My Friend the Vine of Souls
Ayahuasca (B. caapi) & Passion Flower
Citation:   Just a dad. "My Friend the Vine of Souls: An Experience with Ayahuasca (B. caapi) & Passion Flower (exp95525)". Aug 13, 2017.

1 g oral Banisteriopsis caapi (tea)
  4 capsls oral Passion Flower (daily)
So I wanted to write this because I feel that it could help a lot of people. 

First off, I have never really used drugs. I have nothing against people that do; I absolutely believe in freedom. My choice was based on seeing the damage different substances caused people around me as a child. I chose not to participate.

Well long story short I was reaching my thirties and genetic factors, a bad economy, and a strained marriage dove me into a depression. 

I was dealing with it by self medicating on alcohol and increasing levels of chaos and late nights. My marriage was about to fall apart, I was about to loose my business,  my children, and be utterly ruined. 

I woke up one day, and I realized that I did not like myself. I pretty much wanted to be dead. The only thing I wanted to live for is my children. I had to do something. I wasn't physically dependent on alcohol yet. I started drinking around 26, so I had not developed dependence yet, but emotionally, I needed help.

I was too proud for professional help, and I have a stubborn independent nature. This led me on an intensive search for something to pull me from the depths of depression. 

My results and amazing recovery

I am a very spiritual person so my search led me to the vine of souls (Banisteriopsis caapi). My research revealed that the vine is an MAOI and has been used for thousands of years. I was not in search of a DMT experience, though I'm not opposed to it in the future.  Syrian rue and passion flower were my other options.

Through my research, I ended up on a light tea of B. Caapi and passion flower supplements daily about one graham of the vine ground in a coffee grinder then steeped in hot water for about twenty minutes, and two capsules of passion flower in the morning then again in the afternoon. None of it is strong enough for complete MAO inhibition. Just enough to increase my average amount of serotonin.

It saved my life. I felt so much better after serotonin built up in my system. I could not believe the way I was behaving before. I got back into shape, my motivation came back, I now only consume alcohol for occasional responsible fun, I saved my marriage, and my business is again successful.

Occasionally the serpent comes to me in my dreams, and I am so thankful to her. She is very proud of the way I put the vine to use, and I want to spread her power of healing. The pharmaceuticals and governments are in the business of keeping us from the freedom and knowledge these sacred plants offer. I am forever angry at them for the misery of so many people out there. 

As to the 'cheese' effect. I have not totally inhibited MAO. I retain most of the enzymes to process those foods, and I just avoid them a little more just in case. But i have eaten plenty of cheese and other forbidden foods. Of course everyone is different.  Also, my blood pressure has returned to normal. During my depression it had elevated to an average of 165/100.  

I am living a happy fulfilling life thanks to the vine and the flower. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 95525
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Aug 13, 2017Views: 7,263
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