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Poisonous Overtones
Citation:   Endersion. "Poisonous Overtones: An Experience with DPT (exp95450)". Erowid.org. Mar 27, 2012. erowid.org/exp/95450

  smoked DPT (powder / crystals)
I went into this experience with very much enthusiasm. I consider myself intermediately experienced and very well read on psychotropic compounds. I had read that DPT was similar to DMT and was perhaps overly enthusiastic to partake. The setting was my studio apartment, along with my brother and two close friends. My first hit (25mg vaped) was rather startling. We had the vaporizer turned as high as it could go, so that the salt would turn to vapor/smoke as quickly as possible. The effects began immediately before I could even finish blowing out the smoke.

My visual field began to shimmer like light would across the surface of a pool of water. I looked about and the walls were plastered in geometric patterns that were so incredibly vivid, it was like you could reach out and trace them with your fingers, but the shapes and colors were so bizarre, you knew what you were seeing was completely abstract. Those shapes were not indicative of any pattern that was already there (as is usually the case in my experiences), they were forming out of nothing. For a few moments things looked shimmery in a very pleasant way. After staring around for several minutes, I realized something felt very off, as if there were something missing from the experience. I quickly realized that what was missing was music, as the silence in the room was almost audible in the form of ringing. It's tough to describe it but the absence of sound was VERY apparent and made the scene feel sterile. I felt the need to beg for my friends to put something on, but I didn't and instead forced myself to do it, as they would have taken much longer.

Looking into my computer screen, the screen was extremely vibrant and displays which I'm used to seeing every single day appeared alien, individual characters were vibrating and the screen appeared very cartoonish in nature. During this, there may or may not have been a headspace, I don't particularly remember any feeling at this point, I was far too interested in the visual field. This entire episode lasted less than 10 minutes with the effects beginning immediately, the plateau occurred within one minute but lasted for the entire experience. After the plateau, the come-down was very quick.

The second hit I did 36mg. I inhaled greedily and even after I felt the need to cough I grabbed the hose and inhaled again. What followed was one of the most insane and intense moments of my life. I would not be able to accurately describe the full experience, but the words 'chemical terror' continually come to mind. I remember watching the patterns flowing over everything, so entranced by what I was seeing that my bedroom seemed to cascade into geometric patterns at an infinite depth, I couldn't tell where the walls floor or ceiling began or ended. This was trippy and interesting but everything had this poisonous overtone to it. Normally an episode like this would leave a psychonaut in pure awe for the experience, but not this time, this was the disgusting parts of the human imagination coming alive in new dimensions. I remember thinking, 'This is not fun or enlightening, the only word to properly describe this experience is, twisted.' And twisted it was. I turned and looked at my friend A, and the things that this drug was doing to his body, his face, were absolutely vile and mind-shattering, I can't describe them at all. I tried to talk to A but I was scared and unable to, not sure if I was scared for him, or for me. After a while staring at everything I started to think that my mind had broken, these things just seemed too impossible, too vivid.

I remember thinking, 'We aren't meant to see this, this part of the mind is better left unexplored.' My resistance was futile, the more I concentrated on something, willing for it to stop shape-shifting, the more it would alter its own form. The lucidity of the experience made it terrifying, watching helplessly as everything in my visual field randomly exploded into whatever my mind could conceive.

Physically, I could hear and feel tiny electrical 'pops' all over my body, I was wondering if those noises were actually the neurons in my brain firing so rapidly and with such intensity that I felt the electric impulses, uninhibited by the filters of a sober consciousness. Easily the most lucid visuals I've ever had, and all I could do is stare at them, willing for them to go away. The experience was not fun or recreational in any means, and the longer it went on, the more I hoped it would just end. I longed for anything that would help me escape and I wished I had not done this, that I'd just gone to sleep instead.

I was suddenly stricken with terror, as I realized my brother had just tried this and it was his second psychedelic experience ever. He'd been acting somewhat strangely since then and now he's passed out on my bed. I was afraid this may have been too much for him. To an inexperienced individual, this memory could drill its way deep into their psych. I remember wanting to make it stop, wondering how much longer I could hold out against this insanity, staring into this geometric void. The warm characteristics of DMT were nowhere to be found. No awe, no elves, no comforting figures or voices of solace, this was just insanity. I took note that the colors I was seeing in the visuals were of no attraction. The visuals I'm used to are usually very vibrant, neon or pastel. These colors were very neutral, and almost felt sickening by the very nature of their twisted plainness.

I believe this experience lasted approximately fifteen minutes and I was very pleased when I started to rapidly come down. I looked at A again and all the terrible distortions were fading away. I looked back at the ceiling and the infinite patterned depth reverse-shattered back into a ceiling, although its depth was back to normal, the ceiling still had visual patterns throughout. The carpet came back, and was spinning in various circles. I got up and got some water, pacing back and forth in my living area as I rapidly came back to baseline. I have never been so excited to be sober in my life. I woke my brother up, 'T, would you say you had a good trip or a bad trip?' He said it was fine, and I knew instantly it had not taken him to the place it took me. /sighofrelief. I went out with A to have a cigarette and told him how happy I was to enjoy familiar sensations, to walk around, to just be alive and able to smile! I wanted to hug him, and my brother, to tell them how glad I was that we had all tried that thing and come out on the other end just fine. The experience was interesting and novel, but it was scary in a way that I'd never felt before, there was an anxiety that could not be cured by the usual solution of 'set and setting'. I did not go into this experience looking for a good time, but neither did I go into it looking for answers, truth or enlightenment. I was just in it for the ride and the experience. I don't regret the experience but I would not recommend it to anyone except the most adept seekers and I don't know that I'll ever do it again.

It appears different methods of administration can procure drastically varying results, mileage may vary.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95450
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Mar 27, 2012Views: 12,142
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DPT (21) : General (1), Retrospective / Summary (11), Alone (16)

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