my nose.

Once I blew out my nose, I entered a stage of intense nausea and electricity going through my body. My main goal was to stay as still as I could and relax, so I wouldn't vomit. I focused my eyes on a box on my desk and saw intense geometric patterns flash in rapid succession on the side of the box. Occasionally the flaps of the box would flap in my peripheral vision. I tried to close my eyes to experience any closed eye visuals, but didn't notice any. Upon reopening my eyes, a wave of nausea flushed over me and I made a note to not close my eyes again. This sensation lasted for about 10-15 minutes
This sensation lasted for about 10-15 minutes
, and I could tell I was coming down from it when everything suddenly would stop vibrating and moving, but then start up again. This starting and stopping tapered off until I no longer experienced any electricity in my body. The nausea still carried on for another 15 minutes.

Once the nausea eased entirely, I entered a stage very similar to a mild acid trip. Colors seemed to be in their most saturated state, and were luminescent. Patterns were also magnified, and whenever I blinked, I would get a brief colorful geometric pattern cross my vision. In this acid stage, I became very introspective, examining my emotions to others that were in the room with me during my trip, and feeling a general awareness of everyone's thoughts. I was completely relaxed and felt refreshed. This feeling lasted about an hour.

To me, the unpleasant nausea and electricity was the gateway, the trial, I had to get past in order to enjoy the pleasure of feeling connected telepathically to others, and viewing the world around me in vibrant detail. The trip was well worth the burning in my nostrils and the nausea. This will not be a habitual drug for me, but perhaps a one to revisit when I feel I need a body refresh, or feel the need to feel very close to everyone I'm with.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95175
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Feb 9, 2018Views: 660
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Anadenanthera spp. (284) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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