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Profound Mind Change, Pleasant Comedown
MDA & Cannabis
Citation:   gradyhernandez. "Profound Mind Change, Pleasant Comedown: An Experience with MDA & Cannabis (exp95634)". Feb 21, 2017.

T+ 0:00
150 mg oral MDA (capsule)
  T+ 2:30   bowls smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00 1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
Last February, my girlfriend and I had been planning a fishing trip to a remote location for quite some time. It was the tail end of steelhead season in Idaho and I was excited to say the least. One day before the fishing trip, I came across some MDA from a reputable source, which I trusted. I decided to purchase three doses (300 mg), one and a half for my girlfriend and I. My girlfriend had one previous experience with MDA (also 150 mg), which she described as enjoyable. I had only done one 'ecstasy' pill before this (I was told it was MDxx). I found it to be enjoyable, however, having used various other drugs before (I am an active user of psychedelics and cannabis), I was aware that I did not receive the full mind-blowing experience. I was ready to have my mind blown. It is important to note that at this time in my life I was not depressed about anything. I would say I had an above average day to day life and a good, responsible mindset regarding drugs.

We drove up to our location in anticipation of the fishing, as well as the MDA we purchased. Of course, we also brought some marijuana along for the ride, as I see it as a must have.

Upon arrival we administered the MDA orally (parachuting). Immediately after taking the MDA, we walked down to the river from our hotel (a quite enjoyable location to stay, which we believed would also add to the experience).

t+ 1:00
After unsuccessful fishing, we packed up our gear and headed back up to our room. At this time we were not yet feeling the effects of the MDA. I found this odd because the first time I took 'ecstasy' the effects showed themselves about 20 minutes after the same oral administration. In the room, we grabbed some heavier clothing and decided to take a hike into the mountains. We walked for quite sometime before climbing a fairly remote hill with a path leading to the top.

About halfway to the top, my girlfriend claimed she was beginning to feel 'happy.' It was at this point that I decided we should stop and smoke some marijuana. I was getting a little desperate at this point. I was beginning to feel like we got ripped off, despite purchasing from a trusted source. While loading my pipe, my girlfriend vomited (she claimed that she vomited last time she did MDA). I looked over at her and I could tell she was slightly embarrassed, but I was not too concerned, personally. I assured her it was no big deal. After about a minute, I took a large hit out of my pipe. Upon exhaling, I felt the MDA BIG TIME. I felt like as my marijuana hit left me, so did all the sadness I had within me. My vision sharpened and I felt energy like I had never felt. Paradoxically, I was perfectly content just sitting down, enjoying the beautiful view, and most importantly, enjoying the amazing high I instantaneously acquired.

At this time, my girlfriend was also rolling pretty hard. She came and sat next to me. I looked at her and we had this mutual understanding for how we were both feeling. We conveyed this message between us with nothing more than a big smile. I could not help but laugh at the general stupidity of how we both must have looked to an outsider. She and I finished the bowl of weed.

This was by FAR the most profound mental change I had ever experienced in my life. I went from sober to rolling in an instant. As I watched the sunset from the side of the mountain, I recall thinking deeply about everything wrong in my life and how I could right all the wrongs in a reasonable way. I felt more content than I ever have. I truly had appreciation for all the people on Earth that love me: my family, friends, and my girl.

After sharing some mutual silence, my girlfriend and I began to continue our hike. I remember pulling out a cigarette and having a 'love' for this inanimate object. This made me laugh a little out of the sheer ridiculous nature of my mindset. I must say, as a non smoker, this was the finest cigarette I'd ever torched. Typically I find them gross. I felt truly amazing as we climbed higher and higher. I felt as if I could have climbed ten of these mountains with no problem. Finally, before we reached the top, the cold caught up to us. I cannot tell you if I was feeling too good to sense the cold, or if it just got really cold all of a sudden. Regardless, it was too chilly and we were under-dressed to conclude our hike, so we began our decent.
On our way down the mountain, my girl and I discussed our relationship and how our lives had changed upon meeting each other. I must say, it was incredible. I could discuss anything with her, no problem. Even though she is typically more open than I am, I had no problem comfortably talking about taboo subjects with her.

t+ 4:00
We made it back to our hotel and went to our room. Immediately my girlfriend got naked (its how she feels most comfortable). We decided to take a shower. Still rolling hard, I looked at my girlfriends body. I would not say that I felt horny, however I was not that far from a sober sexual mindset. What I mean is that she looked beautiful to me, but I would not be disappointed if I did not get sex. Normally, I am a horny bastard and I want to engage in sex anytime.

While in the shower, my girlfriend claimed she wanted more ecstasy, which kind of freaked me out. She had this look in her eye I had never seen before. I assured her she would be fine without it and even if there was more, I would not want her to get strung out.

t+ 4:30
We hopped out of the shower and made our way to the jacuzzi. I still felt really really good on our way down to the pool area. My thoughts were still clear and positive, while my body felt amazing too. I was not experiencing jaw clenching like I've heard so much about. Overall, I would say I was 95% of what I felt on top of the mountain. I was not bummed out to be coming down at all.

I decided I just wanted to put my feet in the jacuzzi, which proved to be an incredible choice. It was a perfect balance of cold mountain air and heated water. We also smoked more marijuana at this time, which was REALLY pleasant. After being in the jacuzzi, we headed back up to our room.

t+ 5:00
Upon arriving to our room, I felt amazing, yet tired out. I had never before felt this way. My girlfriend and I exchanged back massages and watched some 'Tim and Eric Awesome Show' until we fell asleep in each others arms (I fell asleep about 6 to 7 hrs after initially ingesting).

The next morning, I did not feel the slightest bit hungover. Neither did my girlfriend. I will do MDA again. It was an enjoyable experience with absolutely NO negative side effects as far as I am concerned (other than a love for cigarettes). Since taking MDA, I have experimented with MDMA which I enjoy just as much as MDA. The experience I just retold stands out to me for two reasons. One, it was the first time I had ever really rolled. Also, it was the most profound shift in consciousness I have ever experienced. I will never forget that mountain :)

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95634
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Feb 21, 2017Views: 5,420
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MDA (34) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Relationships (44), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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