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Falling Through the Wormhole
by Plugmaster
Citation:   Plugmaster. "Falling Through the Wormhole: An Experience with DMT (exp96437)". Jan 18, 2014.

  smoked DMT (powder / crystals)


The most incredible experience of my life happened when I decided to try DMT with a couple of friends. We purchased half a gram and split it up. My friend held onto the pipe for me which had a small amount of marijuana for a base.

I inhale the first hit, and I watch the DMT melt. The pipe changed to a very cartoon-esque appearance. I go for the second inhale and don't remember taking my mouth off the pipe. I feel a hand push the back of my head down and watch as I fold into myself and tumble into this wormhole. An Asian lady is quite visible and I sensed she pushed me down.

I see a beautiful spectrum of kaleidoscope colors with plenty of different hues. Random pinging and bell sounds are heard. I continue down the wormhole and see rings of colors flying by. I have been disconnected from my physical self and left with my mind. I was flying down this wormhole getting nervous but I managed to tell myself just to breathe and relax.

On multiple occasions I fell onto a barrier. I couldn't see it but I could sense it. I heard voices instructing me what to do. I feel myself compressing and my bowels and bladder releasing (thankfully only in my trip) and was told to spit. I feel it dribble down my chin and an unknown force causes my arms to try to wipe it off. I burst through the barrier and continue falling. I'll refer to that as phase 1. I continue on and come to another barrier. This time I feel as if an egg yolk engulfs my face, through my mind and body. That was phase 2. Continuing on, I could wiggle my fingers and bite my lip. This is when I started thinking that those watching me trip could see what I was doing with my fingers. My physical self had made an appearance. The 3rd phase started the same. I come to another barrier and I hear more instructions. I feel many hands on my side pushing me causing me to roll over my arms and legs which led to me bursting through the barrier and continuing on.

At this point I think to myself that I wish it was over. Phases 1 through 3 repeated themselves multiple times, always in the same order. It felt like an hour had passed. While going through this wormhole for a couple cycles, I could hear voices of my friends that were watching me trip.

After some time, I feel a hand push my head forward again but this time, multiple people pulled me through what felt like the ground and into a new world. I hear voices saying Hello! and We love you! Over and over again. (15 minutes after doing the DMT) There were light shards of confetti flying everywhere, caught in everybody's hair, and I realize that these were the friends I was with. They just had different hues along with everything around us. The sun had come up and everything was beautiful, vibrant and cheery. This is the very first time from hitting the pipe that I had any physical control or knowledge of my body outside of my trip. I get brought back inside (I'll explain) and seated on a couch made of leather but it appeared to be leather breasts with faces everywhere. A girl I was with started hugging me, breathing on me and rubbing our faces together. I was overwhelmingly warm and comforted. Music was playing and everything looked waxy and glossy. I still could see confetti light shards everywhere. I manage to talk and ask for water and a cigarette shortly after.

I started my trip in a back patio with an open door that I was facing. After hitting the pipe, I am told that I dove out the door, (maybe the hand pushing my head sending me through a wormhole?), smacking my face on the concrete and scraped my knees. Next I went and hugged a bunch of plants for a while. I ended up with scrapes all over my arms and knees. Remember phase 3 where I was pushed by my side? In real life I was doing the same movements but without any help from hands. I apparently was eating dirt too which I believe was in phase 1 where I attempted to wipe spit from my face.

I never once had control of the above or even remember it. I was told of my escapades by the friends around me after my experience. From first hit to coming up through the ground was approximately 15 minutes, as was coming up through the ground to sobriety.

I feel like I visited another dimension or realm as I literally left my body in some way shape or form. Words cannot describe this experience and I have never seen anything more extravagant and bewildering in the entirety of my life. Please don't feel obligated to believe me but I speak the truth within these words I typed. At first I thought it was a normal trip until I watched others do it. Nobody lost their mind quite how I did. I hope others can connect to this because I don't know what to make of it

Thanks for reading.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 96437
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Jan 18, 2014Views: 4,309
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DMT (18) : Music Discussion (22), Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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