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Not Cannabis
by filter
Citation:   filter. "Not Cannabis: An Experience with AM-2201 (exp95379)". Dec 12, 2015.

  repeated vaporized AM-2201 (powder / crystals)


I have been experimenting with numerous drugs over the years, marijuana, synthetic cannabinoids, mushrooms, ecstasy, salvia, LSD, alcohol and some others. My main drug use has been from marijuana, but I will tell you this:

AM-2201 is NOT like getting high from marijuana. And after my final trip off of this drug I am taking a break from RC's for a long time, if not stopping completely. It has seriously made me consider my drug use/experimentation, and where my life is headed.

I don't want to make this experience report too long, but if you really want to know what this drug is like then you will listen to my report.

I had ordered 1 gram of high quality AM-2201 from a trusted vendor online, it came in about 3 days and I was excited to try it out. It was white and crystallized, with a very noticeable and distinct chemical smell that reminded me of JWH when I used to use that.

It's hard for me to give a minute to minute review because I had ingested this RC over a period of a week, but I'll tell you how it generally went. Also, I had no real way of measuring it out, I would use a pen and measure it out that way, taking a mental picture of the amount (I know this is stupid, but I thought because I was experienced with other RC's that I would be fine, but I was mistaken). The other times, taking a pen tip amount got me high perfectly. When I last tripped, I took about three pen tip amounts, which was way too much.

The first day it arrived I vaporized it by using a home made light bulb vaporizer. I took about the amount that would fit on the tip of my pen, and loaded it in. I used a lighter and held it under the chemical inside the bulb, and almost instantly when heat was applied it turned into a liquid. It started to expand around inside of the bulb, so I had to move the bulb around so that the liquid would continue to be vaporized. I held the lighter for maybe 30 seconds, allowing vapor to build up. I inhaled and nothing really happened after a few minutes, I felt slight euphoria, but decided to take another hit. After vaping more, I took another two hits and then I knew I would be done. I felt like I was high in a sense, but it wasn't as much of a body stone as it was a head high. It's hard for me to remember exactly how I felt, but at a lower dose like that (it was a lower dose compared to a full blown trip that I later experienced), it was indeed similar to marijuana but it felt different. I continued to vape every few hours that day, getting a feel for it.

The next day came and instead of creating a blend like most people, I decided to sprinkle the pure chemical directly onto some damania leaf. The damania leaf was dry, and I loaded it into a bowl. Then I sprinkled the amount the size of the tip of a pen, plus a little extra and lit it up. It took me a few minutes to smoke the bowl, and then within minutes I was fucked up. It was like being high, but I felt like I was no longer in reality. This feeling subsided within 10-15 minutes and I felt very stoned and out of it for the next couple of hours.

As I continued to do this for a few days, it's important to note my tolerance built up very quickly, and I had to redose and use more every day. The first day I was fine for a few hours off of a few hits, then two days later I had to redose every hour to maintain the high. For about the first 10-15 minutes after I smoked every time, I basically went on a trip and lost my fucking mind.

I continued to smoke more and more each day: when I woke up I smoked, when I had my lunch break, when I got home, and then at least 3 or 4 more times after I had been home. This drug definitely can be addictive, and in my case it wasn't a physical addiction, but more of a physiological addiction where I felt like I needed it.

You might be asking why I haven't explained exactly how it 'feels' to be on this drug, and that's what I'm going to do right now.

So, after having to smoke at least 5 times a day after the second day of using this stuff, it ultimately ended being so bad that after just a week of using the stuff I had to go to the hospital. I have never been to the hospital for any drug use before, whether it be ODing on alcohol or whatever, this was my first time but I knew I needed to go.

So, I had been home from work for a little bit, and this was going to be my fourth bowl of the stuff that day. This time, I loaded too much, too fucking much. It was the amount of a pen tip tripled, and up until this point I had only doubled the dose before (2 pen tips); but I thought a triple dose (3 pen tips) would be fine because of my tolerance. Boy was I wrong. It ended up being a little more than 3 pen tips, maybe 3 and a half.

I load up the fourth bowl of this shit, smoked it quickly, and immediately I knew I was incredibly fucked up. For the first few minutes I felt fine, although I knew I was high as fuck. After the first few minutes, the trip kicked in full speed and I was tripping out. I was in my living room, sitting on the couch, and I felt like a zombie. My mom came into the room, looked at me, and knew something wasn't right. She knew I was on something and was saying 'what are you on?' at that point it hadn't kicked in all the way, but maybe a minute or two later it was really getting going. I told her 'nothing.' After that, I felt extreme paranoia, the worst I've ever felt, I thought I was dying. I thought I was losing my fucking mind. It wasn't as much of a paranoia because of my heart rate (although it was very high my mom told me later), as it was paranoia because I couldn't control my thoughts.

After I told her 'nothing,' she said 'you're on something, it will kill you' after she said that I freaked out and started to walk around, screaming 'OH MY GOD,' 'OH MY GOD I AM SO FUCKED UP.' I was pacing back and forth, and then I started to stomp my feet on the ground, each time I stomped screaming 'JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, OH MY GOD, I AM SO FUCKED PLEASE. PLEASE HELP ME, PLEASE FUCKING HELP ME.' I continued to scream, and then my mom knew something had gone wrong, VERY wrong. My brother ran down the stairs to the living room, and he told me later he thought I was having a conversion since I was screaming Jesus (lol), but he was able to tell right away there was something wrong.

I thought I was dying, at that point in time, there was no time. Time didn't exist. After my brother came down, I was having full blown hallucinations, I was hearing laughter, other voices, and I saw a 2d image of my moms face and she was saying 'oh my god he's hallucinating' (although I'm not sure if that was her saying it or it being in my head). I had lost control of my thoughts and I was literally being sucked out of reality, I felt like I was being pulled back, and that my mind was leaving my body almost. It felt like my vision was allowing me to 'zoom out.' I was no longer in reality and I thought I needed to go to the hospital because of an overdose. I would say 'FUCK HELP ME' and for a split second I would be brought back to reality, only to be immediately sucked back out of reality where I felt this helplessness, for myself, that I couldn't control my mind or the running thoughts. It was agonizing and I thought I had become crazy. It is hard to explain, but this experience was NOT enjoyable. I felt panicked, I felt like I was going to die, I thought I was dying, I thought I had lost my mind. I had no control over anything going on inside of my head. I felt like I had left earth and was in another dimension. I experienced what it was like to be insane.

My brother was telling me 'it will be alright, we will take you to the hospital but I need to know what you're on so we can tell the doctors.' I then went and grabbed the shit (I don't know how I grabbed it, or was able to remember how to get it, I think it might have been instinct or adrenaline pumping then) and told my brother it's 'AM-2201.' At this point I felt like I couldn't even talk, I somehow ran out to the car without my shoes and my shirt half on. While I was waiting in the car for my brother and mom, it felt like an eternity. I had lost all sense of time, and every second that passed made me more anxious, and in the car I started yelling 'FUCKING HELP ME, I'M LOSING MY MIND, FUCK!' 'OH MY GOD I AM SO FUCKED UP!'

Since I had smoked the bowl, it had been only about 15-20 minutes and I was already on the way to the hospital, and the trip was starting to come down. When I got to the hospital, I managed to calm down, but I didn't feel like I was there. I was so disassociated, confused, my words were sloppy and I was disorientated, it was not fun. These same traits are still noticeable when this drug is used at appropriate dosages. You definitely do feel out of touch with reality when smoked at a lower dosage, but what I experienced was a full blown trip.

I guess it was an emergency room kind of thing, and since I was conscious still I wasn't top priority. It took them about 30 minutes to even let me see a nurse, at that point I could have passed out or had been dead, then I waited another 30 minutes to see the doctor. By the time I saw the doctor I had come down to where I just felt a very intense body high, which I'll admit was nice. The doctor really didn't do anything, she asked me what happened and I told her and they did blood work, watched me, and gave me an IV. There really wasn't much they were going to do since I was conscious and had come down from the trip, but if I had added another 'tip of the pen' dose, I would have been unconscious and then there would have been a problem.

I do and don't regret going to the hospital. I'm glad I went there so I was able to be watched over and made sure I didn't die, but at the same time I think I could have waited it out, but you never know; people have died from these chemicals.

With that being said, I don't think RC chemicals are good. I don't know why people use this shit, it isn't real. Marijuana is safe, and fine, non-toxic, and has been documented for thousands of years; but this shit is just a trip. It is incredibly potent, and I'm done with these man-made chemicals to get high. In this case, I think the negative effects outweigh the positive effects, and I think everyone should stay away from this RC because it isn't worth it.

So, with that being said, here are what I think the main effects are.

Appropriate Dosage Effects:
Slight Body High, Euphoria
Head High
Feeling 'out of it'
Feeling very tired after come down
Dry mouth
Anxiety, paranoia

Overdose Effects/Symptoms:
Extreme anxiety and paranoia
Inability to control thoughts
Feeling like you're losing your mind
Feeling like you're dying
Being 'sucked' out of reality

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 95379
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Dec 12, 2015Views: 2,545
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AM-2201 (529) : Multi-Day Experience (13), Bad Trips (6), Various (28)

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