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A Perfect Psychedelic
Citation:   Cremaster. "A Perfect Psychedelic: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp96558)". Jun 26, 2012.

T+ 0:00
4 buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:00 4 buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
I am an experienced user of hallucinogens and entactogens and I consider myself a psychonaut. I have consumed LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, MDMA, 4-aco-dmt, 2c-p, 2c-i, 2c-e, and n,n-dmt. I have multiple experiences with each of these chemicals and many of them have been profound. Out of the tryptamine family I have a fondness for n,n-dmt and out of the phenethylamine I particularily enjoy 2c-p. After 9 months of no psychedelic use, I acquired a large quantity of 2c-i-nbome that was complexed with HPBCD. It was on blotter and it was perforated on 1 mg tabs. My first experiences with this substance was largely positive, but my last experience with 2c-i-nbome was by far the best psychedelic experience I have ever had.

I just had returned from a 2-week family vacation and did not take any substances during that time, thus my tolerance had been lowered significantly. At this point of my life, I had no obligations, no stressful situations, and a clean emotional plateau. I decided to trip in my bedroom which is large and minimalist with a large mirror on side, desk, and book selves. I drank a large glass of white grapefruit juice, but I doubted this had any real effect on the trip. I brush my teeth and paid particular attention to brushing my lower left gums. I brush my gums until they started bleeding heavily. I carefully tore off 4 tabs. I hestitated for a moment, wondering if that was too much, but I knew I wanted push the limit. I placed 4 tabs between my gum and cheek.

t = 0:00 Oddly enough, I cannot feel the lacerations on my gum and the strip of 2c-i-nbome is barely noticeable. I sit down to watch some South Park on my tablet. While waiting for the onset, I like to watch something since I become neurotic about not swallowing my spit for at least 30 minutes.

t = +0:15 The depth on my tablet seems incredible, as if the characters in South Park seems to be popping out. Things are already starting to wiggle and breathe. My own breathing seems kind of difficult as I am not trying to swallow. My mother walks in to wish me a good night. At this point I am really glad I am a quiet person and I just smile at her.

t = +0:20 There is a wave of euphoria. My jaw seemed heavily and on the verge of being clenched, but it was not tight at all. This trait would be continuous throughout my trip and in my past trips as well. My breathing seems like it is getting more labored. There is strong desire to swallow my salivia. I start to panic. Maybe I took way too much.

t = +0:30 I usually try not to swallow until the 45 minute mark, but I cannot resist. I swallow hard. I can physically feel the onset. The euphoria is intense, not electric like MDMA, but a powerful rolling like 2c-p. I cannot feel myself breathing normally, and consciously breath in deep. A wave of nausea hits me. I still fear that I have taken too much and may die. I turn off South Park, grab a large plastic bag (in case I need to puke), turn off the lights in my room, and settle on the floor. I put some 'coming up' music on and try to relax.

t = +0:35 I give up trying to breathe deep and just accept that I might stop breathing. The euphoria keeps rolling in. There is no point trying to control how I physically feel. It feels like my body is in a hurricane of euphoria and the only thing is holding the string is 2c-i-nbome. I let go completely and luxuriate in the bliss, no longer concerned about the breathing or nausea. The close eyed visuals become really clear and defined. Red and yellow fractals. Solid and unmistakable +++.

t = +1:15 The panic and fear subsided long ago. Music is heightened remarkably and fractals are clear and flowing effortlessly with my eyes closed. Lots of pink and green patterns. I decided to turn on the lights. Incredible. I am simply in awe. The fractals that envelop my room are on par with DMT. Along with that there is no confusion. At this point I am having very concise psychedelic thoughts. I have become a body of euphoria and in a state of physical ego loss. So euphoric that I cannot feel myself. My younger sister walks into my room to tell my that she got straight A's this semester. I am overcome with happiness and hug her deeply. After she leaves, it strikes me how lucidly I handled that. I listen to more music and get lost in a hypnagogic fractal trance.

t = +1:45 At this point I feel compelled to write in my journal. Here is what I wrote:
Many iterations of love. Its all the same result. Think of a fractal. Its all the same. But it branches out, dimming in certain aspects and brightening in others. Variations of the same experience. Its just love and how we experience it. Our awareness of it and of others’ experience make it that much more worthwhile. Iterations of love.

The wall in front of me simply eloped into the never ending respirations of different shades of pink shapes. Its hard to describe this. Perhaps it is this when they mean it is difficult to integrate. Or is it simply ineffable?

The ego. Survival. Why do we have it? It provides a component of variation (to the iteration). The ego and survival and instinct. We want to say that we base it (perception) on fact, information, and experience, when in the end it is just a belief. No more justifiable or justified as our neighbors’. When even our own senses are unreliable because there is no standards to base them on (as when you are tripping), we can remember that our perceptions are beliefs. It is awareness that the ego causes variations in the iterations that we can revel in its beauty. As if the fractal has to appreciate itself. Awareness of the awareness? Perfect. Each moment another iteration. An experience of its own.

t = +2:00 Wanting to take advantage of my low tolerance, I decide to take another 4 tabs. It is times like this that I wished I had a trip sitter to serve as a voice of reason against this. But, the 4 additional tabs turns out not to be a bad idea. I place 4 tabs under my tongue, turn off the lights, and settle back on the floor. There is an intense of rush of euphoria and once again, I cannot feel my breathing. I put on my “peaking” music.

t = +2:30 There is intense euphoria and the fractals have evolved again. Shifting in color and they have become mechanical. Instead of just flowing, it seems like the fractals are building themselves. I recall the lessens that I have had in meditation class and decide to just meditate and quiet my mind by immersing myself in the awareness of my five senses. It is remarkably easy to quiet the mind and just observe.

t = +3:00 I turn off the music and just relax. There are strange aural hallucinations, like beeping and digital vibrations. It occurs to me that 2c-i-nbome is a very loving chemical. I reflect on all the people that I love and miss. Without a doubt this is an entactogen to me. Time dilation is absurdly beautiful as if I have been tripping for ages. My thoughts are still very clear and the only “mindfuck” is how beautiful everything is in the dark. Still at a +++.

t = +3:30 I am coming to the peak. I can physically feel it. The euphoria leaves me in a blissful state that I have only experienced in profound events in my life. I am still meditating and it seems that my thoughts are non-existent and have merged in my observations of my trances, the odd sounds, and my tactile euphoria. There is also an odd taste in my mouth, kind of a malty taste like Ovaltine. I feel as if I am swept out of my body and I *become* the fractal. Total ego loss. The fractal shapes itself into a third person perspective of me sitting in my dark room. “Awareness” booms in my mind. I can hear the voice of an old Buddhist monk who was one of my teachers tell me “You are already enlightened, you just need to be aware of it.” Then fractal transforms and becomes bright. I see myself sitting underneath a very leafy tree with low hanging fruits. I grab a fruit, which looks like an apple, and take a bite out of it. I am overcome with a feeling of love. I feel perfect. I am at total loss of words trying to describe what I experienced here. When I reflect back on this moment, I desperately want to call this a ++++ experience.

t = +4:00 - +9:30 From the four hour mark, I have left the peak and start to come down. It is gentle and a relief. The stimulation starts to die down and I can feel myself getting tired. The physical euphoria is the first to go and then the open-eyed visuals start to fade. I spend the rest of the time watching TV. I fall asleep with closed-eyed visuals and it is quite easy.

In retrospect, I don’t entirely agree with the sentiment that 2c-i-nbome is a party drug without any spiritual component. I do agree that it is probably a good chemical for people who are “afraid” of hallucinogens and want to use it because of the thought clarity associated with the chemical. But, I simply refuse to categorize 2c-i-nbome as a party or casual drug such as cannabis or alcohol. As a result of the dosage, purity of the chemical, and route of administration, I was able to have the deepest spiritual experience I have ever had. To have the level of visuals as DMT but to take away the experience on a tangible level is beyond satisfaction.

The physical euphoria of a strong phenethylamine such as 2c-p, albeit a shorter onset and duration, was another blessing of this chemical. This 2c-i-nbome experience has resulted in a paradigm shift for me. I find myself putting less importance on my own perspective and behaving less selfishly when considering how I act in relation to others' happiness. 2c-i-nbome stole my heart without fucking my mind. 2c-i-nbome truly a work of art and a chemical to be reckoned with. I consider 2c-i-nbome as the new standard of psychedelic perfection.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96558
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Jun 26, 2012Views: 42,586
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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