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A Psychedelic Date
4-AcO-DMT & Cannabis
Citation:   MrMoran. "A Psychedelic Date: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT & Cannabis (exp95563)". Apr 4, 2012.

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  12 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT (powder / crystals)
Dosage: 12mg - fumarate salt dissolved in a mildly acidic solution, mixed with cranberry juice.

I'd first like to start off by saying that I had consumed cannabis prior to the experience, as I had no idea what I really was in for, and really wanted to start on a good note. As I am writing this approximately 7 hours later, colors are still brighter and enhanced, and the world is a much brighter place. I understand the world in its entirity. There are no time stamps in this, because time seemed nearly irrelevant to me.

I had consumed all of this with my friend, and we had no prior experience with long-acting psychedelics, only DMT (which is pretty much there and gone before you realize exactly what had happened). Also, it's probably 1/5th the intensity of DMT, but they definitely share a lot similarities. We smoked cannabis to pass the time, and chatted about many a thing. As we were smoking it, there came a point where I noticed that things seemed a bit beyond what cannabis was doing. It was about 30 minutes past the 4-AcO-DMT's ingestion, and I could begin to feel its + effects. I knew something was a bit beyond, and but it had not really made itself apparent.

My friend and I had then continued onwards into my room, where we decided to watch Peewee Herman, and we laughed a lot at the things he said. I thought of how odd it actually is for a person to be making a living off of this, and what the life of a celebrity must be like. The dichotomy of it all seems really hard to keep up with, and thus, while I would love to be making money off of some act I did once upon a time, I think it's also kind of weird. Around the time I started to really feel the effects, my friend comes banging on the door, and I realize that it's a really good time to see how well I can still function and organize things. + to ++

My housemate had alerted me that it was time for our routine house clean up, and that I needed to sweep up a mess that had been previously made in our formal dining hall. Not too hard. I could sweep it up and still understand and comprehend orders, and was able to adequately fulfill them. Talking wasn't too hard, initially. At this point, I began to realize that the colors in this room were definitely enhanced, and it was all very beautiful. The reds really shown through from the wood. ++

I gathered food for my friend, as she was diabetic and her blood sugar was very low. I began to worry mildly about this, and my mind kept focusing on this, but then assured myself that it would all work out. It did. We began to watch a movie at this point, and while 15 minutes had passed in the viewing of the movie, it felt like 45 minutes to an hour had passed. ++

I remember watching the movie with her, and seeing her body and hair and everything (in my peripheral vision) form something akin to that picture that is of both an old lady and a beautiful woman turning her head away. I kept feeling like she was leaning away from me, even though our heads were laying against each other as we watched a movie. Overall, it was a very sweet moment, and I had my arm around her. I felt like we were an old couple, who was caught in the a timeless and endless loop of affection and love. we laughed our asses off at Fox News' report on 4chan and Anonymous, and were like 'Oh my god. They really DON'T get it. They're just like that kid in high school who would point the finger, and blame the others, and put spins on stories. They're the kid who starts or passive-agressively spreads rumors.' My mind began to draw many connections about how society is an evolved form of high school drama. +++

During the movie, I began to notice the colors changing a lot. Nothing too dramatic, and I could reassure myself of the colors of certain things when I really needed to, but when it all really came right down to it, distinguishing the color of tailights was difficult briefly, before they went back to red. I was also watching a general progression of reds, greens, and blues being accented as I watched the movie. Along with all of this, there was a general wobbling and breathing of the laptop's frame and screen. I also noticed that I felt like I was quite nearly in the theater, watching this movie when it first came out, and I felt very immersed into the plot I was watching. I realized that the actor was very good, and everything it was very convincing. I also noticed how his face began to morph and move around, and I again, I found this to be very interesting. Sometimes, I really couldn't tell which colors were what, but this only really happened with whites, or lighter passive colors. +++

As I began noticing all these things, I also simultaneously and haphazardly tried to communicate them all with my friend. What I was seeing: The lighting and how it was brighter, things were ESPECIALLY delicious. The cookies seemed to be just the right amount of chewy, and they were especially soft and delicious, and the milk complemented them nicely. Senses were definitely enhanced, well beyond what cannabis typically does. I felt like a kid again, and yet I felt on top of the world. Alpha. Amazing. What I was feeling and realizing: how the world and society behaves is exactly like how it was in high school, just on a much larger scale. I realized that my friend and I should go outside and go stargazing, and we began to do that. I felt amazing, still, and felt invulnerable. +++

During stargazing, my mind was being blown by the complexity of the universe and our own bodies. We are made up of cells, which make up tissue, which make up organs, and all of the organs function together to create an organism. Organisms inhabit the Earth, which is like a cell in that it helps make up a larger system, which is a solar system which is like the tissue, and the organ is our galaxy. Furthermore, I began to realize that these galaxies being to work together, and it helps explain the universe as like an organism. The distances between two stars 2 inches apart in my field of vision, I also fully realized, was potentially thousands of times greater than the distance between the earth and our sun. The immensity, and emptiness of space, is absolutely perplexing and fascinating. I had never even thought of these things in detail up until this point, and I feel like this compound really helped catalyze that. At this point, I felt like I had been a fully initiated psychonaut, and that I was learning a lot of things that I had overlooked or never fully realized. The Fibbonaci number sequence also became very relevant to me. I looked into a tree, and saw that particular branches made the outline of a hawk or falcon, as if I were viewing it by standing on its foot, and looking upwards. I could see the Fibbonaci number sequence, and the golden ratio in the trees, and then looked back towards the stars. As I had moved my eyes around, the stars formed tracers, which also made for an impressive light show. It was at this moment that I realized that I might want to be a school teacher, simply because I loved the idea of physics at that one particular point in time. +++

After stargazing, looking at trees, my friend and I then decided to walk to the grocery store. A 5 minute walk, and as we exited my front door, we heard an odd noise. Two cats having sex, and my friend and I started at each other and both said, 'wtf? LET'S FIND THESE CATS!' So we tried to find them, but failed, and then continued to walk to the grocery store where we saw a cat at the other end of the parking lot. Seeing that cat across the parking lot startled me for a second, but then I remembered that cats were abound and abundant in my section of the town. On our way, we witnessed a drug deal of sorts going on, which I was completely open-minded to (I am typically not, and often scared of those sorts of things), and had the dealers and everyone laughing, and I walked away saying 'one world, one love!' We followed that cat, and proceeded to try to get it to come to us, but ultimately failed because it was feral and very shy. We then proceeded to enter the grocery store. ++

There, she saw a coworker, and they proceeded to have a conversation. She had forgotten about the writing from a high lighter on her boob, and her coworker made a quick note of it. As we conversed, we noticed a man in his mid-50s who demonstrated an alpha attitude saying, 'Are you asking about something, or just talking?' We told him that we were just talking and catching up, and he then proceeded to pull out a CRISP 100 dollar bill, and he asked for it to broken down into smaller pieces. I immediately recognized that he was in some form of drug trade because of the personality he portrayed, the money he displayed, and the accent and unsophisticated and unintelligent manner in which he spoke. I figured he was a meth cook, and that I should probably not hang around him. I was astounded by the speed my mind came to this realization. We adventured around the store for a while, then decided that it was about time we went back to the house from where we came, and chill out. ++

As we were hanging out back home, a Federal Agent had come to the door - I freaked the fuck out. As luck would have it, though, he was a Fraternity brother who pledged a full 50 years before I did. An older fellow, I immediately felt warmed and welcomed, and knew that he wasn't going to rat out another brother to federal government. Somethings run deeper than government, which is another thing that is just like a fraternity. We did the hand shake, found his name on a pledge-class paddle, and the house was nearly spotless from the house cleanup we had just held. My fraternal little brother had descended the stairs at this time, and proceeded to give the man a house tour. At this point, my friend and I decided to ride bikes around our small town. ++ to +

I had a BMX trick bike 2 sizes too small for me, and proceeded to ride for a couple miles before finally stopping off at a comic book shop. Riding the bike while tripping was at times challenging and trippy, but other times really easy. I proceeded to buy the cheap snacks they have available in their establishment, and ventured onwards home. We checked her blood sugar, and found that it was at about 400, and decided that we needed to lower that. Prolonged physical activity was not an issue with this compound. +

After the comic book shop, I began to feel like I was coming down sharply. It was a delightful time, and there was not too much augmentation to the reality around me. +

Qualitative comments:

I might try it with a 15mg dose the next time, but I am perfectly happy with the 12mg dose. This has been one of the best experiences I have ever had with a drug ever.

Mind: 8/10. I was losing my mind, and I was feeling it going. Abstract thoughts would present and could be seen in a concrete manner. Using concrete words to explain the abstract thoughts to someone else equally impaired was also a daunting and ultimately fruitless task. Above all, I felt that this psychedelic experience was very clean and pure, although synthetic. Short-term memory was weakened. Tastes were enhanced.

Body: 2/10. There were times where I felt overly inclined to lay down, and make out with my friend. But overall, I felt no serious body load like I had with DMT. The thought of having to get up and move was more debilitating than actually getting up and moving.

Visuals: 5/10. Colors were enhanced and would change. One thing would breathe, and some things would shimmer. I could see a lot of warm colors in my room, and I realized my room is very well setup for a good trip room. Tracers were mild-to-moderate, and the classical tryptamine glow of lights and skin, and general morphing. Things were much brighter - and I would argue happier.

Other effects: I am not sure if this was from the 4-AcO-DMT or the cannabis I had smoked, but under a black light, my eyes glowed green.

Overall: 10/10. This compound was nothing short of absolutely fantastic and fascinating. I have no regrets about its purchase, and I find it rather delightful that I am able to receive this legally. I liken what I had to a glass of wine, but rather than feel drunk and debilitated, I felt trippy and thoughtful. It was essentially a psychedelic cocktail, but in a liquid and carefully measured solution. I honestly, 100% feel, that if one can have their glass of wine or a cigarette at the end of a hard day's work, then one should be able to have this - or a bowl of pot - as an alternative as well. There is no harm in any of this, and this should remain legal forever.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95563
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Apr 4, 2012Views: 22,680
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