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I'm a 25i-nBOMEliever
Citation:   MiddleLeftNostril. "I'm a 25i-nBOMEliever: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp95553)". Sep 16, 2017.

T+ 0:00
500 ug buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:15 250 ug buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:30 2 shots oral Alcohol - Hard  
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis  
Previous Drug Use: Cannabis at least once a week since January 2011, usually more; alcohol occasionally, never regularly or by myself; one weak trip on acid; legal 'cannabis' once
Physical Condition: Very healthy, mentally sane aside from depressive periods lasting a few days every week in the past, but now just occasionally came and last for a few months before subsiding.
Date of Experience: Saturday 31 March 2012

B = M's girlfriend; I'm very good friends with S, M, B, O, and W. I'm cool with E, A, Ar, and Sev. I don't know Mary much at all.

-0:15 - I arrive at the setting where I'm going to trip. It's an attic, reasonably clean with 2 TV's for video games and videos, 2 very large speakers near or behind couches fashioned out of mattresses, a cluttered table and floor due to the presence of ~10 people who were there that day, multicolored Christmas lights running along the banisters on the ceiling, and an overall orange-colored glow/color to everything due to the light from the Christmas lights blending together, an orange ghost light, and a plastic pumpkin placed over a fluorescent light bulb on the side of the attic opposite that where the TV's are.

I gave a multivitamin to anyone who did not a nourishing breakfast that morning, and provided Listerine to anyone who didn't brush their teeth so that no bacteria would remain on their gums.

0:00 - At 12:15, the four 1mg 25i tabs I had are bisected diagonally and the halves given to 7 people, all placing them on their upper gums, under their upper lips. The tabs end up slipping and moving around in everyone's mouth, but I manage to make mine adhere to my upper gum after a while.

I didn't smoke previous to administration of the dose, because I wanted to solely experience the effects of 25i-nBOME.

0:20 - We decide to smoke a spliff joint and kief joint to pass the time as we watch random videos (fake video game montages) found on the Xchan websites of the internet. I feel stoned, but the 25i isn't in effect yet. M continually asks if 'we're feeling it yet.'

1:00 - The Christmas lights are much brighter than before, and I begin to feel euphoric. B is feeling effects, but we're all unsure of what she's feeling.

1:15 - I split the last 500ug half tab, and give one half to S and take 1 myself.

1:30 - I'm having a good time feeling the music, playing EarthBound or Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and talking to everyone about how their trip is going and if they would like to consume more in the future. Around this point, I peel an orange, place it in a glass teacup, pour a shot of vodka, and give it to B to combat any vasoconstrictive effects the 25i would give us. I give her another shot and take 2 myself along with O. S and M do not wish to drink. I never ended up feeling drunk during this experience, though.

1:45 - I still just feel euphoric and seeing minor visuals such as seeing the Christmas lights distort and trail into fractals when I look through a glass teacup with a little bit of vodka in it. I think I just need to do more 25i.

2:00 - 5:15 - I lost track of time, and the previous times given have been guesses, but some time during this period, B gets up off the floor and says that we are all purple, and/or aliens. She falls back to the floor, and wakes up some time later. This time, she asks M if she's being punished, and we assure her that she isn't, and I jokingly say she has become the 'EarthBound Grimlin' and must play EarthBound with one hand until she finishes the game. I notice tracers in EarthBound's sprites and areas where objects clash colors.

I feel very euphoric, have the energy to go outside, but the weather and environment outside aren't too fun to be tripping in. S puts on Tom Green and I laugh much more than I ever have while stoned. Everything is hilarious, but I have a slight headache so I sip a Heineken with O. B asks for friends so I gather the regular toys that gained personalities in the attic, and give them to her, and she gladly snuggles with them under her blanket on the floor.

O has let a newcomer to the attic, Mary, in. I knew Mary, and excused myself for tripping while I inducted her to our chill spot. We all watch videos that made me laugh before, but I cried from laughter watching the videos at my state of mind. We talk about our past, how everything crazy happens when O comes around, and how amazing it is that what's happening today is happening.

5:15 - 8:30 - I take my hit from the bong, and follow directions to hold it in as long as possible. I take a huge hit, and after 30 seconds, exhale and cough for a few seconds. Looking at the TV, which had The Beatles's 1968 movie 'Yellow Submarine' playing, I realize I'm about to trip. I ask W, sitting next to me, if the neon-colored drawn landscapes that the submarine is travelling through are supposed to be shifting and twisting, and he says he isn't seeing it. I wonder if I'm going to go crazy today, but disregard that thought or else it would have been a self-fulfilling prophecy. I also began to realize that I wasn't prepared to trip, as the large hit caused my heart beat to accelerate, and made me acknowledge how the vasoconstriction was affecting my body. I lie down in the sand and let the dissocia(tive)-ocean's waves crash over my body. I don't know what I was feeling. I don't think it actually was dissociative, but I'll continue calling it that, because each wave put me further in my own universe.

I switch to sit next to B and Mary, as B was off the floor and I was interested in what she just experienced, and primarily to make sure that she was still okay. She wonders if she'll ever be normal again, and when her trip will be over. I feel bad for her, because I think she might be having a bad trip when everyone else is having a sensational one. I know I am tripping now, and while watching 'Yellow Submarine,' I can see the multi-colored backgrounds much more vibrant than I had seen while skipping through the movie sober. The black regions during the voyage of the submarine and the credits are filled with repeating, swirling patterns and fractals. I see new colors I hadn't seen before, and can see the image on the TV melting into new shapes.

I talk to M after he takes a hit of the kief, and I start to see swirling patterns all over his face. They are red, green, and blue, and are so tightly textured over his face, that it looks like his face isn't skin-colored anymore. I look at B, to my left, and her face looks normal for a second, and then, after blinking, it becomes her face repeated multiple times, swirling back together into her original face. As I talk to M, W might have been asking me something and I didn't hear or acknowledge him, and he says, 'You went into the box for a second.' I realize this, and explain that the weed's making me trip much harder than before, but not to be worried. Regardless, I feel bad vibes sitting next to Mary, as she doesn't know me and probably doesn't think I actually took psychedelics today and was asking if I was alright, in a judgmental manner. I didn't care, so I created a new person or consciousness or train of thought in myself, or rather he came to light in my mind and took over my public responses while I ventured into my consciousness.

I felt the waves of the dissocia-ocean crash upon on my body. I ventured away from everyone else and went into my own universe with one train of thought in my mind, and managed looking not crazy with the other concurrently. My brain couldn't handle it, and as I played EarthBound, my subconscious took over, and I noticed an ever growing lag between my public consciousness knowing what was happening in game and how my thumbs were moving.
I noticed an ever growing lag between my public consciousness knowing what was happening in game and how my thumbs were moving.
It became 10 seconds, eventually, but subsided when E, M, S, and I decided to play Brawl. I still don't care about what anyone else is saying, and I can only focus on Brawl and go deeper into my mind with the other thought process or focus on what everyone else was saying and go deeper in my mind with the other thought process. I just alternated between them until I realized I could subconsciously play brawl as long as I visually focused on my character but audially focused on what was happening the real world, allowing myself to continue psycho-travelling.

I think about how weird I feel around most people because I'm apathetic to a lot of what goes on, and how much of what I say is just generic responses, and how I feel like I can't have original thoughts or make original art, and I'm just never happy with whatever I do. I feel like an introvert with nothing interesting to create or add. This was the personality I imparted into my public consciousness, as I wanted to discover what I'd learn about the new one I found inside myself.

Visuals aren't intense anymore, because I was getting freaked out about how weird the Yellow Submarine looked, but it would also be insanely amazing to be in a movie theater with a bunch of tripping or high people watching the film back in 1968. I still wasn't sure if I was supposed to be this far gone, and I feel as if everyone who took 25i felt this way, but we didn't want to admit it.

B is on the floor again, and I am sitting next to M on a couch-mattress. I feel cold, and snuggle under a blanket. B is lying on my feet, and I realize I had to move them as the vasoconstriction is going to cause a feeling of pins and needles soon. I move them, when the wave from the dissocia-ocean falls back, and hope that B doesn't hurt her head when I do so. I continue playing Brawl, and using my public personality to talk to the new train of thought in my head. One is remarkably negative, and I differentiate him as my public personality, and the other is hopeful and happy, telling myself to let go, and that everyone else is as gone as I am. I agree, and stop playing Brawl, close my eyes, and venture into my subconscious. I had cooler CEV's on the weak acid, but I had much cooler introspection and complete control of my CEV's on 25i-nBOME. I realized that I can control my subconscious; or rather I'm able to on 25i. Whatever I wanted to imagine, I imagined a dreamlike, wispy version in my closed eyes' line of sight of what it was, and I could repeatedly do so with what I chose. I feel something happening to my foot and notice B was undoing my the shoelace of my left foot, but let her do so as I was quite happy she hadn't passed out or died and was just tripping under her blanket, considering 25i is an RC and she had been on the floor and not moving for quite a while. Music is my anchor to reality and my accelerant to the new consciousness.

On the most intense wave of the dissocia-ocean, and the flashing lights and sharp palette make me trip again. I see the completely 2-dimensional game become 3-dimensional, with sprites and background objects in the game moving to different depths of fields. I also see new colors in the thick pixels the game has on the TV, as we emulated it on a Wii. Flashing colors are the most intense, as I see patterns and fractals that start with a combination of the two colors and continue into different, microscopic ones. I can't handle Pokemon right now, but continue watching. It feels like my body is deteriorating or just as if every inch had been beaten by a hammer, but this was simply couch lock from the high of the weed, and I knew it. I continue learning who this second consciousness in me is, but I cannot remember the details, but I was happy to know I could become him, and in a way he may already be me, but he's just hidden away for an odd reason. I don't really know what's going on.

I start coming down, and notice it as the intensity of the waves of the dissocia-ocean decrease, and I lost contact with the second personality, and return to the public one, with it becoming my interior and exterior train of thought. I miss the new one, but know I'll meet him soon enough. There's a tired, quiet atmosphere.

8:XX - B begins to cry, and M consoles her. I wanted to know what's wrong, what she experienced today, if she could remember anything, if she knew how far out she went, but I wasn't sure how to make her feel better nor why she was crying. I wondered if I changed her badly, but she assured to me that she didn't have a bad time, and had an excellent one, and my worries were gone. I have a closer bond with everyone who was in the attic today. I understand more about myself, how much my body and brain can handle, and more about everyone who was with us. I'm ready to trip more and harder.

In retrospect: I learned a lot about myself that I need to apply to my life while I'm alive during this trip. It's a very emotional drug, and when enough is taken it can become spiritual and probably as much as LSD, and it's extremely introspective for people who are naturally so when they smoke weed. I really wanted to cuddle with someone and thought about some of the asshole-like stuff I did in the past, but they're all childish things and don't matter now, since I stopped doing them years ago.

I really wish I could love everyone. I also really wish this drug didn't cause vasoconstriction and that tolerance to all psychedelics didn't last for 2 weeks. I love 25i. Itís a very social, visual, and emotional drug. Always be around people you trust and love when on psychedelics.

What I typed into a text editor on Mís laptop (everything was written prior to smoking the kief):
=M is taking his clothes off and discussing if we want to go to the K hole. I don't really feel like doing that.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95553
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Sep 16, 2017Views: 1,174
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25I-NBOMe (542) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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