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A Rushy Rolly Kinda Thing
4-Fluoromethamphetamine (4-FMA)
by Tokidoki
Citation:   Tokidoki. "A Rushy Rolly Kinda Thing: An Experience with 4-Fluoromethamphetamine (4-FMA) (exp96018)". Oct 2, 2012.

  oral 4-Fluoromethamphetamine (powder / crystals)
    insufflated 4-Fluoromethamphetamine (powder / crystals)


So, I have experimented with 4FMA quite a few times. My experiences have ranged to very unimpressive to impressive.

The first time I tried it, I had 150mg in a capsule. I emptied about a third of it out to snort. I dumped the rest on my tongue and washed it down with water, and I decided to take very small bumps, and snort them. My wife and a friend also partook with the same amounts, and took about similar amounts to snort. Our friend just swallowed his capsule. My wife left the cap open as she washed it down with water.

In 10 minutes after snorting 3 bumps in succession, I felt a slight buzz, and felt a bit energetic. The burn from snorting really, REALLY was uncomfortable for about a minute. It was probably one of the worst burns I'd ever felt.

Within about 30 minutes, I was feeling a nice gentle come up that kind of reminded me of a medium strength mdma pill. Within an hour, I felt like I'd eaten about 80mg of good mdma. I felt happy and talkative, I had a great body buzz, and my fingers were a little shaky, but in a good way. I felt best if I was moving around, or especially after smoking a cigarette. If I sat and didn't do much, it seemed the effects of the substance were minimized. After another hour, it started slowly dwindling away.

We decided to take another 150mg cap and split it 2 ways and snort it (75mg each). It hit within minutes, and I was higher than the first peak. At this point, I'd compare it to about 120 mg of decent quality MDMA, but despite the intensity of the body buzz, slight jaw clenching and slight shakiness, even a slight wiggle to my eye focusing, my mind still felt very clear. At this point, I'd be a bit fuzzy headed with MDMA. I'd have to concentrate on what I'm saying, etc. This wasn't the case with 4FMA. And I was really excited that it was like this! I could feel rolly, but be able to act normal, incognito I guess if I had to.

I felt pretty happy with it. It was not super intense, but had most of the physical things I like about rolling on MDMA. Within about 3 hours from the initial dose, the body buzz effects had dwindled down, and I was just left with energy.

The only weird thing was that me and my wife (but not our friend) suddenly got a BAD headache, just in the back of our heads, about 20 minutes after we snorted the split cap. It was pretty severe. If I had this headache and wasn't high, I would have been miserable. I took 800mg of ibuprofen and so did my wife. My headache went away within half an hour, and hers kind of hung on. I ended up staying up all night, and felt tired the next day, but waited until normal bed time to sleep.

The next time I tried the stuff, me and my wife decided not to snort it.
I ate a 200mg capsule.

I'd say I got about as high as I did snorting about 50mg and eating 100mg. It lasted about 3 to 4 hours, and I got less physical effects from this dose. No eye wiggles. Slight jaw clenching, no chattering. Same mental clarity. I got a very very slight headache, so I took an Aspirin/Tylenol Excedrin with 400mg of ibuprofen It went away pretty quick.

The third time I tried it, I think I over did it. I had about 1.6 grams that I could delve in to. And throughout the night, I ended up clearing it out.

I started with 150mg of Mephedrone (4-MMC), which I snorted. I did not wait very long for it to kick in (about 25 minutes. I only had a slight buzz going) before getting impatient and deciding to add some 4FMA to the mix.

I put out probably 150mg of 4FMA in two lines, and snorted it. Hurt pretty bad, but within 10 minutes, I was feeling like I had at my second peak from the first time (after I snorted 75mg or so), if not a little bit higher. I let it settle in. Played some video games for minutes at a time before I'd decide to get up and smoke part of a cigarette, and then come back inside and get on the internet. I was very speedy feeling, but it wasn't like an overpowering over-caffeinated feeling. I just had tons of energy, and wanted to do a bunch of things all at once. I felt a little mental fuzzy/heaviness at this point, but it might have been in part from the Mephedrone?

About a little over an hour from when I started, I dumped a small amount of the 4FMA on to the back of my hand and just licked it up. I did this about every hour for about 7 hours.

The night flew by. I was really high. I felt like I'd eaten 2-3 really strong MDMA caps, but spread over 8 hours or so (actually about 10 hrs until I started coming down). Normally, if I were to keep eating MDMA over that much time, the high gets less and less. And by 10 hours, I am not very high at all anymore, just messed up and sketchy and tired.

With the regime of licked-bumps I was doing until I decided to stop at about 7 hours in to it, I got to a certain high point, and just kind of stayed there. As more time went by, I got more jaw clenching and eye wiggles and warm flush feelings, wanting to constantly smoke a cigarette, etc. The more I moved around, the higher I felt. If I sat still, my body buzz would come down by almost half. As soon as I started moving around again, dancing, playing with glove lights, smoking a cigarette, playing with vics inhalers, I was very very high.

Even at 10 hours, I was still really feeling it, but it was definitely starting to come down. At about 13 hours (this is about 3pm in the afternoon at this point), I only had a halo of an after buzz, and was tired, but still felt energetic. But my mental mind state was still very clear. I didn't feel mentally down. I didn't get the “oooh, what am I doing with my life?” kind of thoughts like I would if I had a very heavy MDMA night. The “energy” stuck around until about 15 or 16 hours after I had started. Then I was just very tired.

I stayed up until normal bed time, and crashed out. Slept pretty well. The next day was still a little tired, but no mental overhang. No gastrointestinal issues like if I had partied hard like that with MDMA.


So, I've played with it a few times since. If I snort it a large quantity, I take 800mg of ibuprofen and two Excedrin. It keeps the headaches at bay. Otherwise, I put the dose on my tongue. I don't like putting it in caps and swallowing. Its like it doesn't pack the same punch. Maybe stomach acids break it down faster than I can metabolize it? Who knows. Trying to absorb as much as possible lingually seemed to be my favorite method of ingesting this stuff.

It's definitely interesting. When I have insuffilated larger amounts, the nasal cavity irritation is pretty bad. I've got a few sinus infections afterward from this stuff. I've had friends tell me that they've found it to be a bit of an inflammatory type substance. Some people get bad headaches, others don't. Some people only from insuffilation. I'd definitely be careful with this stuff, as really, next to nothing is known about it. Who knows what kind of damage it might do in the long term, or with frequent abuse.

I wouldn't say this is a compulsive type drug, not like mephedrone or 4-mec can be. I just knew I had a bunch to play with, and didn't know when I could play with something like this again, so I just went all out.

Also, two out of the three times I got headaches from this stuff, was after doing a gram or more in a night. And I noticed daily lasting headaches for a few weeks. I'd imagine if someone went really nuts with this stuff, especially up their nose, bad things could happen. So please, be careful.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96018
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: Oct 2, 2012Views: 27,349
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4-Fluoromethamphetamine (580) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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