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Mild and Uninteresting
Citation:   jaggerjack. "Mild and Uninteresting: An Experience with 2C-D (exp96630)". Nov 21, 2017.

55 mg oral 2C-D (gel tab)
No psychedelic tolerance, extensive experience with psychedelics, weed smoked in the last couple of days. Got a good nightís sleep and felt good in the morning. I would be tripping today on 55 mg 2C-D (in a gelcap) with my girlfriend of over a year S. We were long distance during the school year but it was the summer now and our relationship, while a touch rocky when I first got back, was gaining steam again and was quite good. She had tripped around 5 times so, while not terribly experienced with psychedelics, was not new to them. Neither of us were on any medication or had any mental issues.

Our initial plan was to bike over to the botanic gardens, take the 2C-D and then just chill but Sí work was moved up to 3 PM (from 5) so we decided it would be fine to take the 2C-D and then bike the 8ish miles to our destination. This wasnít ideal but it wasnít too bad.

About 25 minutes after ingestion I was feeling a little bit iffy but mostly fine, just lightness in my head and stomach that was typical for me when I was coming up on psychedelics.

We got to the gardens 35 minutes after we started and I was feeling very off. I felt a bit pukey and I had to go to the bathroom. We locked our bikes up and I lay down on a bench, I wasnít particularly bothered by the people around me and as I looked at some bricks around me they started to swirl. After about 10 minutes of lying and sitting down the bricks were morphing considerably, certain colors would form blobs that would collide and reform. However the visual movement was only limited to a set of bricks, the trees were not transforming into fractals and Sí face remained static which was pleasant.

My skin was feeling tingly as I decided to go to the bathroom. Mentally I wasnít tripping particularly hard so I found it quite easy to not get lost on the bathroom seat. Inside, looking at the mirror my eyes were noticeably dilated, outside they were not. After a short bout of rather soft stool I headed out feeling much better than before. My body was tingly and alive, I felt calm and confident as I walked back to S who I discovered also wasnít feeling that great.

After a couple more minutes of sitting and comforting S (which included one lady offering her nursing skills to help, which we politely declined), we moved to a slightly less busy area. We didnít get far before sitting down again, this time on a slightly removed path which happened to be right across from a bush. On the other side of this bush were model trains. Along with these model trains were small children. Making loud noises. We quickly tired of hearing them and walked towards a bathroom for S. We made it there and I sat down to wait while S was busy.

I overheard some mother type figure talking to children about how the water from the fountain was spring water and would be incredibly cold and refreshing. Plus she had just purchased a special water bottle that would keep the water warm for 8 hours. Her voice disgusted me, as did her overly artificial and childish way of approaching her hot kids (or the hot kids, I couldnít tell if they were hers). The water was not very cold and the kids were unhappy with that. She just replied that they were the biggest brats she had ever seen. Thatís one thing I donít like about tripping in public. A lot of people suck. I was glad when S came out and we could keep on moving. She told me she almost puked and just spit up some thick spit but was feeling much better.

We moved on to look at some bonsai. I wasnít particularly captivated by nature. I could tell I was tripping but stuff didnít look beautiful or amazing, it was rather vanilla. My body felt good but also nothing special. The trees were interesting though, I find bonsai and the art of bonsai fascinating so deeply enjoyed looking at the miniature trees and thinking about all the time and effort it took to sculpt them into a particular form. A girl with a ridiculous hairdo came into the area we were in, which creeped S out, so we finished with the bonsai and headed towards the rose garden.

We stepped into the rose garden and saw a family that S knew from church so headed another direction. Talking with them, while definitely manageable, just didnít seem desirable. Actually talking in general wasnít enhanced. S and I discussed nothing deep about life in general or are relationship. Maybe if it was guided or we were outside something interesting would have arisen but it did not. We walked around and sat down for a bit, I talked about something sad but couldnít stop grinning which S noticed. The family we wanted to avoid walked right past us and we talked for a bit. It was a touch awkward, we were giggling a lot, but communication was fine, not eased or hindered.

We then received a call from another member of the family we ran into who was good friends with S. We met up with her and a friend. I found the friend to be rude and obnoxious, he made sexual jokes, and told me he had a PCP hookup just so he could lead into telling a story about how he saw someone running around naked on PCP once. After I told him that I was looking for PCP he told me he couldnít do it.

After they left we continued walking around for a while and realized we werenít really tripping all that much. I would compare it to a similar amount of 2C-C, maybe 10 mg 2C-E, 7 mg 2C-P.
I would compare it to a similar amount of 2C-C, maybe 10 mg 2C-E, 7 mg 2C-P.
It was odd because as we were coming up we had a decent amount of visuals. Now a little more than 3 hours later there was only a slight body buzz. We made our way over to the Japanese gardens and sat down by a large pond to eat an apple and take some pictures. A beautiful white swan came over and we watched it for a while, moving back when it came close as to not get bludgeoned by its wings. For whatever reason there were a lot of birds flying around us (one even attacked S) so I was continually startled by them.

We had noticed some clouds earlier and it started to rain. The drops of water in the pond looked very cool. The collection of drops formed almost sinusoidal patterns and they appeared 3D or suspended, much more clearly defined from the rest of the rippling background than they would normally be. The rain intensified and the small tree we were under didnít provide us with nearly enough shelter so we headed to a small pagoda. There were a few people there but they didnít bother us although I knew it would have been unpleasant if we had been tripping harder.

After that we biked home, much more slowly, feeling both a bit tired and coming down with a slight headache. I got home around 6 hours after ingestion and was completely baseline, I couldnít even tell that I had trip. I had a headache so I took a 3 hour nap and woke up a bit groggy. After that I went out smoked a little, drank a touch, and had no trouble going to bed a bit after midnight. S went to work after the trip and had a very bad headache so had to leave early, going to sleep around 8 PM and sleeping the entire night.

2C-D was nothing special, it had some interesting visuals but they were brief, the mental aspect was non-existent, the body high was good but, again, didnít stand out. I get why Shulgin called it tofu, itís just rather plain. I would do it again at a higher dose but would be very wary of the headache which was unpleasant and, as all of my friends who have done 2C-D reported it afterwards, seems to be somewhat precipitated by the drug.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96630
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Nov 21, 2017Views: 2,515
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2C-D (103) : General (1), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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