Honey-Dipped Reality
Citation:   Scheherazade. "Honey-Dipped Reality: An Experience with 2C-B & MDMA (exp95637)". Erowid.org. Apr 9, 2012. erowid.org/exp/95637

T+ 0:00
150 mg oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:00 7 mg insufflated 2C-B (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:15 8 mg insufflated 2C-B (powder / crystals)
Having been curious about 2C-B for a long time, I decided the time was ripe to try it when a friend told me they had a reliable source to it. Further to that, I was in possession of a drug testing kit, and could confirm to some degree of certainty the contents of the drug I was purchasing. My friend, not being a real dealer but just an avid recreational drug user sitting on a decent pile of assorted substances, brought over some 2C-B for me to purchase and test. Having tested the white, sticky powder with the Marquis reagent, it turned yellow and then green, matching up with its expected results as labelled.

Confident, I purchased four capsules with approximately 18-20 mg in each. However, during the testing process I broke one of the capsules, bringing its contents down to approximately 14mg. This one I set aside. Being that I have anxiety issues, and only a small amount of experience with psychedelics (I tried 2C-E once while drunk at a party, been piped once back when I still did pressed pills – not worth it, folks – and tried low doses of mushrooms and MDA), I decided to “honey flip”, that is, mix MDMA and 2C-B together. With the idea that I would already be high on MDMA, my anxiety would be little-to-none, and it would be easier to try 2C-B with an unwaveringly positive outlook. Further to that, I have a lot of experience with MDMA – I would say around 30+ times over the last 4 years – and know my way around a roll pretty well.

I don’t take any medication other than birth control pills, though I did pre-load with an emergen-c pack – that is, 1000mg vitamin C, a vitamin B complex, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, magnesium, and alpha lipoic acid.

So, the night of our planned adventures, my boyfriend “C” and I were out at a club with some friends. Having planned this night for some time, we decided to go off on our own and take the MDMA at around 10:45PM. Suspecting that the MDMA was stronger and more pure than we had originally thought, we decided to go back to my house for the come-up and decide if we were in any state to leave the house again. At this point, he took approximately 200mg of MDMA, and for me, 150mg. I had made him a capsule of approximately 150mg the week before and he’d said it potentially wasn’t quite enough for him, so I made his larger this time. This was a bit of a mistake, as he was much too high on .2. Even .15 was too much for me, but we were not used to having access to MDMA as pure as that and had not expected such dramatic effects. Neither of us had eaten in several hours – around 4PM, and it was almost 11 when we dosed, which probably affected the outcome also. I make it a habit to never eat right before dosing, as it greatly decreases the effects. Regardless, we were very happy, and lovey – we cuddled and listened to music and had a great time. Leaving the house was not an option – we were definitely too far out there.

After about 2 hours, at around 12:45am, we decided to re-dose MDMA at approximately 100mg each. At this point, we decided to try the 2-CB. I wanted to snort the 2C-B because I wanted an immediate come-up, further to avoiding anxiety. I figured a 2 hour come-up would give me too much time to get anxious about it, and the doses are much stronger insufflated, so we split my small capsule up and each snorted half. This made for a dose of about 7mg each, and the 2C-‘s have about a double potency when snorted, making our trip about a 14mg oral dose.

My “secret” to insufflating the 2C-x’s, which I did when I tried the 2C-E, is to take very small amounts on your finger and snort them little bits at a time. It avoids the heavy levels of pain some find snorting RC’s to be. The first thing I noticed about it was that, despite reading reports of instantaneous come-ups and people puking with vivid visuals at the same time, my come-up was still rather slow. Maybe it was just because I was already high on the MDMA, but I noticed a slow increase in the effects over half an hour. At first, I just felt like the MDMA had been enhanced. As if I’d taken more of it. And then I could feel myself noticing visual effects MDMA doesn’t normally produced, like tracers and the “breathing” of surfaces.

The boy got sick and threw up, but I felt no ill effects from the 2C-B at any time. However, I generally have a strong stomach. I have never thrown up from MDMA, and only threw up once or twice from drinking despite being a weekend binge drinker for a long time (I quit drinking around 4 months ago). I didn’t expect to get sick on the 2C-B, and I didn’t.

After about three hours, around 4AM, we both re-dosed on the 2C-B, snorting another 8mg or so each. The visuals increased hugely; looking at my white door frame, it started to highlight different colours, glowing blue, red, green. Rays of light seemed to flash over the area, though it was dark out; my floor was morphing and crawling and changing colour. My hardwood floor would swirl in circular motions, and looking at my kitchen everything would seem – it’s hard to explain – sort of mosaic, like I was looking at it in a different era, it was in different colours. The interesting thing I found was that I could turn off the visuals if I wanted to, if I needed to focus on something I was easily able to. Not permanently, but for at least a small while. As I got higher on the second dose, and approached the peak, I noticed some auditory effects – the music I was listening to would appear to sort of skip, or vibrate along, which was pretty neat.

Throughout all this, I didn’t have any anxiety, or any adverse mental effects. In fact, I noticed my mind was very clear, even at high doses. Even though I knew I was having mental effects – I was doing some good introspection – I felt as though I could, at any point, make decisions, or function almost normally. Not that I would ever try that in a situation where it was needed – i.e. driving, or going to school or work, as I’m sure that wouldn’t turn out well – but it was nice to feel in control of the situation.

At around 6AM, I was exhausted. Even though I was peaking on my second dose of 2C-B, I was so tired because it was so late, and I needed to sleep. I’m sure others would find this difficult, but I got into bed, turned off the lights and turned on my fan (I run it year-round for background white noise, as I live downtown in a city and there is a lot of distracting noise most of the time), and fell asleep. It took a few minutes, as I was very high, but not very long at all. The sleep was rather disrupted, but I think it was more the MDMA comedown than anything, as the night after MDMA I always wake up periodically. When I woke up around 10:30AM, I was still having decent visuals. They wore off as the day went on, and today being the next day, all I’m noticing is a bit of a glow around things. That day, I took a Vitamin C + B complex, and that night, I took 200mgs of 5-HTP. I’ll continue that pattern for a few more days.

In reflection of my experience, I would do things a bit differently next time. It was a positive experience – I definitely had fun, and no negativity came from it – but I was way too high on the MDMA. Next time I try 2C-B will definitely be on its own, and I will take it orally. I want the full ‘nexus’ experience, on its own and unfettered. Plus, my nose is rather raw from the insufflation. If I ever honey flip again, I will take a MUCH smaller dose of MDMA – likely only 50mg – and I would take the MDMA and 2C-B at the same time, orally. Or, the MDMA part-way through my 2C-B trip. They had a good synergy, but the MDMA was overpowering at the dose I took. I didn’t appreciate the 2C-B fully until I was coming down from the MDMA.

Overall, this was a rewarding experience. It helped me get over my fears of “tripping” and I look forward to my next experiences with 2C-B and 2C-E, both of which I have small amounts of to experiment with. For a person with significant anxiety issues, this caused me none at all, despite being very intoxicated at points through the night. I’m excited about the possibilities that await.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95637
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Apr 9, 2012Views: 33,544
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