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Tripping in the Dark
Citation:   EnterTheDark. "Tripping in the Dark: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp95822)". Apr 25, 2012.

  smoked Cannabis  
  1650 ug buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
First of all, some background. Before this experience, I had done 25I-NBOMe (complexed blotter) 2 times, at 500ug and 750ug. Both times I did it at day and I really enjoyed it. I wanted to take it to the next level, so I ordered some 550ug HPBCD complexed blotters for me and a friend of mine who tripped with me.

We planned to sleep at his house and take the blotters around 1AM, tripping at night. He had never done 25I-NBOMe. We decided that he would take 2 blotters (1100ug) and I would take 3 (1650ug). I wanted to have a mind blowing experience. There were 4 other friends with us.

I arrived at his house and after a while he said he didnít want the other people to know we were doing 25I. I donít know why he was like that. So we had to trip in the same room the others were sleeping in. I didnít really like the idea, but I agreed since I was in his house and I wanted to trip. Big mistake.

We smoked some weed around midnight and we put the blotters between the upper lip and gum. We turned off the lights to enjoy the weed effects. I was feeling good and relaxed. Usually it would take 2 hours for the 25I to come up fully, but after half an hour I was already fucked. It was hard to change the music on my MP3 player and I couldnít understand what other people were saying. The ceiling was covered with beautiful patterns and fractals.

At T+1:00 we turned on the lights to get ready to sleep. What I saw shocked me. Everything was breathing, morphing, the walls were moving. There were fractals all over the carpet and it was rippling. My vision looked like a tunnel. My friendsí faces were melting. It felt like a psychedelic brick to the stomach. I took my earphones off because the music (progressive house/trance/psytrance mixes) was making the experience overwhelming. I wasnít able to shut down the MP3 player though. I just couldnít understand how it worked. I started to feel anxious and I stepped outside to get some air. It calmed me down a bit. I went back into the room and laid down. We turned off the lights so the other people could sleep.

This is when it went crazy. I canít give a precise timeline, I was traveling in time. My friends were talking before sleeping, but I pretended to sleep because I didnít want them to ask me something. I was just too fucked up. I went to another world. At first it was cool. I was tripping really hard. But around T+2:00 things got a bit too intense.

I was having OBEs which lasted some minutes, then I would fall back in my body and I was sure that I ďwoke upĒ in another position (in the morning I discovered I didnít move at all). My friend were still talking and my closed-eye world started mixing with the real world. It got scary. I couldnít distinguish between the two. I was sure I was in a sort of psychedelic coma and that I couldnít wake up until the 25I came down. I thought I was hitting my friends every time I woke up. Their voices were distorted and echoed, and I was convinced that my friend called his parents because they couldnít stop me, and that they called an ambulance. My friend started playing with a flashlight and I was sure he was a doctor checking me.

I tried to sleep, and I fell in a sort of lucid sleep. I started hearing voices. I thought the voices were people talking in the ambulance. Then I realized that it was nearly impossible that my friends called an ambulance and I calmed down a bit. The voices sounded like a children's jingle. I donít remember them exactly, but I was sure I had already heard them in other dreams. I felt like time was looping. Every time someone said a certain word, I thought I traveled back in time to when they first said it. And it was looping faster, and faster, and faster. Every loop changed my perception of reality.

I was convinced that I was leaving this world and that it was ending. Then I realized that I would begin a new life and this calmed me. Time looped even faster, then it stopped. I was trapped into another world and the jingle changed. I saw entities made of rock. I was sure my existence on this planet had ended, and I was waiting my rebirth. Those entities gave me a bad feeling, I wasnít feeling comfortable with them. Sometimes I would open my eyes hoping to see something familiar, but I couldnít understand why there where other people sleeping in the room, or who they were, or why I was there.

The only light was the moonlight, which was enough thanks to my dilated pupils. I couldnít move, probably due to sleep paralysis (though in fact I wasnít sleeping). So I closed my eyes trying to sleep. I saw the same immobile entities, hearing the same jingle, for what felt like hours. My perception of time was extremely messed up, so I think those visions lasted about an hour. Then, finally, I fell asleep.

I woke up around T+6:00. I was coming down. I could understand how the MP3 player that was lying next to me worked and I turned it off (it had been playing all night!). I got up about an hour later, when the others woke up too. Visuals were still intense: moving and breathing surfaces, patterns, dots and fractals everywhere. I had intense tracers too, and I felt like I was walking in oil. I liked it, and the mind trip was gone. About an hour later I was sort of back to baseline. I was tired because I didnít sleep, but otherwise I felt ok. I went home and had a good sleep. The next day I felt depressed and apathetic, but this lasted only that day.

This trip wasnít that bad, I mean that it could have gone much worse. What have I learnt? Set and setting are really important. If you donít feel comfortable, donít do it. But this trip made me realize how fake is our everyday reality. Why should things be as we see them?

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95822
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 25, 2012Views: 21,276
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Music Discussion (22), Difficult Experiences (5)

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