My Body Is Vibrating
Citation:   Morphone. "My Body Is Vibrating: An Experience with Phenethylamine (exp95290)". Oct 27, 2017.

9 g oral Phenethylamine (capsule)

Note: This is the reason for doing this trial; it is rendered inactive because of first-pass metabolism, but what if I took enough that my body couldn't metabolize it all before it passed through? That's the basis for this.


Nine (9.00) grams of purified solid phenylethylamine which is believed to be the carbonate salt (abbreviated as PEA from now on) was put into gelatin capsules, amounting to a total of 23 capsules. This was all done with proper weighing techniques on a scale (specificaly, weighing by subtration.)

Nothing was eaten at least 6 hours beforehand to ensure maximum effects.

My goal in this trial was not for fun random testing. I have microdosed my way up on PEA and this is, in my best hypothesis, the final trial for getting worthwhile effects (both psychoactive or physical) from PEA without any form of an inhibitor.


All of this experience was written as it was happening.

2:42AM - All of the 23 capsules were just taken with water. The capsules tasted similar to pretzel salt and so do my burps. I've tasted PEA before so I know it's kind of bitter and odd tasting. This is where my story begins. I hope I can survive this. I am listening to epic trance music right now with lots of anthems so this is going to be my coming up music.

2:45AM - I feel a slight cold rush through my body, interesting... my stomach is also a little nauesous right now. I'm assuming as more capsules break open the feeling will increase. Whoa, I'm definitely feeling something weird right now but can't pinpoint it. It's growing as I type this. Wow, this is constantly slowly growing stronger by the second.

2:50AM - Stomach still hurting a bit but it is bearable. I don't know whether those effects are placebo or not but I am definitely feeling a cold neutrally enjoyable feeling in my head. To clarify why I took so much, I have done microdosing before on this substance, starting with 250mg, then moving up to 500mg, 1g, 3g, and then ~7g. The seven gram experience...whoa, I just got a warm shiver tingle up my neck! OMG! My whole body is warm!! That flowing euphoria glow is present throughout my head! Ahh, this is great! I've never taken ecstacy before but I hope this is what it is like. My whole body feels very light and I am getting warm waves of tingles throughout my body. I am laughing from joy1! MY HEAD FEELS SO LIGHT AND FUN! I want to finish what I was saying. I tried the 7 gram and it was quite enjoyable! I had a very euphoric feeling and although short live..shit...this feels so damn good! The grams was very good and I wanted to try ten grams finally but I saved one gram.

2:55AM - I'm not even at my peak yet and my hair feels good. Oh my gosh, I have found my drug. I've always known phenylethylamine can do something! I assumed because the enzymes in your stomach metabolize it fast, what Iif I cave my body mor phenylethyamine [post-edit: 'if I gave my body more'] that my body could metablize. Then the drug would absorb before my enzymes could eat up all the PEA. And it worked! I am so happy right now. It's a tad difficult to type but I am trying my best. My body feels like it is floating so much even though I am seated at computer. I am a little dizzy but it feels very very good! I love this feeling. It's like as if my whole body is hollow and a warm covers me, like a flannel blanket is enveloped over my skin. Oddly, my heart rate is slow, that is a weird symptom. My body is vibrating with this extremey beautiful every. I am glad I was brave enought to try this. I feel like puking from excitement. Now I actually feel like puking...

3:01AM - This is fucking intense. I know that MDMA has neurotoxicity, but this doesn't have the methlyenedixoy group, so I assume it doesn't have the neurotoxic aspect. [Post-edit: this is probably not true at all]

3:02AM - This is just too intense. I...

3:06AM - I just puked. I can tell I lost a lot of PEA because the puked tasted very much like it. I can tell I didn't absorb it but even with this amount the feelings are intense. Currently. I I feel extremely warm throughout my body, general euphoria, and I feel like puking again. I have no visuals but it is still and intensely good body load. This still works pretty fast if you take a lot, though it makes me nauseous. I just took a peptobismol. Everything seems surreal. My eye focus is a little difficult but that's just the PEA. Music doesn't exactly seem much better but at the same time, it is. I feel like the pioneer of bravery with PEA since I have never heard of anyone taking as much as me. I feel like puking stuff but I can't. I am quite nauseous right now.

3:19AM - The amount I took is a lot because I constantly feel like I need to puke. I am sure that if I took less then it would probably feel the same, just less puking. I am coughing with phlem. I do have some bruxism.

3:22AM - I am still feeling nauseous. This is not a substance to be underestimated, it is very intense. I also am clenching my teeth and feel euphoric; I've got a big smile on my face.

6:55AM - I ended up falling asleep. I'll talk later. [Post-edit: I was still feeling some of the drug at this point but wanted to sleep since I was already sleeping.]

10:55AM - I have just woken up, not groggy and there is no negative comedown/feelings associated with it, however my eyes are a bit dry. When I went into the bed, my intent was just to lay down and enjoy the rest of the experience with my music since I had only woken up two hours before. My whole body felt heavy yet light and I was satisfied doing nothing although I did have an urge to do more things.


This is definitely an empatheogenic drug. Minus the intensification of senses (except for touch) and markedly less visual/audio distortion, I would very much compare this to a weaker (but still very much working) form of MDMA. With that said, I did not even absorb all of the 9 grams of PEA (when I threw up which I assume was about a half but cannot be sure) so I can only imagine that the effects would have been stronger, possibly comparable in full strength to MDA. I may note however that I didn't not feel mentally stimulated or have evolving thoughts of intensity, nor completely absent in mind; my mind was sober-ish, erring on the happy side. I may try taking a couple of bismuth subsalicyclate tablets or calcium carbonate tablets for next time to reduce the nausea. I rate this a ++ experience.

A nice thing to note is that this was done without an MAO inhibitor.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95290
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Oct 27, 2017Views: 14,015
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