Double my Last Dosage
Citation:   volatile oil. "Double my Last Dosage: An Experience with Galangal (exp96110)". Dec 15, 2015.

4 Tbsp oral Galangal (tea)
Dried powdered Galangal.

4 slightly heaping spoonfuls dissolved in hot water obtained from a Bunn coffee maker filtered through wire mesh until most of the sediment was out. I allowed the tea to sit until the water was room temperature, about 30-40min.

I repeated the process with the left over powder. Stomach isnít empty, but some slight hunger pangs are noted. This is the third time Iím trying galangal, my first report is posted under the same name, later that night I drank more but I didnít reheat the water, I didnít feel anything from it though. For my first experience I was paying close attention to the effects, this time I have doubled the dosage (sans saliva) and intend to watch tv to distract me from the effects to see how much more potent the brew is.

I use a stop watch to facilitate an accurate timeline.

0m begin drinking, not as spicy tasting as I remember.

7m TMJ tension, blood flow to the top of the head and forehead feels increased. (2-3 fl oz have been consumed)

10m starting to notice the beginning of relaxation and cognitive impairment. (very slight)

12m my brain is shutting down from the top down it feels like.

17m I can feel the warmth in my stomach, at first I thought it was nausea but I think its just the sensation of the spicy tea in my stomach. Reaction time and attention span are reduced. Mood boost occurred for a period of a few minutes, but Iíve been in a good mood for most of the day.

21m show finished downloading, now I will try to ignore the effects. Effects are more intense than before. Visions is slightly clouded. I just forgot what I was going to write.

27m halfway through my second cup, face is slightly flushed

30m limbs heavy and loose, jaw still tense, tv is hard to get into, probably because Iím more focused on the galangal

34m second cup finished, feel out of it, spaced, disassociated. Sleeping would be easy

37m had a hot flash sensation of pores opening and releasing a mist of sweat.

43m third cup finished, this was the bottom of the second wash, the fluid has no flavor, but the grounds are still spicy. Waving my arm in front of my face displays some tracers, about the same or less intensity than tracers produced my cannabis

49 lucidity returns. Still feel calm and relaxed.

1:10 effects are still there but only if I search for them.

1:45 effects have effectively worn off at this point.

Not bad, for some reason the higher dose didnít lead to a longer duration, the effects were more intense than last time. This time they were non intrusive but not ignorable, but that could just be the fact that while writing a live report I get anal about accuracy and detail. This might be the kind of thing that canít be prolonged, I will perform and post more experiments. Iím still uncertain after 3 tries and reading a bunch of reports what the nature of galangal is.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96110
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Dec 15, 2015Views: 4,993
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