Lattice Head
Salvia divinorum (10x extract)
Citation:   zincorbie. "Lattice Head: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (10x extract) (exp96328)". Nov 28, 2017.

  repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)
I smoked 1 gram of 10x Salvia extract tonight in about five separate sessions, some two minutes apart, the last one about an hour later. The fourth toke was probably 250mg by itself, and it is strong stuff for sure. Although an accurate description of the experience might sound extraordinary it wasn't nearly as immersive as I'd expected.

Long story shortish:

I pieced together some info off the web, from Wikipedia info to personal accounts, and combined and edited them down to one single printed page for my wife, A, so she could be my semi-informed 'sitter' since I was a bit nervous (though not much) and had no idea how far out I might go. I selected a kind-of soothing hammered dulcimer tape for the backdrop (very important to play music they say - and it sure turned out to be).

Still, it seems I didn't give A enough information. She started staring at me and crowding me on the bed, saying obvious and dumb things that distracted me, so I rudely kicked her out of the room seconds after the first drag. I needed someone cool to be with and she was just the opposite. She annoyed me greatly, sorry.

The first hit was super hot - I even put ice water in the bong anticipating this but it didn't help much. Immediately I felt a little detached and heavier, then very hot. I ripped off my shirt and jumped up and cranked the fan to high. I laid back down on the bed and closed my eyes. The traditional music started weaving a vision of a lattice-like structure emanating from my head. The intersecting points were like eyes or entities with intelligence but all the same 'me' and yet something else as well. There was nothing but mirror images of these things growing slowly as the music played, and they were pulsating in rhythm to every instrument. All the while I was completely aware of where I was, and that I and the headboard of the bed were seemingly merging into this living lattice.

It felt like about 20 minutes had passed and I opened my eyes (later found it had been about 2 minutes). The room was perfectly normal. I felt very alone. I then noticed that while being 'in the the lattice' I hadn't been alone, there were many beings happily bouncing to the dulcimer music in that pattern. But now I felt very empty and solitary. Angrily I jumped up to look for A and why she'd abandoned me. Opened the bedroom door to see her outside puttering in the garden as usual. Then I realized she couldn't have known I wanted her to hang around and just be quiet.

Went to the bathroom and filled pipe number 2 with a bigger load (1/6 gram). Sat at the edge of the bed and took a hit. It was even hotter and I could barely hold it for a few seconds before coughing.

Back in the lattice. My mouth was the starting point this time as it grew from my jaw. I opened and closed my eyes, alternately seeing normality and weirdness. The dulcimer music was holding everything together and I know now that the experience could vary greatly with different music. I sat up and with eyes open I could 'see' my body as though in a fun-house mirror, repeating at the sides, front and back. But I could also see enough to navigate normally though clumsily through the room. 'A' opened the door and asked if I'd smoked some more. I could only nod at this point, afraid my voice would sound as odd as I felt. She closed the door and I hit the pillow again.

Well, after the lattice experience went on for another bowl or two I wandered out of the room and realized that these episodes were quite short. Maybe a couple of minutes each, though very intense at the peak. The fun-house was mildly entertaining but the loneliness afterwards made it not worth continuing. One last bowl after an hour's break and a last quick lattice-head to finish off the package and that was it. This time A knew to sit quietly as I laid back and made a few comments, eyes closed, while tripping in the patterns. At one point I said 'Wow it's my mouth' to her while I watched a hundred of my mouths say 'Wow, it's my mouth' in unison.

And that was it. The stuff comes and goes very quickly. Stronger doses will be difficult because the smoke is so hot. I bought a bong and a torch lighter because it takes high heat to burn this stuff. Maybe higher concentrates will be better. I also need more darkness and fewer distractions. Also need to keep the eyes shut as opening them kills the visuals and the spell instantly even though I can jump back in by closing them again.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96328
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 55
Published: Nov 28, 2017Views: 929
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