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The Lucky Few
by Scarecrow
Citation:   Scarecrow. "The Lucky Few: An Experience with Spice (exp96824)". Nov 13, 2013.

1 hit smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids


First a little background, two days before I bought 2 grams of spice from a buddy of mine who always gets stuff a lot stronger than you could ever get at the stores, after smoking a few small bowls and deciding it was making me depressed I sold the remainder to another friend the next day at lunch, after we went into the woods by the park, to smoke a little. Now this path was paved and regularly walked on by visitors to the park so we didn't look too suspicious. The day after that was when it all went to hell.

I go to school the next day and come to learn that we have an assembly right after first period. Me and 4 other friends desperately try to call the guy a sold the spice to and when he doesn't answer his phone we decide to just drive down to his place and wake him up. About a block down the road we find him stumbling down the sidewalk after he drank 6 shots of vodka smoked some weed and spice. We stop and he jumps in the back of the truck, which took him about 6 minutes to do, and we drive off back to park by the school.

We get there and have to help him down the path into the woods, as he wouldn't let us smoke without him. We get down do a little clearing just off the path and pack the pipe as full as it would get. I being the original owner of the stuff took the first hit, my best bud and his girl decided not to partake in the festivities. After it got back around to me from our circle of 8 people, 3 more joined us at the parking lot, I was already feeling the effects and declined another hit. On my way out I turn to my sober friend and tell him we better get out of the area as I had a bad feeling about something. Both him and his girl just look at me like I'm stupid, boy how right I was, so I walked out of the woods back to my truck alone.

Now is where it really gets interesting, I stumbled to the parking lot where I had originally parked my truck before picking up my drunk friend, and upon not seeing it there and being extremely fucked up at this point, I immediately thought someone had stolen my vehicle. After about 30 seconds of panic I realize its in the lot behind me, but I didn't want to look suspicious walking back and forth, so I sat down on a bench and started to watch the hallucinations of dark circles flying in front of me. After 5 minutes of this 2 of the people that were down there with us walk by and said my drunk friend was down there humping trees and saying 'I want to fuck all of you, except for all of you, except for her' (sober friend's girl) and they were letting him smoke more. I thought to myself 'Fuck they're going to kill his ass'. After about 10 more minutes I start to notice that I'm shaking uncontrollably, this park being right next to the police station and with cops driving by every few minutes, I go to get back in my truck and wait out the rest of the trip. After walking about 6 yards around it I finally unlock the driver side door and climb in. I lean the seat back, lock the doors, and try to sleep it off. Somewhere around 5 minutes later I have the sudden urge to vomit so I jerk out of seat fumble with the door lock open the door and proceeded to projectile vomit onto the asphalt for another 7 minutes. After I was done I felt immensely better and proceeded to sleep off the remaining 30 minutes of the trip.

Waking up I turn on my radio and realize the time. Shit the assembly's over and they still haven't come out, I better go get them. So still being a little buzzed I walk back down the path and right as I come up to the clearing I get a bad feeling in my gut telling me not to go down there, I shrug it off as simple drug induced paranoia and went down anyway. I get down there and shout to them that the assemblies over and they have to get back to class, that's when I saw him, a fucking man in his mid-thirties standing over the entire group who were all sitting. The man then turned around and asked me who I was, I simply stated that I was my sober friends friend. He responded telling me that he was an off duty cop and that I should go back to school, so I said ok and turned a complete 180 and walked back on the path where I passed a uniformed cop and even greeted him. After passing me, he must've smelled the spice smoke on me because he turned around to look at me and I had to fight the urge to take off running as fast as I could out of there, but luckily for me he decided the group of now 4 people with drugs confirmed to be in their possession, was more important than the loner, and turned back around heading the opposite direction. I immediately got into my truck and drove off. Right after leaving the parking lot I pass a police cruiser heading to pick up the group, and me being still slightly high was worried my driving was off, but he just kept going as breathed a sigh of relief and drove to the nearest wal-mart to completely sober up before making the 15 minute drive home.

I come to find out later that after I left, another mutual friend had walked in on the cops, claiming to be sober friends brother, when he got down there 4 uniformed police officers were now on the scene and told him to get lost. And right before the off duty cop came down there one of the guys that was down there smoking with us left and passed him on the path still blazed out of his mind, and was also ignored. Out of the 2 people that had smoked and were still down there, both were charged with possession of Spice, which is illegal in Utah, and the drunk one was charged with underage drinking and paraphernalia as well as he still had the pipe with a full bowl in his hand when the cops showed up as he was way to out of it to comprehend that shit had hit the fan and he should've thrown everything into the river first chance he got. He blew a .08 at the station which combined with all the drugs he'd been doing almost killed him. He was unable to stand or speak but repeatedly denied that he had done anything. The 2 sober friends who had stayed down to trip sit were charged with a truancy and let go after they refused to give any information about who else was down there, lucky for me.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96824
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Nov 13, 2013Views: 8,828
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