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The Perfect Day
Citation:   Tgarm. "The Perfect Day: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp95725)". Erowid.org. Oct 11, 2012. erowid.org/exp/95725

2 hits sublingual 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
Setting: I live in a middle class suburban community that was built around what I would classify as wetlands. The whole community is engulfed in these muddy, dense forests that are usually quite hard to walk through, so I would venture to say the vast majority of the hot soccer moms and tool-bag dads that inhabit the suburbs do anything other than ignore these swampy forests. Most of my trip occurred in or around these unexplored forests.

Mindset: Calm, but with a sprinkle of excitement. My trip buddy bailed out at the last second because he had to do some volunteer work, so I did have some apprehension about the safety aspect of tripping alone, since I was adventuring into the vastly unexplored area of a research chemical. I have also never tripped on RCs let alone 25i, but I eventually assured myself that I had done my homework on the drug and I could definitely handle it.

Dose: I took 2 hits, sublingually, of 25i-NBOMe. The hits were advertised to have 1mg each, but my friend said someone measured them out to only have about 500 micrograms, so I would roughly estimate that I ingested 1 milligram of 25i. I am a 160lb male and I have not tripped in at least 3 or 4 months, so it is fair to say there was no tolerance to interfere with the substance.

My Dogs: My dogs were pretty instrumental in my trip and they are the only “people” in my trip, since I was tripping alone. I think it might be helpful to describe both of them and their personalities. The oldest dog, Gunner, is the stereotypical hunting dog. His loyalty, adventuresome attitude and downright badassness let me really connect with him. He is a 5 year old, brown, terrier-labrador- pitbull mix. My other dog, puppy, is the fuckup. Bought off of craigslist for 30 dollars when he was 4 weeks old, the dog has some pretty decent mental issues. I have convinced my self he is schizophrenic. With his rapid movements, non-linear thinking and the fact that he cannot learn basic commands, he gets me very irritated sometimes and this makes him unsuitable for nice strolls in the neighborhood. The reason his name is Puppy is because the only other name the family agreed upon is Boner. My step-mom got this name from combining our previous dog’s name, Bogie, with our recent dog’s name, Gunner, to get the name Boner. But since chasing him down the street screaming “Boner!” or telling the veterinarian that your cute puppy’s name is Boner can be quite embarrassing sometimes, we now refer to him as puppy. Puppy is a white pit-bull.

I put the two blotters in my upper lip at 10am. I did not swallow for 30 minutes and kept the blotters in my mouth for the duration of the day. I tried to set up all the trip toys in my room but the backlights and lasers seemed emasculated by the bright sunshine blasting into my room through the cracks of my blinds. I still turned on all the lava lamps and the electroplasm lamp, along with my choice of music, which was my newly created “Trip” playlist. I then proceeded to jump on to my beanbag and be lulled by the gentle ambiance of The American Dollar (the band). I, having some attention issues, got up pretty quickly and realized I needed something to eat before I got dead in the center of my trip so at (T:1:00), I decided that I needed to go to McDonalds before it hit me.

I know it is super dangerous to drive while tripping; it’s idiotic and I am endangering other people, but just like all good suburbs, the McDonalds is in the middle of the community and was literally a 60 second drive, which I made it there safely only noticing a slight euphoria and general happiness from the drug. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] I decided to go in, because at this point I was craving human interaction and I had convinced myself that if I needed a ride home I could call someone to pick me up. My headspace was unbelievably sober and when I walked inside the McDonalds, a wave euphoria and happiness washed over me and the typical psychedelic/reflective thoughts started bombarding my head. The first reflection I made was on the spoiled 4 year old in a sparkly tutu, screaming at her mom that she wanted a big girls meal, but she still wanted the pretty pony toy. It just amazed me how this 4 year old girl could take control of this grown adult just by simply raising her squeaky voice at her. The mom succumbed to the tyke and tried to bargain with the manager for a kid’s toy as I tried to look away in disgust. I pondered what society would be like if every child was raised like a spoiled brat. I got my two cheeseburgers and fries and for some reason, rushed them down my throat. I experienced my first slight hallucination, which made the ketchup squirter seem farther away than it actually was. This was very mild and since I was pretty much looking for hallucination I quickly focused in and turned the hallucination off. I was so amazed about how much control I had over this trip. I experienced no notable taste differences in the food but I was generally uncomfortable in my seat. I wanted to be outside; I wanted to explore.

The euphoria had gotten to be fabulously intense, but I still felt almost sober in my headspace. The walk to the car brought to my attention how “beautiful” everything was, a word that would loop through my head the entire day. I called most of my friends, all of whom were busy or didn’t pick up, so I dumbly took the wheel yet again, and drove the 60 seconds to my house. When I got to my house (T:1:45), I let my dogs out onto the patio and took a seat in a lawn chair.

I quickly brought outside my laptop and played M83’s “Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts” as I observed Boner and his antics around my pool. The music sounded unusually inspiring as I pondered some of the things Puppy was doing. Puppy viciously chased after a lizard and after a slight jump he came down upon the lizard, tearing it apart with the tools evolution had provided him for doing so. I pondered why their seemed to be so much inter-species hate. I knew the dog was probably not aware of our human concepts, such as kindness, but it started to get me thinking about why racism seemed to be a natural thing. For the sake of brevity I won’t go into too much detail about my thoughts, but they were relatively deep, and I experienced absolutely no thought loops. I moved from thought to thought as my dog went from situation to situation. The backdrop of the forest behind my patio harbored some of the more moderate hallucinations, including the leaves bursting into fractals, limbs slightly moving and wavering and a general breathing of the forest. But these hallucinations were only there when I focused intently on seeing hallucinations, they were pretty much controllable and my headspace was clear as day. Pretty soon I got bored and some of the euphoria had converted to energy. I started getting fidgety which made me uncomfortable, so I got out of my seat and decided to take my other dog, Gunner, on a walk (T:2:30).

To get to our destination, the park, we had to walk through our sub-community. As we were walking, I realized it was probably the most beautiful day of the year. I couldn’t have asked for a better temperature, cooler breeze, or more big puffy clouds. This thought sparked a sudden interest in the beauty around me. Even the man-made shrubbery that was implanted into the grounds around the stereotypical suburban houses seemed so breathtakingly beautiful. I would often find my face inches away from the different flowers and trees, just examining the beauty. “Amazing” I kept muttering to my self, as my impatient dog dragged me forward.

We got out of our neighborhood, crossed the street and almost immediately after, I saw something that quite literally made my jaw drop. There was a perfectly formed tunnel of short skinny trees, with their branches sewn together to make the perfect canopy. Even better was the fact that this tunnel led to a beautiful, seemingly undiscovered lake, in the middle of a muddy forest. Completely blown away by my luck, but sort of apprehensive because I would have to do some sort of a hybrid between a crouch and a crawl through this small tunnel, I trekked through. To my great surprise the ground was not nearly as wet as it usually is, probably because of the lack of rain. I took Gunner off the leash and he followed me through the tunnel, as I took down the two or three spider webs that lay in our path. As soon as I stood up, a tsunami of euphoria, happiness and just pure, breathtaking amazement came over me. I had found the most beautiful amber lake, totally undeveloped, surrounded by trees, and filled with wildlife. Gunner joyfully jumped in and started to chase the numerous bass the water, as I gazed upon the twinkling lake, over-stimulated by what I had discovered. The annoying buzz of the suburban lawn mowers mowing the medians started while I was staring at the lake and it persisted for quite sometime. I took my phone out to take a picture and check the time (T:3:00), but as soon as I took my eyes of the lake the buzzing seemed to get closer and closer. I soon convinced myself that the reason that tunnel was there was because they were clearing this section of the forest out, to make another suburb. I even briefly convinced myself that I was going to have to do the stereotypical hippy standoff between the tree cutters and the tree huggers and would have to plead with them not to exploit my newly discovered beauty. I called Gunner out of the water and scurried out of the tunnel, only to find that the buzzing getting closer was a mild auditory hallucination and the lawn mowers were still mowing the medians.

We made it to the park and quickly cut across some fields to get to the trail section. In the adventurous mood I was in, I decided to walk along a moderately large ally of grass that was carved through a huge forest, instead of the trails. The reason the ally was made was for the construction and maintenance of the telephone lines that ran down this ally. It was not meant for nature walking, but it suited my adventurous cravings perfectly. As soon as I turned down the ally I had another stroke of luck. A family of dear was maybe a 200 yards away from us and Gunner was to busy sniffing around to go chase after them. I slowly approached them with strong euphoria and racing thoughts. I started to kid with myself about how they might let me ride them around their forest showing me the vast beauty of their home. But as I got closer and closer, I slowly started to believe I actually was going to get to ride one or at the very least touch them. But as soon as I got within 100 yards, my dog barreled past me chasing the deer back into the forest. Somewhat frustrated, I moved along.

This is where I noticed a “Hi-Definition” effect. As the beautiful monarch butterflies crossed over the alley, not only was there a moderate tracer effect, but I felt like I was seeing in hi-definition. As the white and black butterflies joined them the HD effect made everything I saw seem so unexplainably beautiful, so much that I even started marveling at the industrious steel telephone poles.

Soon enough we reached a point that I wanted to venture off the alley, I picked a good point and started to take the first steps into the forest, but Gunner raced ahead. As I looked up I heard the pitter-patter of animal steps and saw flashes of tan but all of that soon disappeared as my dog chased the poor dear away for the second time. I decided to trek on and as I looked down to check my feet I see that every time my foot compressed, there must have been 10 or 15 spiders that came scurrying out. This was the first moment of paranoia I experienced and I shouted quite a few obscene phrases as I leaped out of the forest. The spiders were not hallucinations, they were real, and as I dusted one off my left foot I started to have doubts about this whole adventuring thing. But as I calmed down the beauty of the forest took hold and hypnotized me into going on another adventure, just on the other side of the ally.

(~T:4:00) This time I made it past the first few steps and actually got deep into this mud forest. Everything was so beautiful, from the nubs of roots that shot up from the ground, to the pitch black floor, to the way the light shown through to certain parts of the forest, to the moderate hallucinations of the spinning leaves and flowing bark, I was definitely still peaking. But soon enough I had another, possibly scarier, mishap. I was woken out of my trance by the squeal of Gunner as he rushed towards me and as I quickly looked around I see a long, (approximately 4 feet) thick black snake darting towards the other end of the fallen tree I was standing on. I was scared shitless. Trying to keep an eye on the ridiculously big serpent that had settled down on the tree I was standing on, staring at me and Guneer, I entered into “panic-mode”. Muttering the same expletives, I looked at my dog. I quickly checked him for any bite marks as my serious concern for my dog’s safety almost completely sobered me up. He was not bit, thank God. We both hurried out of the forest with only slight confusion about which way we came from. As soon as we caught sight of the ally I started to feel at peace, and the euphoria came slowly rushing back to me.

I stayed in the ally and watched my dog plunge in and out of ponds until we got to the end, which happened to end in a residential area. Gunner chased after some ducklings on a lake that was in someone’s backyard, but we eventually turned around. At this point (~4:30) I started to come down, but gently and it was very prolonged. I decided that going on the walking trail was probably safer than going through more forests, so we walked down the ally and went around a lake that happened to intersect with the walking trail. I walked around, still taken back by the amount of natural beauty I was engulfed in.

I eventually made it home and the euphoria didn’t go away until about (T:8:00), which was when I finally swallowed the blotters. When my sister got home I was feeling very sociable, which is something I noticed on later trips with 25i. Although I have never tried 2c-I or acid, the amount of trip reports I have read on these substances is ungodly and I feel like I can fairly say my experience was nothing like either of the drugs. The crystal-clear headspace I experience is unlike any other. The amount of control I have over my trip is also a fantastic perk. I feel as if I could never have a bad trip. The intense euphoria plasters a gaping grin onto my face and everything around me seems so happy and beautiful that I would have to have an extreme dose paired with something extremely horrifying to have a bad trip. Of course, these analyses of this drug are purely my own, researched with only my body. I just wanted to do my part and report on the effects that I had while on 25i-NBOMe.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95725
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Oct 11, 2012Views: 21,402
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25I-NBOMe (542) : General (1), First Times (2), Nature / Outdoors (23), Music Discussion (22), Alone (16)

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