Study Drug - Did So Much More
Citation:   JLRC. "Study Drug - Did So Much More: An Experience with Modafinil (exp95279)". May 24, 2021.

200 mg oral Armodafinil
I do not have any medical condition that would require Modafinil as a treatment. My taking of it was entirely unneeded medically. I am a healthy young man and therefore was confident Modafinil would cause me no problems.

I have had modafinil for a week now. When I first heard about the drug I thought it would be useful to help me study under the ever increasing pressure of school and my lack of enthusiasm to deal with it naturally. I purchased online without prescription and it arrived from India.

To start with allow me to say I have never had any experience with drugs before. Alcohol yes (have been drunk many times) but never before had I tried anything like this. 

As I said I bought Modafinil to help me study and it has helped. It lets me stay up for 22 hours of the day if I need it and still focus. But I have found myself using that extra time for stupid things like watching whole tv series at once, simply because I could. As long as I aimed myself in the right direction to do something productive when on it, it was incredibly useful.

For the first 3 days I took 200mg at around 10PM, this was down to the fact that that was the time I got home on the Wednesday it arrived. This schedule allowed me to stay up without feeling mentally tired. I stayed up till 5AM got up at 7AM went to school and felt fully awake and in a wonderfully good mood. 

Now that was a rather unexpected effect of Modafinil in my case. Mood enhancement. I had read prior to taking it that it had this effect in some cases but having no previous experience of recreational narcotics I didn't know what to expect. When going out to school the day after the nightly dose of 200mg at 10PM I was joyous.

I  was chatty, funny, self confident and approachable. I function very well in society normally all the things above are already \, I like to think so, part of my personality, but on it they just flowed out of me with ease. I gained a self confidence I don't normally have where I speak and say things knowing they are right or funny, not worrying about how people would react and people responded in a good way to that version of me. I think its important at this moment to mention that on Modafinil rash, unthought through decisions were not made by me. Where I say that I thought less about what people would think, that is because what I was saying made such clear sense or was so funny that I knew people would agree or laugh and most of the time I was right. When chatting with girls when on it conversation was smooth whereas without I sometimes run out of things to say especially to girls I don't know that well. 

From that first thursday at school I noticed these effects but it was on Monday when I started to take them at 7.55AM, to make me alert and concentrated a school that I saw how good they could be. I became a guy with a flirty attitude to girls, I'm not like that usually but on it I was and I loved it. This is where I started to worry, I felt I had lost sight of the reasoning for me to be doing this in the start and Modafinil was becoming my recreational drug. It became a mood enhancer, morning eye opener, dating drug even a diet pill as it seemed to suppress my appetite. I lost 2 pounds over the week. It was easy to do it as well. Since there hasn't seemed to be any adverse side effects I had no problem with popping the pills to start my day although the ethics of what I was doing did keep coming to mind.

I have only been on modafinil for 1 week and I did not use it at the weekend so I could see any 'hangover' it might have. The hangover of the drug itself I would say was nonexistent but the effects of lack of sleep were very real. I was staving off sleep deprivation with 2 hours sleep for 2 nights using modafinil but on that Saturday morning, where no modafinil had been taken the night before, I woke up a 7am and was exhausted and had a headache, I went back to bed, and slept till 2PM had a good brunch and felt fine again. 

With my 7am pill becoming a ritual it has now replaced my morning coffee or tea. When I introduced caffeine into the mix by having a double espresso, like I did on Tuesday with a modafinil at 8AM, the calm alertness becomes more hyper. It became  more obvious to me that I was on a drug but to be honest I liked the feeling of awareness, it reminds me it's there where normally I could forget I had taken it if I weren't being mentally stimulated by work or conversation. 

I had to resit a exam I had failed in my  physics class on Wednesday 14th, the original test was taken on Wednesday the 7th. In the original (with out modafinil) I got 42%. In the resit I got 82%. I'm not saying modafinil made me more intelligent. I studied for 7 hours on modafinil with 100% focus the night before the resit, a feat unachievable for me normally without it. My physics teacher was surprised at the increase saying such a turn around was unprecedented in his classes. 

To say modafinil is just a cognitive enhancer is a insult in my experience. It enhanced my gognitive skills even when sleep deprived. It enhanced my mood and personality again even when sleep deprived. It suppressed my appetite helping me shed a few pounds. It had no hangover although sleep deprivation is noticable when sober as I had been staying up long periods on it with little or no sleep. It gave me incredible focus and renewed enthusiasm for study or anything else. 

In conclusion, I love Modafinil. Maybe too much. I will continue to use Modafinil until I run out of the 25 remaining 200mg pills. After that my current plan is to give them up. I don't think Modafinil would have caused me health damage or anything like that but it has shown me I can achieve with good study and I think I can put in the work on my own. I also have a problem with the ethics of me using it for its effect on my personality. I would say it makes me me on a really good day but if it's not 100% me then it's just a hair representation of myself and I would prefer people know me for who I am normally instead of who I maybe could be if they met me on a great day.

25 more days and my drug taking days are over. Maybe when I go to university I will feel the need for them once more but for now this will just be a temporary thing.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95279
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: May 24, 2021Views: 691
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