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Stunning Visuals and a Pleasant Empathogen
4-Acetoxy-DIPT & Cannabis
Citation:   Hypersphere. "Stunning Visuals and a Pleasant Empathogen: An Experience with 4-Acetoxy-DIPT & Cannabis (exp96198)". Jan 18, 2014.

4 g oral Piracetam (powder / crystals)
    oral 4-AcO-DiPT (powder / crystals)
    g smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Background: Male, 27 years old and 125 pounds, in good health. I use marijuana and yerba mate, usually on a daily basis, but take no prescription drugs or medications. I am well versed in psychedelics, both natural and synthetic. This was my first experience with 4-AcO-DiPT. Structurally similar compounds I have tried are 5-MeO-DiPT (three times), 4-AcO-DMT (once) and of course many journeys with magic mushrooms. I wanted to submit this report because 4-AcO-DiPT is a relatively obscure compound, and also because I found the effects rather pleasant.

Substance: 4-Acetoxy-N,N-Diisopropyltryptamine

Dosage: Approximately 18-20 mg. It was a clumpy, off-white powder at the bottom of the gelcap.

The material had been obtained at a music festival about two and a half years ago, and was pre-weighed and encapsulated, reportedly in 20 mg doses. I cannot vouch for how accurately the measuring was done, and forgot to ask at the time whether this was freebase or a salt form. All the other RCs I got from the same people had proved reliable, and had all been dosed at a level strong enough to get a good feeling for the substance off of one capsule, without going overboard (eg a Shulgin ++ bordering on +++). So I felt confident in taking the material. I had two capsules, which had gotten slightly crushed at some point, and one of them had a small puncture hole in it. It looked like a couple milligrams of material had leaked into the bag, so I decided to err on the side of caution and take the slightly smaller dose in the punctured cap to start. The material had a distinctive aroma – a slightly off-putting indole smell that was reminiscent of AMT.

Setting: A reasonably small (less than 150 people) dance party held at an art gallery downtown. I have been to parties at this location before, so it was a familiar space. The walls were all covered in psychedelic artwork for sale. I also knew the people putting on the party, all four of the DJs who were playing, and that there would be several other friends and many familiar faces in attendance. I had taken the bus down, and arranged to get a ride home after the show with one of the DJs who I am good friends with, so I was all set to trip responsibly.

Mindset: I intended to just have a fun, relaxing time. Enjoy the music, enjoy dancing, and be coherent enough to socialize. I had gone to a friend’s birthday party the night before, a group of us went out to the bar to see another friend’s band play (they were really cool, actually, playing funky blues/trip-hop, and having diverse instruments including trumpets and trombone). I hadn’t gone crazy the night before, but I did smoke a fair bit of pot and had a couple drinks, so today my energy levels were fairly low.

I wanted to take some kind of psychedelic/empathogenic enhancement tonight to raise my energy levels and get in the mood for dancing. MDMA/MDA were out of the question, as I had done a little recently and had none left to take anyway. Considered mushrooms or LSD, but decided the former might be too much in a party setting (would probably interfere with socializing anyway), and the later was too long lasting (I didn’t want to still be awake at eight in the morning). 4-AcO-DiPT sounded like the ticket, as it reportedly had a short duration and was easy to handle.

Other substances in the system: This wasn’t a totally objective test of the effects of 4-AcO-DiPT. I had taken 4 grams of piracetam earlier in the day, and so that may have added a synergy. Also, I made a crazy hot chocolate drink that I sipped occasionally throughout the night. The base was a decoction of ginger root, sassafras bark, kola nut, guayusa, licorice root, big catuaba and little catuaba bark, and I steeped some holy basil, peppermint and nettle leaf in it as well. Then I added about 3 heaping tbsp of cacao powder. I fed some to friends throughout the night – one of them asked what all was in it, and I had to keep telling her ingredients as I remembered them. “Oh yeah,” I said, “and kratom, just a little bit. Don’t forget about the kratom.”

The Experience:
I got to the venue a little after 9 pm. Not too many people were there yet, and the first DJ was playing some very spaced out dub. I spent some time settling into the environment and talking with friends as more people arrived.

T + 0:00 Around 10:30 pm, I decided it was time to take my “supplement”. The second DJ had come on and sped the tempo to a more progressive/trance style. Since the capsule had been punctured, I got to taste a little of the powder on the outside. It smelt almost like decaying organic matter, like a bog or something, but I didn’t think it tasted that bad. No worse than piracetam.

T + 0:20 First alerts came quickly, within about 20 minutes of dosing. I was dancing a little during the comeup, and noticed a mild energization. My stomach felt a little tight and rumbly, just a mild nausea akin to coming up on mushrooms. I also got the yawns at some point – just like mushrooms or other tryptamine RC’s I have tried, they all give me the yawns whle coming up. The body load was quite manageable, and I had no trouble just dancing through it.

T + 0:45ish As I ramped up a little more to a Shulgin ++, the general nature of the compound became apparent. I felt a pleasant warmth in my body, and mentally my mood was gently uplifted and positive. The effect was very clear headed – very little mental challenge with this material. I had no trouble socializing with others or following a train of conversation. This was what I was looking for though, just a mild enhancement rather than the confusion of a full-on trip.

T + 1:00ish I would say this material has definite empathogenic properties. I spent some time conversing with a woman I’ve met a few times before. We re-introduced ourselves, and talked about making tinctures and other herbal preparations. I just liked her energy, she seemed happy and friendly, but also just really chill. She reminded me of the girl in the movie Almost Famous, slender and tall with long, curly blond hair. A hippy lady, wearing ruffly white, yellow and gold clothing. I could see in her eyes that she liked me, and to be honest, I liked her too. Thing is though, she is dating another man I know, who is in his 50’s (she is in her 20’s!). I don’t really know and didn’t ask what sort of relationship they have and what their boundaries are. I’m not a player, I don’t go to parties looking to get laid, but it was nice to feel attraction and a heart connection with her.

My partner and I decided recently to be in an “open” relationship, though neither of us have acted upon it. Pretty much just acknowledging that we don’t own each other, and that if one of us made a connection with someone, at a party or elsewhere, and ended up sleeping with them, that would be okay as long as we communicate openly and honestly with each other about what is going on. I personally don’t feel a great need to open that can of worms – one woman is enough to try and please… but it is nice to know that if I ever felt a connection with another woman and wanted to explore it sexually, that I could do so without feeling guilty. Neither of us are looking to be in a different relationship, our own is very solid and we plan to be with each other for a long time. I think my partner was just inspired by some of her friends who are in open relationships and actually making it work.

So the woman I was mildly flirting with, and her boyfriend, invited me out to smoke a joint which sounded about perfect! We went down to street level, always a little bit weird to be smoking a joint downtown on the street. Just next door is an infamous bar that was having some sort of dubstep party, and drunk/stoned/high people were milling around and shouting back and forth. I had about three puffs off the joint, and went back inside shortly thereafter.

The weed was pretty strong, and when I got back inside the 4-AcO-DiPT was peaking as well. For a moment I felt almost overwhelmed – the sort of uncomfortable social paranoia that smoking weed can bring was present. I have been here before many times, and knew I should just breathe through it and dance, moving the body is a great way to work through the anxiety.

T + 1:30ish The second DJ was finishing his set, and now my good friend was scheduled to come on and play. His set started off with some world influenced and high energy latin dance music. I saw another friend, and a man I didn’t recognize, having a break-dance competion near the front. My friend does a lot of capoeira training, so he could do back flips or spin around on his head, while making it look easy! Other dancers whooped and cheered.

What I started noticing around this time was visuals – stunning visuals! Colours become heightened, super-saturated, and I was aware of many subtle nuances and shades that I wouldn’t normally see. Everything started to look a little liquid, flowing this way and that. The visual effects reminded me a lot of mescaline or of 2C-I. The feeling was one of walking around inside a living Salvador Dali painting, where everything is smooth and soft and almost glows from within. I wasn’t expecting such nice visuals, and I would happily take this compound again just to see if the visual effect is consistent.

It was great to be in an art gallery for this party, as all the psychedelic art on the walls came alive and had such a depth and richness. Also, there were screens hooked up with visuals being projected on them, and whoever was in charge of the visualizations tonight was fantastic! Footage of psychedelic flowers bursting into bloom, folding inside out into new shapes, waterfalls, scenes of night life on the streets… it was very well done. I pretty much just danced and tripped out on how everything looked.

My DJ friend was slowly shifting his set until it was house music with a catchy, infectious beat. I really enjoy house music, just for its basic and upbeat nature. Going back to the roots of the electronic music scene. As I danced, I looked around at those around me, realizing how many of them are “familiar faces”. There are many people that I don’t see at all, except at dance parties. I might not know their names, but I recognize them from other parties. It’s music and the urge to dance that bring us together.

T + 2:00 This is indeed a short-acting chemical. After only a couple hours, I already felt like I was starting to come down. My energy levels for dancing starting to flag, I chugged a bunch of my hot chocolate mix to try and get things going again. Possibly a mistake to drink so much so fast – this stuff was pretty stimulating. My heart started to pound a touch more than I was comfortable with, and I got a little hot and sweaty feeling too. Little sips, I reminded myself, little sips.

Near the end of my friend’s set, a bunch of people started to leave to go home, despite the fact that it was not even 1 AM. You can tell who has done drugs at a party, by who is still dancing late into the night. Tonight, it was a small, intimate group. Too bad so many people went home, as the music playing was great. My friend finished his set, and the last DJ came on.

T + 2:45 After my friend’s set seemed like the perfect time for us to go smoke a joint. Down on the street, people were now righteously wrecked, and cop cars were cruising around. I had my cop-radar on, so I stopped my friend from firing up the joint, as there was an undercover car right across the street. We wandered farther up to somewhere a little calmer and smoked. It was from a bag of old outdoor weed that had been lost and found again months later, so it wasn’t the best weed but it did the trick.

Back inside, pushing through my tiredness I went back on the dance floor to see things through to the end. The last DJ I know fairly well, and I always enjoy what he plays. He does a lot of his own production and live PA work, so its neat to see him work with the equipment. What he was playing reminded me of the kind of stuff Bluetech plays, with a heavier bass/dub twist.

T + 3:45 A little after 2 AM, and the show was done. I helped clear away some tables into the back room, said my goodbyes, and helped my friend carry his DJ equipment down to the van. I was still definitely tripping out a little, mostly at this point I was just more awake and chattier than I would be otherwise. He dropped me off at home.

T + 4:30 I got into bed pretty quickly, but had trouble falling asleep. Similar to 5-MeO-DiPT, I found that even after the main psychedelic effects were gone, there was a lingering stimulation and energy flowing through my body, making sleep elusive. Probably the highly caffeinated hot chocolate I had drunk wasn’t helping matters. As I lay in bed, trying not to move around and disturb my partner too much, I started to hear some auditory hallucinations. It sounded like basic noises and distortions you could make with a synthesizer, and with a little concentration I could even weave the auditory effects into a sort of music in my head! Pretty interesting, I’ve had auditory distortions before (mainly from mescaline) but this was a little different. It reminded me of watching Pink Floyd’s Live at Pompeii album on acid, and tuning in to all the weird little synthesized sounds in that movie.

T + 6:30ish I did eventually get to sleep. I was a little bit wrecked in the morning – just lethargic and not wanting to get out of bed. It wasn’t as bad as the day after doing MDMA, and really I could put most of the aftereffects down to a lack of sleep.

Concluding thoughts: I liked this material, more than I liked 5-MeO-DiPT or 4-AcO-DMT. The visuals were the most stunning part of the trip, but the general warm feeling and easy mental nature of the trip (at least at this dose) made it a good choice for a setting like a dance party, where I want to remain pretty coherent and able to talk to people. I felt the effects pretty strongly at this dose – the only thing being that the effects don’t last long. If I had access to more material, I would try taking a supplementary dose within an hour or so of the initial dose, to extend the duration and peak of effects. Or it could be a fun compound to take when you just want to get a crazy wave of visuals for a couple hours. Since the material seems to be metabolized quickly, it could also be a fun experiment to take a dose with some syrian rue extract. That would potentially take the trip to a deeper level, and extend the duration also.

I felt pretty stimulated for a lot of this trip, but overall it was much lighter and gentler on the body than MDMA. Not so pushy, not so dehydrating, and without the unpleasant comedown that can sometimes happen with MDMA. Much of the stimulation I experienced might even have been due to the hot chocolate and piracetam in my system. 4-AcO-DiPT was a fairly good substance for a dance party, and I would definitely take it again in such a setting. It had a nice empathogenic quality, again not as forceful as MDMA, but maybe the empathogenic feelings seemed more real, since I wasn’t rolling balls. The auditory effects near the end of the trip were unique, I’ve never really experienced something like it before. Makes me want to try DiPT even more, now.

The question I got asked in the morning, after telling my partner of my night’s adventures, was “Why chemicals? Are you afraid of natural entheogens?” She argued that a white powder made in a lab is never going to be as good as something like a plant or fungus, which is a living system capable of growing and evolving, and that we don’t know the long-term effects of these compounds because they haven’t been around for very long. Well, maybe research chemicals aren’t the most profound, the most enlightening, or the best for you. Maybe I just had a good time.


Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96198
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 18, 2014Views: 8,255
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4-AcO-DiPT (55) : Large Group (10+) (19), Relationships (44), Hangover / Days After (46), Music Discussion (22), First Times (2), General (1)

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