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Empty Vial
by Jackass
Citation:   Jackass. "Empty Vial: An Experience with LSD (exp9633)". Sep 30, 2001.

  oral LSD (liquid)


We had been planning a camping trip for a long time, and I had been saving the empty vials of some truly wonderful acid for months in anticipation. Two hits had previously provided me with the hardest trip of my life. (!!!) I've used lsd dozens of times, but needless to say, I was somewhat apprehensive about ingesting an unknown quantity of the liquid.

T+0:00 - We slice open the Sweet Breath bottles with a razor blade and begin to suck. My friend N eats all of his, and I sadly, save the cap and nozzle for later. I'm nervous but excited as I taste all the liquid that's caked on the inside.

T+0:10-0:15 - The acid doesn't take long to show itself. My previous experience with this batch took about 30 minutes to get going, so I assume that this will be more powerful. N is also feeling it as we settle down at the campsite to view the trees.

T+0:30 - Tripping. Oh yes, tripping. N is VERY tripping. I'm laying on the ground staring up at the trees as he sits down next to me and calmly informs me that he's lost his wallet in the woods. Twinge of nervousness. He's obviously very out of his head, so dealing with finding a small leather wallet in the forest might be a problem. He takes a few minutes to collect himself, then expertly wanders into the trees and locates the billfold in minutes. What a professional. Back on track! Let's go to the damn beach already! No no, the others aren't ready. Two other friends are on the same batch, but only 1 hit.

T+:45 - Beach! Beach! Ha! Little boys with toys. We all pack into a giant car and trundle off to a cheesy little tourist beach on lake Michigan. Someone throws what I would later discover to be Wagon Christ into the CD player. Amazing backwards noises and insane psychedelia. Quality album. Both N and I are having crazy auditory hallucinations, but it's clear at this point that he got a lot more chemical than I did. Sigh. Should have eaten the whole thing. Still could... but, I'm tripping madly anyway. Save it for a rainy day.

T+1:00 - 3:00 - I will say only this: as far as toys go, lakes and sand have no equals. Gah. At this point, and as the trip continued, I really wasn't able to determine how much I had taken. The low visual level seemed to indicate less than 2 (as two drops had knocked my eyes out of their sockets...) but the intensity of the pure psychedlia was out of this world. As I said before, insane auditory hallucinations. Weird, dissonant backwards noises, children laughing, etc. N had a great deal more of the same. Pretty cliche in some cases, but very powerful. This wasn't the experience I expected, but with acid, it rarely is.

T+3:00 - As we left the beach we had to wade back through the more populated area that we had left behind upon arrival. Antsy parents yelling at children they perceived to be in imminent danger of having fun, middle-aged men with Birkenstocks frying wienies and wearing ray-bans, their wives laughing nervously after EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE... all of a sudden I was struck by the powerful urge to fornicate. It felt, well, more honest.

T+3:10 - We left a parking lot full of SUVs to go to the local market where we all purchased ludicrous amounts of snack food. Three hours into a trip and we were all stuffing our faces and laughing like a bunch of stoners. How ridiculous. Good time though.

T+3:30 - Now the fun REALLY begins. We're back at the campsite and wily enough to convince our token sober boy that we can drive. FOOL! He hands N the keys and we tear off down the winding Michigan highways. Oh yes. Don't drive on acid kids, it's VERY dangerous, blah blah blah. I've never been very good at listening to my own advice. SIGH. Still, we had determined that our ultimate goal for this adventure was Toast, and the nearest grocery store was 15 miles. Everyone has to have a dogma, right? Why not elevate toast to the divine? IT'S GOOD! In any case, we arrive in a shitty little tourist trap and buy our 3 dollar loaf of bread. My turn to drive! What an amazing experience. I LOVE driving on acid. I understand most people are appalled at this practice, but really, it's my favorite part of tripping. My mind is flying at a mile-a-minute, examining my life, examining the world around me... yet another part of my brain is intensely concentrated on the road and driving. What can I say. Everyone gets off somehow. I've got a sick thing for putting egregious quantities of psychoactive chemicals in my body, then hurtling myself and 2 tons of steel down the road at 70 mph. As N says: Glorious.

T+5:30ish - We're now on top of a mammoth sand dune overlooking lake Michigan. Everyone's here. Even the other tourists. Snap. Flash. Click. Wind. Shut up Timmy. Our entire group cracks wise about the 'scenic.' There it is! The scenic! I'm gonna get some of it! Roll all over it! Oh crap, I've got scenic in my shoe! We went! It seems that to many of these people, the actual experiencing of the experience isn't at all important. They're all caught up in what this vacation is supposed to be. Doing so much that they never really see it. WE WENT!

A child exclaims, 'Look at the sun!' and everyone laughs. God what a sight. A lake spread out farther than we can even perceive... a red ball of fire diving into it... we have to turn our heads from side to side just to take everything in. So large, so grand, so FUCKING AMAZING. And someone behind me is chatting about what so and so did at the charity auction and wasn't that awful and oh my god she didn't! Feh. Unfortunately, that's not a hallucination.

T+6:30 - The rest of the night is spent laughing, talking, brooding and eating around the camp fire. We play guitars (the auditory is still fantastic) quite a bit. We play some Frisbee. More toys for boys to play with. I eventually sleep at about the 12 hour mark.

Overall, this wasn't a life-changing trip, but it was entertaining as hell. I really can't say conclusively how much I got out of that empty vial, but N got a lot. Based on his reaction I'd throw out an arbitrary guess of 3-6 hits. Not bad for a freebie. The bulk of this trip (for both of us) was examining the people around us. It was pretty, well, sick. But it provided (and always does provide) a fairly sobering view of one's self. We laughed a lot at other people, but we laughed even more at ourselves and our own absurdity. Ridiculous boys playing with ridiculous toys. We nearly fell down laughing during our Frisbee game. This was also the STRANGEST trip in terms of physical urges. We had the MUNCHIES! I can almost never eat on acid, especially while peaking. Then the urge for sex. Still, for both, I lay the blame on setting. I believe that the people around me channeling their primal urges into silly social games triggered these responses in me. Everyone else had similar effects though. I wouldn't attribute it to the chemical, as earlier trips failed to produce munchies in anyone.

When one views his or her own human fallibility through the gross example of thousands of others, it should make you feel small and humble, right? Or not. I generally find it pretty liberating and entertaining to admit my fellowship with the festering masses. Just a silly boy. Time to find some new toys I suppose.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9633
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 30, 2001Views: 34,275
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LSD (2) : Glowing Experiences (4), Nature / Outdoors (23), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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