It Was Great While It Lasted, Lost the Magic
MDMA or Bad/Suspect Ecstasy
by PF
Citation:   PF. "It Was Great While It Lasted, Lost the Magic: An Experience with MDMA or Bad/Suspect Ecstasy (exp95332)". Sep 12, 2018.

T+ 0:00
3 tablets oral MDMA
  T+ 2:00 2 tablets oral MDMA
I started taking E in very calm settings about two years ago. It became more and more frequent, until I was rolling at least once per season before I decided to attend an actual rave. I was there for the music and it seemed a lot of people were there for the culture, so I decided raves weren't my thing. I don't even listen to electronic music normally.

Then I tried going back to calm settings by myself which worked for a few months a couple of times up to this past month, where I rolled once every two weeks, the last being St Patricks day at my second and definitely final rave. I went to usher in a friend to the world of MDMA but obviously I wanted to roll a bit myself. I took 3 pills at 8pm, as opposed to my usual 2 pills followed by two more later on. The pills didn't have any magic, no euphoria, no empathy, no energy, no happiness. It was pure intense dizziness and vertigo mixed with irritation. I ended up sitting in my car for 4 hours smoking weed to make myself feel better before going home and having the worst hangover of my life from anything.

I've gotten about 20 to 30 trips under my belt and it was great while it lasted, but it became terrible very quickly and is no longer appealing at all to me.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95332
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Sep 12, 2018Views: 1,262
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MDMA (3), Bad/Suspect Ecstasy (567) : General (1), Hangover / Days After (46), Loss of Magic (34), Retrospective / Summary (11), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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