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From Moxy To Hospitalization in 6 Hours
5-MeO-MIPT & Cannabis
by EV
Citation:   EV. "From Moxy To Hospitalization in 6 Hours: An Experience with 5-MeO-MIPT & Cannabis (exp96737)". Aug 8, 2012.

20 mg oral 5-MeO-MIPT (capsule)


Shortly after 2pm, my friends and I pulled into the park. Three of them had taken 10mg of moxy about an hour earlier, and two of those took another 10mg while I took two capsules (20mg total) concurrently.

We walked around for around an hour before any of us really started feeling anything. At first, I felt something that was very similar to being high. I was slightly lightheaded, everything was funnier and my heart was beating just a little faster than normal. Shortly after these effects started, my friends and I decided to smoke some weed to help 'kick-off' the trip. As soon as I took a hit, my visuals starting increasing tremendously along with some amazing audio distortion. After several more hits, I was legitimately tripping. My mind was racing, my heart was beating and I was beginning to feel absolutely amazing.

After about another half hour of walking through the trails, I began to trip so much harder. From this point on, I was shaking almost uncontrollably. My heart was now beating at almost twice its normal rate, and I was rapidly becoming dehydrated from being in the sun all day. I drank a water bottle, and then another. I tried to eat a nature bar, but my mouth was so dry that I couldn't. My friends noticed that I was struggling and told me to lay down. I did, for a while, but the drug made me have an urge to do something, so I went for a walk to find some of my other friends.

By the time I found my friends (which I later found out was only a few hundred feet away), my shirt was completely drenched in sweat. My friends were talking about laying in the stream, so I joined them. Unfortunately, I was laying directly in the sun, and this is where things get worse.

One of my friends had brought a camera with him and had been filming intermittently. After laying in the sun for a while, my friend came up to me with the camera, and I asked him how I had gotten there. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was having a heat stroke. I became incoherent rapidly. I lost control of most of my body and if my friend hadn't been holding my hand and guiding me, I would have fallen down or gotten lost.

At this point, the combination of the heat stroke and the intense moxy trip caused me to black out entirely. The next three hours were a blur of feelings, emotions, colors, memories, patterns, dreams, hallucinations, etc. Basically, everything except what was actually going on. I could only occasionally see reality, but those moments were few and far between.

Eventually, the sober person in our group noticed how badly I was doing. I couldn't respond to questions, I couldn't remember where I was, or how I'd gotten there. For a while, I couldn't remember who I was at all. I lost all sense of time, meaning, attachment and basically everything else. When she realized how bad I was, we started heading back toward the car. The next 45 minutes was an absolute blur. The few things I remember from the car trip are these: 1) We were in my car. 2) I wasn't driving. 3) I had extremely intense sexual feelings toward the driver. 4) I forgot that I wasn't driving, so I tried to grab the wheel repeatedly.

When we got back to my place, my brother tried to talk to me, but I couldn't even speak. He called my other brother who told him to rush me to the hospital. I'm a little hazy on the details, but the next thing I knew, I was in the hospital.

I was still tripping in the hospital, but not very hard. After I had a saline drip and a few glasses of water, I was almost back to normal. I talked to my mom about my trip, and she seemed disappointed, but she was just glad that I was okay. I had come really close to dying, apparently.

Even though all of that happened, I still had a good trip, however. The visuals were amazing, I had a positive feeling about life, I knew that my friends and family really did care for me and I somehow broke my aversion to touch.

I can't really describe what it was like, but I will try. Have you ever seen the painting of the infinite staircase? Well, that's exactly how my life felt. For about three hours, I was tripping so hard, that I had entirely tripped out of reality and I was stuck in some sort of time-loop that somehow intersected with brief moments in reality. Every 30 seconds or so, my mind would flash through the last several hours and I would be wondering what was real and what was purely imaginary.

Personally, I think moxy is a good drug, but you have to be prepared for it. I unwisely decided to take two at the same time, without ever using this drug before. I also have a history of problems with the heat / sun, and a history of heart issues in my family. I will be using this drug again, but in a smaller dose and a much safer environment. Moxy is an interesting drug, but don't underestimate its effects.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96737
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Aug 8, 2012Views: 35,283
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5-MeO-MIPT (287) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Health Problems (27), First Times (2)

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