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IV Leads To A Level I Didn't Know Existed
Citation:   Metro. "IV Leads To A Level I Didn't Know Existed: An Experience with DMT (exp95805)". Dec 21, 2017.

60 mg IV DMT (liquid)
  60 mg IV DMT (liquid)
I hadn't smoked for a long time until I got a hold of 120 mg HCl of pharmaceutical quality. When I got home I realized that I didn't have a proper pipe - I never managed to get a satisfactory result with anything less than a straight shooter - crack style.

120 mg, not enough to waste and besides, it was HCl..even though I only use syringes sporadically I did have all that was needed to shoot it up so it seemed like a waste not to inject, since the quality was adequate and all tools were fresh.

When I dissolved the salt I considered how much solution I should add, more would means greater solubility at room temperature, but it would take longer to inject which could have the consequence that the effect would hit me before I had managed to remove the needle. With a stronger solution, like 1 ml it would be easy to empty the syringe as soon as I found a vein. How long could it take before the blood from the vein reaches the brain? I recalled that I'd read somewhere that it takes about 7 seconds so I figured that I would have sufficient time.

I decided on a dose of 60 mg with one ml of sterile water with 0.9 % salt, my weight was about 90 kg. For a while I experienced some anxiety, but I couldn't figure out why and it passed. The purpose of the trip was to experience the full potential of DMT and try to find some answers.

I put on some comfy clothes, dimmed the lights and turned on some music without beats, blew my nose, checked my blood pressure, drank some water and went to the bathroom. I felt relaxed and stable, well balanced in every way. I laid down on my bed with many pillows and several blankets, turned on my dictaphone, in order to be able to recall more of the experience by listened to the recording at some later point.

My left arm on a pillow, palm up so my elbow would be level with my heart. Put some tissue paper under the elbow in case blood would trickle down while my attention was elsewhere, then I placed a bowl nearby so i could throw the syringe nd needle in it if I was in a hurry. I look at the solution, almost completely transparent. I pumped my fist three times and watched the veins pop out, they all seemed to say ' pick me, pick me!'. I chose one and hit the vein immediately, got a response and put myself in a comfortable position, pulled some more blood into the syringe to make sure it was still positioned correctly.

No worries. I took a deep breath, don't know why..maybe a habit from smoking? I emptied the syringe quickly and completely, for some reason holding my breath. I pulled out the needle, capped it and thought that I should dispose of it in the bowl I had prepared for that purpose. I doubted I would manage to do it, it felt like it took several lives. One moment I was an individual in a room which split into directions that don't normally exist, nothing was static. At first I thought I was separate from everything, suddenly I realize that I am the universe but my mind made me believe I was separate..back to the room with a syringe in my hand, trying to relate to an object in my hand as undesirable when I just had realized that the syringe and I were one.

'why should I get rid of it? if it has expired, haven't I expired as well? If it's bad, am I bad as well? Should I get rid of myself?' Suddenly I was back in the room and while I felt a surge coming I seized the last chance and threw the syringe into the bowl.

Then the full effect hit me and I was suddenly in an eternal void, or illusion of it. Then everything inverted, eternity was filled with love, empathy, joy and detachment from the pain of reincarnation.

'Am i breathing? Is my heart beating?' Something inside my is attracted to the thought of joining the universe and never suffer again. Let my hart stop beating and leave my body behind. I took a deep breath, breathing with the stomach and relaxed, feeling that I needed to distance myself so I spoke out everything I felt and said. Unfortunately the words coming out couldn't keep up with my thoughts so alot is missing, but some was recorded.

Without any warning I was suddenly transported to the 'control room', filled with entities . They explain their presence, purpose and why it was necessary for them to be there. I listened, understood, before elevating myself from their state to a higher plane. They were no longer educating me, they were giving their report. For a while I explored the dmt dimension on a higher level than I had ever realized existed, mainly observing. Suddenly I was given the suggestion to stop my heart from beating, which I dismissed.

After that the trip subsided and took the characteristics of a typical dmt-trip, except that I kept feeling that I was everything. I received explanations that I couldn't comprehend at the time. When I returned to my room and my mattress the trip subsided almost immediately.

I waited 15 minutes and injected the remaining 60 mg, which led to a continuation of the same trip.

I've taken DMT since, IV, IM nasally (fumarate) but I didn't come close the that complete breakthrough.

That is, until I combined 60 mg IV with 2x80 mg MXE IM - but that's another story which I will post soon.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 95805
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Dec 21, 2017Views: 4,514
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DMT (18) : Alone (16), General (1)

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