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Confused and Anxious
JWH-210 and& UR-144
by anonymous
Citation:   anonymous. "Confused and Anxious: An Experience with JWH-210 and& UR-144 (exp95403)". Aug 3, 2015.

  vaporized JWH-210 (powder / crystals)
    vaporized UR-144 (powder / crystals)


I tried one hit of UR-144, with a low tolerance. I proceeded to get exceptionally high, and could not control my euphoria. I ran to get a ball to play with in the yard, and immediately began throwing it (hard) at my friend. We must have looked a little strange throwing this basketball around in the yard at 2 in the morning. It was actually very fun. After the physical effects wore off, I had a paranoid experience. I thought that I would get caught for sure in such a high state. But this lasted only a second, so overall this experience was awesome. It did make me wary of UR-144. I had never felt a cannabinoid quite like it. It is like the strongest sativa you could imagine, with absolutely no stone.

A friend had access to these cannabinoids for a reasonable price and quality. I had some experience using cannabinoids, as I had tried them a few times and furthermore used many of the legal herbal blends available.

A pipe was loaded with an unknown amount of the cannabinoid mixture. It looked like enough for 2 hits. A hit was taken which left about half of the powder visibly left. I began to take a hit off the apparatus but was surprised when it began smoking heavily with yellow smoke after I was almost finished. I believe that some of the built of resin had begun to smoke as well due to the increasing heat of the filter. I immediately knew that I was in for a ride and that it may well be unpleasant. I probably consumed somewhere in the higher dose range experience, with no tolerance. However, I probably somewhat tricked myself by automatically assuming it would be bad; ultimately I brought these feelings upon myself.

What ensued was not necessarily unpleasant, but was an extremely intense stoned feeling. It was as if I had eaten a huge amount of pure sativa hash. I began to shake, twitch, move, and in general could not sit still. This is a common recurring theme of my cannabinoid experiences. It amps me up physically similarly to caffeine. Often when this happens, I will just go for a run or work out to calm down. This time, there was no easy way to exercise, with no apparatuses, so instead I tried to do stretches, yoga, pushups, sit ups, and in general probably looked quite strange at 4:00 in the morning exercising in a space of 1 square foot. If I stopped, the shaking would return, but not as bad as it was before.

The physical effects were annoying, but the mental effects were in a way even worse. I could not comprehend anything with any ease whatsoever, even when trying. I could not do college level math equations which I have a decent level of experience with, both because of a lack of concentration, and an extremely diminished memory. Besides the loss of my mental capabilities, I also had many weird and trippy thoughts that may or may not have been logical. One of the harsher ones was that I thought that the chemicals had no where to go in my body, so they were destroying my kidneys, liver, bones, and muscles. They were getting caught in places in my body where they shouldn't be. This was an uncalming thought, although to be honest I really didn't care at the time. Another interesting thought was that we were watching a video, which at first was very funny, and I was laughing very hard. But once I stopped laughing, the video began to make me angry and feel anxious. I wanted to watch other videos and listen to music, and in some way be stimulated. This was quite akin to some moments during an acid trip where a change of setting is necessary for whatever reason.

At one point during the experience, I completely zoned out and the room became a wonderland of colours and castles, a beautiful bucolic pallet of light reds and greens. The door, for example, became a giant pasture of grass. Basically it looked like a matte painting from old movies. This happened when my vision became 'unfocused' and I zoned out. It still surprised be, as I don't get many visuals at all even on high doses of acid. This only lasted for a few seconds.

This experience was very overwhelming, and I exclaimed multiple times that the hit had thoroughly destroyed me. I had not been that high in many years of smoking weed. Only one or two sessions with multiple big bong bowls of high grade weed could compare to this single hit experience. It was overall unpleasant because of the strong physical urges it gave me to get up and do something. I looked and felt like an insolent fool for some hours, and probably was to some extent.

The after effects are noticeable and some HPPD remains. It is interesting that I can so well recall what happened. This made me not want to do cannabinoids any more, and may even stop with real weed for a good time. The cannabinoids do not seem to sit well with me after a couple tries of high doses. The trip is too overpowering and it is impossible to chill out. The only way I would use them now is as a motivator for me to work out.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 95403
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Aug 3, 2015Views: 3,816
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JWH-210 (574), UR-144 (699) : Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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