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Tripping Hard but in Control and Lucid
Citation:   LonelyWanderer. "Tripping Hard but in Control and Lucid: An Experience with 2C-B (exp96635)". Erowid.org. Dec 24, 2020. erowid.org/exp/96635

25 - 30 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
  25 mg oral Diphenhydramine  
  400 mg oral Pharms - Ibuprofen  
It was a Monday morning.

I was a college student home for the summer. My girlfriend was staying with me. I had been feeling a bit down in the dumps, and had decided to have a short trip to spice things up. My girlfriend had work in the mornings, from 7:30AM-1:30PM. My sister and father were unlikely to bother me before she got back (they were probably not going to wake up until eleven, anyway - my family is a late one). I decided to take 2,5 dimethoxy 4,bromoplenethylamine, or 2C-B, during this window the night before.

My girlfriend woke up at 7:00 AM, and I did as well. I had not told her my plans, but she would not be adverse to them (she had already had two experiences with the substance with me, at 18mg and at 23mg respectively - the first experience was underwhelming and visually inactive, while the second time was physically enthralling and gave us interesting CEVs and tracers).

After she left at 7:30, I prepared by eating a piece of bread and downing 1000mg magnesium, 400 mg ibuprofen, and 25mg DPH (benedryl). Additionally, I squeezed out two lemons and drank some of the juice. I had on the previous two trips had lemon juice, and it really helped the pre-trip nausea. The magnesium I had taken before as well for jaw-clenching and vasodilation. I take the ibuprofen for vasodilation as well, to be on the safe side. The benedryl was new. I had heard good things about it to deal with pre-trip nausea. Since 2C-B is not directly antidopaminergic, although slightly antidopaminergic through 5ht2c agonism, I decided this was an okay move.

I measured 25mg 2C-B, which was the amount I had planned. Unfortunately, I had spilled A LOT in the process, and decided to lick up the remains (which were at least an extra 5mg- but could have been much more...). I realized this at the time, and prepared myself for a ride.

I was to spend the trip in my bed. I had prepared a notepad and pen with which to draw, an iPod playlist with jazz and new age, an eyemask, and 25mg of quetiapine, or seroquel, to stop the trip if I so wanted.I put on some song by Kitaro, and relaxed. The time was 8:45 AM.

+0:25 I was beginning to feel some nausea, but nothing psychedelic. I became aware that the trip would start very soon, as it had before. I was amazed how little nausea I had this time comparatively. I could easily block it out of my mind. I was feeling some Alice in Wonderland symptoms (these are common for me with any drug, even alcohol; it is my first warning that something different is occurring within my body).

+0:30 The nausea slightly builds, and I feel it deep from within my gut, and I burp deep burps that culminate far within my body. The burps on 2C-B always greatly bother me.
The burps on 2C-B always greatly bother me.
I switch to a more familiar Miles Davis album, Kind of Blue.

+0:45 I begin wondering when it will take effect. Yet, as I wonder, it all begins. My body is becoming far more sensitive by the minute, and, closing my eyes, I see bright colors flashing in the image of my last sight of the room, green, red, and yellow. I switch to John Coltrane's Love Supreme, but quickly turn it off- I don't need the extra stimulus. I am feeling very warm, as I will feel for the rest of the experience.

+1:00 The effects are greater than ever before. The floaters that so often preoccupy my vision have developed into interesting fractals. My pillows are changing color ever so slightly out of the corner of my eye, from beige to green, and back again. All lines are becoming wavy, and the wall is moving back and forth, in the proverbial 'breathing' manner. I think about what it means to trip, and why I do it. It feels like learning, I decide. The very act. I begin thinking about mental actions that normally seem like very fundamental motions of the mind, like conception. The mental act seems very fit to its etymology, a gathering together of ideas, ideas, which are themselves concepts, that is, to say gatherings. I think about the possibility of psychedelics as antidepressants, and wonder whether once the monoamine hypothesis falls out of acceptance, and we no longer use SSRIs, whether we will then use indirect AMPA agonists, as suggested by studies on tianeptine and ketamine. I wonder whether we will use 5ht2 agonists, which would act as AMPA agonists and downregulate 5ht2 receptors, which, in excess, are associated with depression and anxiety. I find the idea of a world with people taking LSD and the like every day for medicinal value humorous, and laugh, but not in a guttural way, as I associate with 2C-B, but softly and delicately. I am very aware of others sleeping. I particularly enjoy the lucidity of 2C-B. I don't much care for mindfuckery.

+1:30 I no longer feel nauseous. The better part of the journey has begun. The pillows around me, when I focus on them, move like clumsy snakes towards me, bending awkwardly. I find this particularly amusing, especially as I feel I can control their movements. I can twist them every-which-way. I am powerful. The funny thing about these hallucinations is they seem very ordinary, but not as if I had them every day. I just felt like I had seen it all before. I understand that this sensation is very normal, and many psychedelic users associate their trips with childhood, as if they are children once again when they trip. I do understand, however, that my experience is made possible by a drug, and I am not as lucid as I might think. I hear my family members moving outside my door, and I prepare myself to look asleep if they come in for whatever reason.

As I close my eyes, I notice that the closed-eye visuals are very changed. I see myself surrounded by vertical red lines, which create a huge red forest. I am immediately moving fast forward, with these lines on either side. I navigate through this red forests purposefully. I understand that the experience is very much like how the beginnings of a heavy DMT trip are, although I understand the whole time that I am safely in my bed. My favorite sensation I get from 2C-B is the feeling of complete relaxation. I have never felt so relaxed as on this substance. The whole time I feel a mixture of calm and restlessness, but, sometimes, I can meditate against that restlessness and convince myself that all is right, and, then, I feel like I am melting into the universe, and I feel so utterly calm. I feel very connected to my family, and feel like I am very similar to them.

+2:00 I think to myself that the trip will end soon, as the duration of 2C-B is rather short for me. Yet, I understand that, as I feel myself sobering up, I have felt like that the whole experience, only to understand that I am still peaking. I look around and I cannot focus, too much has taken up my vision. I look at the corner of my ceiling, and it seems to expand out into darkness, with fractals surrounding. I relax some more. I feel a headache coming on, as I have felt before with 2C-B; yet, somehow, I gain control of it (or at least, I seem to), and force it back. I didn't get a headache in the end. This substance makes me feel very powerful.

+2:30 And then, as I come down, my exhaustion takes a hold of me (I hadn't slept well the night before), and I pass out.

I awoke in the afternoon, feeling invigorated and refreshed. I took another two 200 mg tablets of ibuprofen, and drank some water. Then, I went off to work.

I have noted that for me the 2C-B experience is very physical, but never more so than it is at low doses (15-18mg). The body load is manageable compared to other psychedelics, but the nausea feels very guttural. It feels very lucid, and often induces deep laughter (although this experience did not) and social connection. It is okay alone, does not produce any great epiphanies, but makes me feel very calm and at one with everything.
It is okay alone, does not produce any great epiphanies, but makes me feel very calm and at one with everything.
The CEVs are always three colors, green, red, or yellow in every experience I have had. The visuals are not present until strong doses (of approx. 23mg+). The visuals can be everything that I expect from any other hallucinogen, but are never overwhelming, and I feel very in control over them. The experience is short, and for me can produce headaches, although not very much.

It is very enjoyable. Not an insightful experience, mostly everything I thought about were things I normally think about. At this dose I feel that the experience is not overwhelming (and at the very least, it is short).

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96635
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Dec 24, 2020Views: 8,125
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2C-B (52) : Alone (16), General (1)

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