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Citation:   kingofcarrotflowers. "Very Interesting and Useful: An Experience with Products - Bath Salts (exp95241)". Feb 24, 2017.

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Although I have been experimenting, so to say, with Bath Salts for about three months now on and off, I have decided to share my latest experience so more information is available about this truly interesting and powerful chemical.

In the past I have used/ indulged in Mariuana, Alcohol, Nicotine, Spice-specifically JWH-18, Adderal, Ritalin/ Concerta, Cocaine, Clonazapam, Seroquel, Xanax, Oxycontin, Vicodin, and various Bath Salts.
I am not a fan of psychedelics or dissociatives at all for the most part. Spice was not a good experience for me. I was one of those people who 'tripped' on whatever was in the shit. So for the most part I stick to pharms/ uppers. I also take medication regularly for depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances: Wellbutrin XR 300 mg, Remeron 45mg, and Abilify 5mg.

Because I am often very nervous I try avoid things that make me paranoid or dissociate me too much, like marijuana, uppers just do it for me. As for Bath Salts, I like them as an alternative to taking Adderal or Ritalin, even Coke. The high is amazing, although the comedown is a bitch (I will get to that later.)

At about 12:30 pm: I opened my shipment of Bath Salts and divided them equally for my girlfriend and myself.

11:35 am* I am done dividing our portions of the Bath Salts, and am now cutting myself a line to insufflate. I use a pink straw I have just cut in half. It comes in 500 mg packs, I ordered 2 and a half grams. It is an off white powder, sometimes very fine, sometimes slightly clumpy. It has a distinct slightly sweet smell and bitter taste.

The Bath Salts burn slightly, but when I rub the Salts on my gums, they become numb. (Strange? I have often experienced this, what else are the Bath Salts cut with?)

12:40 pm: I go out for a smoke to my car, I can already feel the Bath Salts taking affect. The drainage is starting (it is horrible sometimes, depending on how much I have taking) this time the drainage is so bitter it makes me gag, but I don't even mind because I know I will be flying high soon enough.

12:45-12:50 pm: Smoking feels awesome! I don't want to stop. But I know from previous experiences that anything that feels good (especially smoking) I will do until I can do it no more, while on Bath Salts. Which obviously is a bad idea involving smoking cigarettes.

12:55 pm: I finish smoking and ash my cigarette. I want to smoke another already. I head inside and drink some water. It tastes okay, drinking feels good though. I have noticed that I become very dehydrated while on Bath Salts. I am not sure if it is a result of forgetting to drink and eat, or a side effect of the Salts themselves.

1:00 pm: Certain types of music sound awesome. The Beatles- Abby Road was playing in my car, it wasn't exactly right for the mood/ perhaps made the coming up less enjoyable. Metal sounds awesome. I want to play my guitar but can't because my girlfriend is sleeping.

1:00-1:24 pm: I surf the internet. I want to soak up information, much like I do while on Adderal. I want to learn, and read interesting facts, and do math.

1:25 pm: I have decided to study for my Biology exam that is in about five and a half hours. I have so much time on my hands I feel. Studying doesn't feel as awesome as I thought, although I am concentrating well. I feel like I know the information already. I will be taking more of the Bath Salts before my exam to help my grade.

It is very rainy where I am today, which is dampening the mood. But It is about 2:00 pm* and I still feel good. I know this chemical has a high risk of redosing. My body begs to feel more and more amazing.
The reality is, like many others have said in their reports is that I can NEVER feel as good as the first hit of the day. Everything else is just keeping me up there.

I will take another 20ish mg around 5:50 pm (right before my exam) to kick start my brain a little. But by 8:00 I should stop redosing and continue into my comedown.

The Comedown:
Speaking from my many past experiences, the comedown off of Bath Salts (that can vary depending upon the mixture) can be a bitch. Common comedown effects I experience are: stomach ache (mostly from lack of eating), irritability, restlessness, feeling sad, strong psychological cravings to redose, and sometimes a very mild headache.

Despite the uncomfortable comedown, the high is enough to convince me that Bath Salts are useful is many ways. Positive side effects I have experienced are: euphoria, want to learn/ design/ create, productivity while at work, increase in libido and sexual abilities, energy increase (very helpful if you are constantly fatigued like I am), and generally a positive outlook on life.

[Reported Dose: 'Aprox. 20 mg']

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95241
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Feb 24, 2017Views: 2,111
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