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Quite a Revelation
MDA & 2C-B
Citation:   Swifty. "Quite a Revelation: An Experience with MDA & 2C-B (exp9556)". Erowid.org. Sep 21, 2001. erowid.org/exp/9556

T+ 0:00
125 mg oral MDA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:00 20 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
At the 1.25 hour point after ingestion I am catapulted into some 'place' - it is very extreme and I am not sure what is happening to me at first - Will I barf? Will I die? Will I shit my pants? Just what IS this?! I have to get up and turn off the music. After a minute or two I realize that I have been put into a state that is quite clear in thought and free of suffering. It's a place that everyone truly needs. It is quite a revelation for me.

The conceptualizations while the compound was taking effect involved the perception of the universe being made of elements able to take many forms - including our own species. The miracle of life on earth was astonishing. Once the MDA took full effect I was able to 'see through it all'. There was no confusion whatsoever about life or my purpose in it. I realized I could take this precious gift of realization with me to the day I die.

When the MDA came on strongly, I had visions of a river of blood surrounded by orbiting hydrogen bombs - an archetype in the classic sense. It's as though the universe takes on the form of a specific space where h2O can exist - and with it our blood that carries the minerals and elements necessary to nourish the levers, strings and breathing that allow us to be.

Once I got comfortable with the head space, I played Fripp & Eno's 'Evening Star'. The first track is a brilliant, glittering sound collage that I feel describes what MDA is like. I sat on the sofa before the speakers in total bliss and listened to the entire CD. My thoughts wandered from one idea to the next, and I could push my mind into thinking about things that I would not usually want to. The music was gorgeous when I focused on it, but I was not overwhelmed. I was quite content to sit on the sofa like a 5 year old.

Something I find to be unique about this compound is that it is comfortable. With MDMA there is such an extreme push - a willingness to fall on the floor in awe. MDA isn't quite like that. Although I was expecting to be floored, I didn't expect to be able to go ahead and start typing these notes for instance. The clarity of focus is remarkable. I could answer the phone with no problem. I could drive a car if I *really* had to, but the sense of judgement is quite intact and I know I would not do something like that.

As I near the 2 hour point, I am reminded of the journey one usually experiences after the peak with LSD. Empowered, alive and with great zeal I am able to face the world without hesitation or fear. This lesson regarding the freedom from suffering is something that I must value preciously, and protect until the end of my life. I silently thank the person that gave me this 125 milligrams MDA.

After the beautiful music ended, I remained in reflection for a half hour. The interesting thing is that there was nothing at all going on in my mind. I simply existed. It was as though I had been 'tuned up', and was waiting for the conductor to start the orchestra. I was expecting some friends to visit, and I got up to look out the front window for them. Their car appeared in the driveway and they parked and got out. The synchronicity with this material is amazing. Not the magical psychedelic space like with acid, but more matter-of-fact and obvious.

I truly enjoyed the time with my friends, and at the 5:00 hour point I took 20mg 2C-B. In about an hour I experienced a fantastic rush of closed-eye visuals involving architectures with ornate tiled surfaces. I was soaring through these spaces, over rooftops, into rooms, around patios and over gardens. It was absolutely amazing. I don't think I've ever had closed-eye visuals with such depth and detail.

As the evening developed I ate some food at 7 hours, and found it appetizing but a little too filling. I continued to have closed-eye visuals, but they were more simple and less active than the buildings and architectures from before. By the 10 hour point they are still pervasive and although I would like to continue enjoying them, I go to sleep.

I awaken a couple times during the night with some stomach discomfort. The next morning I feel stretched and hung over, much like MDMA. After a hike and then a nap, I still feel dazed. There appears to be significant toxicity to this compound, but the effects are like nothing else, especially the philosophical lessons and the CEVs.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9556
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 21, 2001Views: 19,670
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MDA (34), 2C-B (52) : Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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