An Artist and Smokers Best Friend
Citation:   MrMoran. "An Artist and Smokers Best Friend: An Experience with 2C-T-2 (exp96042)". May 19, 2012.

20 mg oral 2C-T-2 (powder / crystals)
Dose taken at noon.

0:10 to 0:15 - Slight light-headedness, could be placebo. +/-.

0:30 - Heart rate increases. Still not sure if I am feeling it. No OEVs or CEVs to be had at this time. Feeling light. My friend needed to go to the Social Security Administration office, and so I helped him there. I was able to drive by this point. +/-

0:45 - Sitting in the social security office, it begins to hit me. The classical Phenethylamine energetic 'buzz' sets in. I am smiling by this point, and am at a solid + while sitting there. Memory recall was fine, and was tested by my friend asking for our house address. As I was sitting, I noticed the colors begin to grow vivid, and the patterns on the walls in that building became vivid as well. A cop says hi to me, and didn't suspect anything was amiss, and I give him my greetings in return. By the time I leave this building, I decide it would probably be better if he drove rather than myself.

0:50 - Tactile senses are up. Music is enhanced along with taste (but not to the point where weed enhances it all). Days like these are made for tripping, because the weather is almost perfect: 25 celsius, partly cloudy, not humid. Colors are CERTAINLY enhanced. Nausea kicks in by this point. No tracers yet. Mild Jaw clenching.

1:00 - Nausea and body load are DEFINITELY there. + to ++ begins about here. Time dilation begins to kick in by this point as well. 'Currently rolling -2 in all perception checks' is what I have written in my notes, and it is because my attention became very centered on very specific things. Faint CEV's begin about here.

1:30 - Trip effects have fully set in. Vomitting occurs, but after that, the trip was pure bliss.

---Live Evaluation and Current Reflection (Written at 3:00 into the trip)---

As I was walking on the sidewalk, the visuals were just spectacular. I mean, WOW. They kept forming and morphing into each other, making mini and many sinusoidal waves with everything around me. The cars' tracers were amazing, and every gust of wind I felt as a semi-trucked passed by was incredible. It was like a rejuvinating breath of not-so-fresh air.

Appetite is still reasonably there. I am not hungry, but yet, I do not feel full. I found that talking relieved my whole tension in my jaw that seemingly works itself up slowly over time. Music still doesn't really sound too spectacular, though it is enjoyable.

Reading and comprehension are not a problem for me, nor is my memory recall, nor my ability to hold a conversation impaired. Writing this trip report as I am tripping currently isn't a problem for me either, as far as sentences and vocabulary are concerned; congruency, and coherncy might be best for you to decide. My fingers seem to fly over the keys. I find it hard to stay focused on this trip report, though.

Still fully tripping here around 3 hours.

Then again, it feels like it has been a lot longer than that. Perhaps 6 hours. But yet, I am back at my computer here, at 3 hours.

At this moment, I write to a friend on Facebook who asks me, 'What's it like?'

I write back,
'the text on this screen occasionally shifts around in my peripherals and what not, making being on here VERY FUN because it occasionally melts.

The ONLY bad side is the nausea, which I know I talked about before with 2C-E, but yeah. It's here too. Luckily, I can give you a time frame of exactly when it's supposed to happen: 80 to 90 minutes in. After that, it's pure awesomeness. But it's like an electric visual acid. I love seeing paisley patterns in sidewalks'

---Live evalutaion ends---

I eventually started rambling as I was drawing something out on a piece of paper, then decided to go lay out on the roof of my house for about 30 minutes and smoke a pipe. Oddly enough, a thought occured to me as I was smoking: I used to smoke 3 cigarettes a day AT LEAST (typically 5 or 6), but yet, I didn't even have as much as a craving for one (except for the come up, because of anxiety about the trip) the whole time. Now, I also smoked about 50mg of DMT the night before this trip, but due to that compound's duration, I am 100% certain it's out of my system; however, that could have also impacted the craving for a cigarette. As I sat on the roof, I stared up into the sky, and saw many small dots floating around (something I hadn't seen since I was a kid), and I could not help but be impressed by them.

I only had two or three drags on a 100mm one before I decided that I didn't want to really smoke it as much as I wanted to puff on it. So I puffed on a menthol smooth 100 for a while, and then put it out in my spit. I noticed that my spit is rather viscous, so I started drawing things with my cigaratte by smearing my viscous saliva on the roof. I found myself quite easily entertained by a variety of things. At this moment, I decided to that the next time I trip, I would draw things.

Later, I decided to head back inside and lay down. It was about 4pm by this point, and I noticed one thing: There were no more closed-eye visuals. At about an hour in, right before the purge, there were some visuals (mainly rainbow-colored speckles moving around aimlessly). The peak lasted about 2 hours; up and down.

Appetite still there at the 6th hour, and I was back to baseline.

I think I shall henceforth evaluate everything based on the 5 senses and what it did for each, as well as other standard things.

Vision: There were plenty of paisley-like patterns to be had, and colors were certainly enhanced. Visual trails followed moving objects, however this was more noticable in my peripheral vision than it was in my direct line of sight. Some textures seemed to sparkle and shimmer, and faint kalaediscopic patterns could be seen in the clouds. I would cough, and the sidewalk would shimmer like the skin of the vampires in Twilight (I really hate myself for making that comparison, but that's about as close as it got). Things would be in higher contrast, and there would be faint rainbows in some objects. Things didn't morph or breath as much as they did with 2C-E (if even at all), but text on the screen melted a bit and reiterated itself.
As I would stare at a piece of paper, I would also see the dark and light spots of it - that you would normally see only if you were to ever hold it up to a light - as it was lying flat on the table.

Smell: Wasn't enhanced too much, but was enhanced. Nothing was really note-worthy.

Hearing: This was another thing I was slightly surprised about - my auditory senses remained relatively normal. I had heard people talking about some 'electric buzz' but I only caught that faintly ONCE, and even still, I am not even sure if that's what it was. I was standing in a book store, and I heard a buzzing, but I heard it in a certain direction, as if it actually had a source. The source seemed to be a vent. I've heard weed make songs sounds better, but then again, this seemed to add a flavor of its own to audio.

Taste: Things tasted a bit better than most, but yet, I still cannot evaluate whether or not my appetite was there. I mean, it wasn't as bad as amphetamines, where I cannot even get through a quarter of a meal, but it certainly wasn't like weed where I could continuously eat. I ate 4 scoops of ice cream and felt full. Was able to eat plenty of things later, too.

Tactile: The tactile sense, right up next to Vision, is probably one of my favorites. Everything, again, felt VERY soft. I did, notice, however, that I was sensative to temperature. 72 degrees would have me breaking into a mild sweat, and then going into an air-conditioned store would send me into shivers.

Body High - 4/10: While not nearly as heavy as 2C-E's, it was certainly present. With N,N-DMT's body high being a 10, and 2C-E being around a 6, this stuff was probably a 4. However, it was still nauseating to move (before vomiting, anyways). Within 30 minutes, there was the classical phenethylamine buzz that many people get. I was able to move around, and I had what felt like an incredible amount of energy at my disposal, and walking for a couple miles without any breaks was very easy. Overall, I felt like I was being hugged very warmly and tightly, yet I was very sensitive to temperature changes. There was also much jaw clenching, which slowly went away after the 3rd or 4th hour.

Mental High - 9/10: While there was no real guaranteed Euphoric state, it was easy to fall into one. However, that euphoria was more a product of other sensory stimuli rather than of 2C-t-2's merit. The sensory input was probably the most impressive thing, particularly the visuals. Ideas and words flowed freely and smoothly, and yet, it was all very clear and straight-forward. Upon further exploration of the compound, I found that it was incredibly mentally stimulating: As I was listening to a wide variety of music, drawing, I found myself subconsciously applying pressure and making strokes which were directly proportional to the beat of the music I was listening to. The visuals were there if you looked carefully (at 20mg), and I can imagine going higher in dosage, yet I do not want to. I am perfectly happy at 20mg.

Overall commentary (based on 2 experiences):
This compound is what I prefer to 2C-E, and I am glad that I bought this instead of 2C-I. While 2C-I would have been fun, I really felt more drawn to this than 2C-I, as it's part of Shulgin's magical half dozen. Shulgin stated that he was not enjoying as much as he was experiencing it, and as much as I agree with that, I also disagree with that. I was not only experiencing it, but also enjoying it.

However, I decided to set aside a full trip (my second one) to see this compound's potential for art, and WOW does it have potential. Not only was I seeing fractals and kalaediscopic patterns within the paper, but I was able to move my pencil to and fro, gliding seemlessly along the patterns, choosing which parts to accentuate with with what colors. The final piece, though being far from done, turned out quite impressively as well, and I have to admit that I am very proud of it. Normally, I am not creative AT ALL, nor am I very artistic, but with this compound, I was able to sit down for a full 6 hours and just start drawing non-stop. It came out to be quite impressive, too, however I didn't like the fact that my drawing was slightly limited by the timespan during which I was tripping. I liken it to being the adderall for one's creativity.

I found conversations easy to hold, laughs easy to be had, and fluidity in this compound. Conversations were a breeze, whereas sometimes I don't know what to say in a conversation, I found things to talk about while my friend and I simply did dishes in our house. Laughs were easily had, as I was in good spirits, and I am beginning to think it to be impossible to have a bad time on this so long as you're in a fairly decent mood (3/10 or higher) and of a fairly stable mind. The fluidity of it all is something hard to make effable, but I shall try: everything does seem to clear-headedly flow from one thing to another, and thus it makes everything from drawing to conversing, and everything in between, very easy. It makes the right-side of your brain go absolutely nuts; it is a creativity overload. I found a highly effective use for this compound, but like Shulgin said, there are infinitely many. He is right about that one.

I found appetite to be one of the most interesting things about this compound. It neither stimulates it nor destroys it. After you purge, however, I would advise you to eat something, because anorexia is very seldom a good thing (I cannot think of anyone having a good time with it). I made myself a peanut butter and fruit loops sandwich, and chowed through it quickly (odd combination, but it was very delicious), and finished it with the help from a glass of lemonade.

Lastly, there is one thing I wish to note. I don't have the urge to smoke cigarettes anymore. I literally watched the smoke trails of one burn, and found that to be more entertaining and interesting to watch than the actual smoking of the cigarette. Again, I am not sure whether this was due to the DMT I had, or using this in conjunction with DMT the next day, but whatever it was, I feel like it rewired my brain so I no longer craved cigarettes, or at least severely reduced and procrastinated the cravings.

Medical uses:
Social Anxiety
Quitting Smoking*

Other uses:
Creative, Right-brained things

Closing commentaries:
I rate its potential for abuse as very low. While using it is easy, one of the many things that keeps me from enjoying this compound is the fact that I have found no way around the nausea when I am sober; even while I was sitting almost completely still, I found myself heaving my lunch from that day into a trash can. That is one the thing I really dread every time I take it. Physically, I feel absolutely no compulsion to redose. Above all, I am glad that this compound (and possibly DMT as well) saved me from cigarette addiction. I will cry if the last of Shulgin's 'Magical Half Dozen' is made illegal. There is no potential for abuse, and it DOES have medical uses. There is no reason to place this any higher than Schedule III, but it shouldn't be Scheduled at all. If there is to be any regulation on this compound, I would say leave it for people 18+, and make sure that if they are ever able to buy it, that they know not to snort it.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96042
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: May 19, 2012Views: 10,180
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