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Blast Off
Citation:   Potz4prez. "Blast Off: An Experience with DMT (exp95295)". Nov 8, 2017.

35 mg smoked DMT
To start, myself and two friends sit in a dimly lit room. I am comfortable, calm, and slightly anxious (who wouldn’t be). Some quiet, calm music is playing.

He packs the pipe, heats everything up, and I inhale. The taste isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. A slight burned plastic smell, that borders on pleasant. I’ve inhaled worse in the lab. I inhale again.

First thing I notice is the body vibrations. I expected this, and accept it – they are not unpleasant, but not a “feel good” yet. While this is happening I also begin to see the geometric lines distorting the room. They shimmer and blend slowly. Not unpleasant. Kind of intrigued.

Soon I become drowsy… very pleasant - like I’m about to fall asleep after a very long day. The geometric lines become thicker and more pronounced – very orthoganol, and I can make out the objects in the room if I really try… but why would I? The shapes are more beautiful. The shimmering intensifies as well.

I’m now lying on the ground supine, knees up, hands folded. I am becoming less and less aware of the room. I take solace in this because the room smelled anyways.

What happens next is a little iffy. I suddenly lose myself, and am immersed in waves of repeating color speeding past me. I cannot totally visualize them because it seems as if they’re in my peripheral, and in front of me is just white. I sense a heaviness in my chest, almost as if a result of g-forces - “blasting off” if you will.

I am gone.

I am completely immersed in the experience now. I feel that I exist, but not in the body on the floor (what body?). I lose any sense that I am tripping on drugs. I am in the trip itself it seems, and it is very real. Not vividly real mind you, but a very real sense that all around me is tangible. Like a dream, which for me are more emotion based than visual.

Up until this point, I have not visualized anything - just colors. Here I would comment on how vivid the colors were, but they seemed muted. I feel like I’m somewhere, but I didn’t know where exactly - only space. Someone changes the music, which is agitating. I am instantly hurled away from this “space.” Feels like I’m moving linearly in some abstract direction, with all disregard to physics.

At this point, I try to think, but I can’t. Every time I try to think and rationalize what’s happening, I am alerted by a pulsating “negative” feeling - like a “bad vibes alarm.”
Every time I try to think and rationalize what’s happening, I am alerted by a pulsating “negative” feeling - like a “bad vibes alarm.”
I give in, and quit thinking. Awooga.

Things start slowing down now, and a giant hand made of these orthogonal shapes appears. I am not alarmed. It has a warm presence - motherly. It’s not separate from the shapes surrounding me, but distinct - again, not vividly visualized. A little visual, but mostly I just feel it there. It’s not scary. I feel like it’s trying to give me something. It outstretches its large hand towards me, but I cannot see what it is holding.

Shit is getting intense at this point, and the pressure in my chest increases (fear?). I keep on repressing this feeling in my chest, trying to enjoy things, but I want out now. But I can’t.

I’m stuck.

Slowly, I regain control of my left index finger, and can feel it rubbing gently on my right hand. This is my only grounding to reality - my anchor. I know if I lose this, I am gone forever. I continue caressing.

Slowly I start breaking out of the trance in spurts. I am still not with my body, but I get very distorted glimpses of the room my body is in (I think). I am not sure what is real anymore.

I am back in my body now. I can feel it… but I cannot sense the room it is in. I am in nothingness.

Slowly, I see the room again, painted in geometric shapes - darker than in the beginning. The ceiling fan looks like a scary motherfucker at this point.

Slowly, gently, I begin to visualize the room again, and I am back.

I cannot stop smiling. I feel a warmth through my body, and cannot speak. I don’t care. I am happy.

Slowly this subsides, but I am still left with a good feeling - like I woke up from a nice sleep. I walk out of the room exactly how I entered.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95295
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Nov 8, 2017Views: 2,320
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DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), General (1)

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