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Research Chemical From Hell
by Mark
Citation:   Mark. "Research Chemical From Hell: An Experience with JWH-210 (exp96836)". Erowid.org. Feb 20, 2013. erowid.org/exp/96836

2 hits smoked JWH-210 (powder / crystals)
I ordered 1g of JWH-210, 1g of AM-2201, 1g of 4-FA, and 1g of benzofury from a online distributor of research chemicals.

Although I had daballed quite extensively with DXM, kratom, amanitas, kanna, kava, ephedrine up to this point...I had yet to try any research chemicals. Mainly, I was looking for legal highs.

It took about 3 weeks to arrive and came in a packaging indicating it was an aromatic bath salts with a bogus receipt in the package. Once I opened this up, I found 4 seperate clear baggies. They all had the amount and substance written on the bags with black marker. All of the chemicals were white except the JWH-210 which was a pinkish-white.

I decided to try the JWH-210 first because I thought that it was the least strong and safest. From what I had read about it on forums, it was supposed to be similar in effects to marijuana and to last about 2 hours. I read a good dose would be between 5-7mg.

I tried to measure out 5mg but my scale wasn't working properly so I estimated taking a small amount out and adding it to a pipe with some kanna. One note is that I had taken about 1000mg of dxm the night before and this might still have been in my system and might have interacted with the JWH-210.

I took 2 medium puff of the smoke and held it for maybe 10 seconds each. I was going to take a 3rd puff, but decided I should wait about 10 minutes to see what the effects would be (this decision probably saved my life).

As I was walking back upstairs from the basement I started to notice my heart rate going uncomfortably fast. I started to feel very stoned like from weed but stronger. It did not feel good. I told myself to relax and wait it out. I kept repeating in my head 'Everything is fine. Everything will be okay.' in a effort to calm myself down. I felt like I could not sit still. I decided to lay down in bed and wait for effects to decrease. I was very afraid my wife would come in the room where I was lying down because I knew she would know something was wrong with me.

As far as I can tell I blacked out. The next thing I knew I was pounding both my fists on the bed and kicking both my legs and I was screaming like a maniac. At this point, I was completely gone...as insane as someone can get. I only remember bits and pieces, but I remember being on the bed laughing and screaming like mad, and I remember thinking someone would call the cops but then in my mind it did not matter because I was feeling this intense emotion and energy that seemed to defy time and one second seemed to last an eternity.

I remember I kept going through theses vortexes and could feel my body shifting quickly like on a rollercoaster. I kept becoming different people and different energies over and over again. I think I thought I had died. Next thing I knew, I came out of it for a moment and became aware of where I was. My wife and friend was there and they were asking me if I was alright. I started to panic and kept saying 'I'm okay...I'm perfectly fine' over and over again.

At this point, I blacked out again. My wife has told me that I started demanding the phone over and over. Even after they found the phone and gave it to me, I kept yelling to give the phone to me and I thought they were hiding it from me. I then turned violent and started grabbing them and yelling about the phone. I really don't remember any of this.

The next thing I remember is throwing up over and over again at the top of the stairs. I remember at one point thinking I was a shark and at another point thinking I was God. After throwing up for what seemed like an eternity, I managed to drag myself to the bathroom. Moving was now extremely difficult.

My wife and her friend had run out of the house fearing for their lives and had called emergency. The swat team, police, ambulance and fire department all showed up at the house. I remember them carrying me out and they strapped me down to a strecher.

Next I awoke in the hospital. They put a catherter in me which hurt a lot. They told my wife that my pulse was very weak and blood pressure very low and that there was a good chance I would not make it. I am very lucky to be alive and hopefully no long-term damage. I was not charged by the police and was let out of hospital two days later.

Of course, I am done with these research chemicals now. The only reason I am writing this is to warn others about what could possibly happen if you take this stuff. There is no quality control and no testing to know what these chemicals will do to you. Even the nurse in the ER told me that I would be safer taking coke then this bath salt stuff cause who knows what's in it...it could be rat poison. I never believed that 2 puffs of something could do that to me.


Peace and be safe.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96836
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Feb 20, 2013Views: 12,821
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JWH-210 (574) : Bad Trips (6), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Alone (16)

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