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Felt as if It Was a Dream
Cannabis ('Blue Dream' strain)
by me
Citation:   me. "Felt as if It Was a Dream: An Experience with Cannabis ('Blue Dream' strain) (exp96570)". Erowid.org. Oct 14, 2015. erowid.org/exp/96570

7 hits smoked Cannabis


[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

I was driving around and it was a blunt of blue dream. I took like 2 hits at first and was just inhaling and exhaling. Then after I was told to hold the smoke in my lungs for a little while so I did with another 5 hits and didn't feel anything for a good 3 min.

I got home got out of the car and then I started saying I'm not a pot head I just wanted to try it to my buddy. I then sat down for a couple of seconds and got up. I felt very happy and almost like my feet were not on the ground but with each step I was still moving normally. I asked if my eyes where red and my buddy and his girl started arguing about if my eyes were red or not. They where fire red.

I then started to smile uncontrolibly and said I just want to smile and then I went and ate a shit ton of food and then went and sat down on my bed. I started feeling my heart race. I got a panic attack and started to pray that I would not die to god, please dont let me die I said.

I also felt as if it was a dream. I did not like it at all but still love weed and go back every time even though I regret it.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 96570
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 12 
Published: Oct 14, 2015Views: 1,281
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Cannabis (1) : Overdose (29), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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