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MDAI & Methiopropamine
Citation:   Anonymous . "Profound-Ocalypse: An Experience with MDAI & Methiopropamine (exp96846)". Jul 24, 2012.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral MDAI (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 25 mg insufflated Methiopropamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:52 124 mg oral MDAI (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:52 25 mg insufflated Methiopropamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:59 1 bump insufflated Methiopropamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:52 1 bump insufflated Methiopropamine (powder / crystals)
9:53: Just dosed. Approximately 100mg of MDAI and insufflated about 20-30 mg of MPA

9:56: Feeling the effects of the MPA pretty strongly. My body is warm, as if I was working out. Focused, although, I do feel like my senses are a little bit off.

10:45 Took another 20-30 mg of MPA and it is beginning to be quite intense.

Also, took another 124 mg of MDAI and is also starting to come on like a freight train. Very warm, fast heart rate. Colors are beginning to get very bright. The cherry on my cigarette was very illuminated. Music is very delightful listening to Pink Floyd - Us and Them. I'm aiming for deep meaningful music tonight. Also, I can see every little pore on my body. Hmm.. Getting very interesting.

11:40 The MPA has settled down quite a bit, got to be quite intense there for a second. Breathing was shallow but that has also calmed down a bit. The MDAI has me a state of mind I've never experienced before with any sort of RC or anything at that. So far, it's been alright. Although I wouldn't recommend for the non experienced.

12:00 Thoughts are racing but at the same time scrambled. Getting caught up in different thoughts every other second. Unexplainable state of mind.. maybe I'll explore this some more in the near future.

12:43 Okay, I've lost that state of confusion and scrambled thoughts, I feel really deep and emotional right now, but in a good way. I could have deep convo and just accept thing easily. Strong feelings of wisdom and empathy have occured, Life realizations.

12:52 Insufflated another bump of MPA.

Been sitting for 3 hours listening Dark Side Of the Moon and began to stand up, got very lighteheaded and a wave of pulses and heat began to flow through my body, I couldn't walk straight. Deep talks with close and old friends is very comforting. Intense but lovely feelings of profoundness overwhelm me.

1:02 The MDAI seems to have phases, I get caught inside a mind paradox that seems to change my whole feelings from empathy and wisdom to complete emptiness and is almost uncomfortable. But, at the same time I can apperciate it. Not for the non experienced who are looking to have fun, This for me is something I would ingest with a few friends and have long deep talk. But, like mushrooms, I get caught in the vortex of confusion in the middle of talking and almost lose train of thought, but it seems to come right back. I've learned to apperciate the loss of ego.

1:07 And I just realized as I was writing the last document I planned on starting it off as me sweating alot and completely lost that thought and ran into deep specifics. Explains my last document perfectly.

1:12 'You reached out for the secret too soon. You cried to the moon.'

1:19 Time seems to be flying by quickly. I have found new meaning in the word Profound. This chemical has givin' me the most 'Profound' state of consiousness I've ever experienced. And I must say I'm well experienced in the class of Psychedelics, Enthnogens and Stimulants.

1:24 I've noticed I don't refer to these as drugs, just chemicals and substances. It's something more then just a drug. Profound compounds of the universe. Not made by just man, made by Pioneers. Pioneers of the night, the ones who turn Darkness into Daylight.

1:35 I just cracked my first smile. Was a gentle and humble smile, seems the feelings of the void are coming in phases now. Going to sit outside for a bit while listening to the rest of the Wish You Were Here album and think a little bit more.

1:40 This is what I told a long time friend of mine. The songs The Needle and the Damage Done and Shine On You Crazy Diamond. 'That song used to remind me of you back in the TPC days. Same with 'The needle and the damage done' fuck, I'm gettin' all soft an shit, But, it's okay. Yeah, It reminded me of me in the sense we were both heading in the same directions. Now that I think upon it you're part of the reason I lifted myself up and straightened my shit up. That's Why I leave you for yourself recently to show you that if I learned from you, you should learn from me. Hope that helps you a bit.' TPC being Rehab and also various jails and programs.

Seems as though I was getting soft, but this didn't matter to me. Humilty is a big part of this experience and getting over humility is a step ahead in life.

2:19 Tranquilty passes through me like creeping sensations of the heebie jeebies.. Only these are good ones. Subconscious remnants forming and self conscious hope. Thinking of life and what is in store for the harsh realities to come when this is all over. But, will it ever be over?

2:23 Perfusive sweating. Am I thinking too much and too hard? or is it all part of it? My inner self tells me these thoughts are here for a reason and here to stay.

3:08 Been sitting outside for hours contemplating, pondering.. Helping others who need help. I forgot to mention that I've had lock jaw for quite awhile now and steadily clinching my jaw. It feels so good though.

3:45 It's been a little while since I've documented. I was busy helping others where help was do. Some close friends some not, the good deed is done. Some may take my words, wisdom, knowledge, and humbility for granted and that used to bother me. But, now I've realized there is some people out there who won't do that. They will use them as life tools and repairmanship. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in peoples heads, But, then again I don't know what goes on in mine sometimes. Sometimes I feel as though the mind Is simply the universe, there's always more to be explored and discovered. Some more complex then others but that's just because some haven't found their own gift yet.


On another note, I just insufflated the biggest bump of the night. Felt I had to end it on a good note, will probably smoke some grass and play my guitar. My vocabulary seems to be growing and getting more complex.

4:18 Still goin' pretty strong. Took the last bump for the night, gonna let it ride out. The MDAI, still has me in the same state of mind.

I think I've gotten to the bottom of this trip, 'The Meaning' - Humilty, serenity, Profoundness, Beauty, Bliss, Kensho, Enlightenment, Satori, Infinite, Emptiness, and the Void. Some of you may say this combo or single MDAI is not a psychedelic. But, In my opinion it is. Psychedelics are not only meant for visuals and body highs, they are for what you take from the 'Trip'. They are tools, considered keys by many to unlock the doors of your mind and Enlighten you. But, just because they can enlighten you doesn't mean just thinking it's gonna cure you, it is simply a realization and connection with the universe and infinite.

Nothing is everything and everything is nothing.

Don't take these words for granted, Going out on a friday night and planning on doing some psychedelic/enthogen compound you're in for a bad night, think about this. These are powerful tools and are meant to be respected.

4:35 Still feel the affects pretty strongly, and for longer then expected. But, I'm smoking my last cigarette and smoking a little herb and relax. Peace! Good Vibes.

I wonder what harsh realities await for me in the tomorrow sun. Maybe it will be good.. Experience is what has made me so I'll just have to accept it.

Whether be good or bad.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96846
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Jul 24, 2012Views: 16,740
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Methiopropamine (545), MDAI (499) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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