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I Actually Love the Feeling / Days After
MDMA & Supplements
by Keff
Citation:   Keff. "I Actually Love the Feeling / Days After: An Experience with MDMA & Supplements (exp95884)". Feb 20, 2019.

1 capsl oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
      Vitamins / Supplements  
Nerds Approach to Drugs

I went into this as a very non-experienced drug user convinced before new years 2011 that I’d be the one to “die on the dance floor”. But after one spontaneous night out I finally had something that I could use to give my overactive, over-anxious mind a break. The complete silence in my head and peace in my chest every couple of weeks is such a relief!!!

I’ve taken it 8 times in the last four months
I’ve taken it 8 times in the last four months
since then, a single cap the first 7 times swallowed and the most recent (last night) parachuted (found that the onset wasn’t significantly changed).

Being what you would call a super nerd I have done my research and a lot of reading, if I was going to do it I might as well keep it smart. Making Preloading/Post Experience drinks with Vit C (1000mg), 5HTP (600mg), Magnesium (500mg) and L-Glutamine (3grams) with Melatonin to help me sleep when I want/need to. And buckets full of 5HTP to keep away the blues. I find that a 200mg dose of 5HTP once in the morning and once at night for the days following keeps my mood very stable.

I actually love the feeling / days after MDMA. I feel relaxed, calm… very tired and a tiny bit fuzzy but I make sure I only take on a day before a day where I have time to sleep in. I feel like being smart and responsible about the protection of my body and brain makes it very easy to enjoy my MDMA moments!

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95884
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Feb 20, 2019Views: 908
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