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Reflective Lens
Citation:   moe.ron. "Reflective Lens: An Experience with DOC (exp96835)". Mar 12, 2020.

T+ 0:00
3 mg oral DOC (liquid)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 18:00 8 mg oral Pharms - Phenazepam  
  T+ 20:00 4 mg oral Pharms - Phenazepam  
DOC Reflective Consciousness

Background Info: Plenty of tripping experience, plenty of rather high dose tripping experiences (this is not to brag but frame a reference). I have quite a bit of experience with psychedelics of all kinds (surely has to be over a 100 trips or more by now, pretty evenly distributed among phenethylamines, typtamines, and ergolides) and in the course of this career of tripping of mine I have been DOx'd at music festivals twice, before the following trip report occurred. Now while both times I had been sold the DOx I have always loved the trip, just not duration... But I blame it on the fact that in the past I have dosed the DOx at times like 6 pm, leaving me flat out exhausted by the time the first night of sleeplessness goes by. But did I mention one of the accidental DOx dosing provided me with such a profound experience, such a unique ++++ that leaves me in wonder thinking about it months later, that I decided to procure psychedelic amphetamines on my own.

T minus 00:20 (4:40 am.): Twenty minutes left to 5 am. At which point I plan to consume 3 mg of DOC already weighed out and diluted in 10 ml of water (weighed 12 mg on my .000 scale then left it in the water to dilute overnight). My plan is to take 2.5 ml of in 3 ml needle then if it is not to bitter I'll probably hold it in my mouth for quicker absorption. Ate two bowls of cereal at 4:30 just to have some food in my stomach for the next 24 hours. Alright the times is almost here!

5 A.M.
T 00:00 – 2.5 ml of the bitter water consumed, sloshed it around in my mouth for a moment but decided to swallow it almost instantly. Now then I am going to turn on some anime (Ghost in the Shell: Laughing Man Episodes) and since this a 2 ˝ hour anime collection, and one I have seen many times before and could watch it all day at that, hopefully this will make the transition into the DOC world fly by as quickly as possible.

T 00:30 – A barely distinguishable energy and sense of well being are felt, but to try to pin point these effects at this stage would be useless, but I do believe the chemical is registering in my body.

T 0:50 – Stretching, yawning, anxious energy... Is this coming on already?
T 0:50 – Stretching, yawning, anxious energy... Is this coming on already?
Mentally I can tell my brain is preparing itself for the work out its about to be put through.

T 1:15 – Higher and higher still and I imagine oh just how much higher I will become. I can definitely tell this chemical has registered in my brain, now please excuse while it serves up some change!

T 1:25 – There's no stopping whats about to happen (hahahahah). I put on some techno music I can dance to for this initial come up.

T 1:35 – Is one looking at the outside through a lens while tripping, a reflective lens which also allows a direct view of the inner as well, to go along with our normal stream of consciousness seemingly battling for dominance, except in the moments we trippers live for, those brief moment in time we call a peak where these forces align... Me thinks this peak won't be so brief this time.

T 2:00 – Full body energy and euphoria accompanies the ever growing trip.

T 2:10 – The analytical introspective mindset to accompany this come up has also proved to be of immeasurable value, to me at least.

T 2:20 Need to do some thinking on the philosophical quanderments of quantum mechanics? Then have I got the drug for you! Of course every psychedelic salesman probably does. The message is here loud and clear if you catch my drift.

T 2:40 Are psychedelic but mirrors we swallow to allow us to see into ourselves, our own mind? To check out all the hidden crevices if you will. How surprised I was to find a reflection of the universe staring back at me, but it makes nothing but sense now.

T 3:00 3 hours into it now and this chemical has slammed and smashed all my senses, though sight strangely seems least affected of all. Of course cannabis is the remedy here! Excuse me while I smoke some more.

T 3:30 How narcissistic some universes are.... Well DOC seems to be laying it all out quite nicely, or what he perceives to be the perceiver, anyways? (Post Script: My mind was a mess as you might be able to tell by this point)

T 4:30 It is easy to get lost in the space of it all or I'd try to gather myself up enough for some check ins more often... Even now my mind turns to soup when I even begin to think about conveying to you in words the experiencing I am feeling at this moment in time.

T 6:00 Well the plateau seems to have been achieved, quite frankly love the intensity of all of it (it being the empathogenic quality to this psychedelia). Visually seems to be the only thing lacking, but just when I compare it to the inebriation I otherwise feel. There are tones of visuals anyways.

T 07:00 I remain in a state almost exactly as I was an hour ago and I imagine an hour from now will be quite the same.

T 09:00 Certainly my mind does not feel as fresh as it once did and I imagine my legs will hate me for days to come. Coming down? No. This fades away. Overtime, hours.

T 10:00 And it just keeps on chugging.

T 12:00 For the past two hours, or the last hour in particular, I find myself once again becoming quite analytical, which would normally be trouble, but through this “DOC reflective lens” or whatever you want to call it, that thing that momentarily makes up part of my consciousness so that my internal dialogue has been one of the most precious to me, of all my “hundreds” of trips. But the ideas that are in my head then are transient, illusory. That this drug is transient, and a trip that must begin and must end, that everything is transient. Is that what makes it beautiful or is that what makes it sad? That we must all one day let go and go back to energy. I'm looking at the thing from two different angles. How could both be correct?

Post Script:

That was the last journal entry I decided to take. From that point on (5 pm.) I began the slow transition back into reality, but nothing happened that requires much further detailing. The head space simply became too muddied me for me to make any use of it from that point on. The visuals seemed to process themselves slowly back into reality. My body exhausted but still a whirlwind of euphoric energy, tension, and entactogen like quality so I consumed 8 mg of phenazepam at midnight. As this slow acting benzo came on I found the mixture of effects to be quite enjoyable, but I was exhausted. Ate a small meal around 1 am (t19:00) without any problems, in fact nausea seemed to be naught an issue for the entire trip, save some burping here and there. At two am. the effects had subsided to a point that I found no use for what little remained and consumed an additional 4 mg of phenazepam, effectively knocking me out at three am t22:00 after consumption. Slept well, got about 9 hours of asleep.

Final Conclusions: DOC, as daunting a trip as it may seem, is so friendly, so well meaning... If you can't handle the trip times stick to its shorting acting cousins, but there's something special here, something that demands to be experienced by every psychonaut. I could go one longer describing this drugs wonderful effects, but what would be the point. Take it for yourself or don't!

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96835
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 12, 2020Views: 1,536
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DOC (357) : Glowing Experiences (4), General (1), Alone (16)

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