A Walk With the Universe
2C-P & Amphetamines (Adderall)
Citation:   Fairy Princess. "A Walk With the Universe: An Experience with 2C-P & Amphetamines (Adderall) (exp96850)". Erowid.org. Feb 12, 2020. erowid.org/exp/96850

10 mg oral 2C-P (capsule)
  20 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
Iíd like to open with a little note about the pseudonym. Itís a running gag, and Iím not really a fairy or a princess. Iím called Wizard more often than not, though I claim no subscription to any particular magical belief.

A few months ago I was given a gift from a friend who gave me a very serious warning.

"Do not do this casually. This is not a joke.Ē

I am particularly happy I heeded his advice. When research and rumors had been dispelled, I found that the particular powder was a long lasting, potent window to a pure form of thinking. I had partaken in a few RCs in the past, both in low doses and high, from 2C-I, E, B, 4-HO-MET, and 25-I, the latter in particularly high dosages that I honestly admit I mildly regret. Iíve dropped around a half sheet of acid (not at once of course), and feel incredibly comfortable in my ability to adapt to psychological and psychedelic shifts in my reality. With the talk of a near 24 hour experience, I believed this would be some out of hand experience for an entire day, and I prepared accordingly.

In actuality, I am still on the afterglow of the chemical. I took a nap and a shower, the latter which seemed to reawaken what was lingering beneath. Iíll go through the length of the day as best I can. I will say now, this was my absolute greatest psychedelic experience.

I had not slept from the day before and had been playing a length of Diablo 3, listening to streams and turning my fun time into some pocket change. I had been brooding on this capsule for a long time, and decided enough was enough. There was nothing important today, and if the universe was willing I wanted to be a part of the dialogue I was reading about. I posted on Facebook that I was seeking an extreme adventure, and wanted to know if anyone was willing to babysit me for the length of the day. This was at 6:30 in the morning, and to my surprise, someone was awake and responded. I gathered up writing materials, which I had read, and agree, was a phenomenal activity, as well as my collection of crystals, ganja, an edible (that has yet to be eaten), and sun-glasses. I was dressed comfortably, and was out the door by 8:00 am.

At 7:30a, I dropped the magic capsule, 2 multivitamins, and a 20mg adderal to combat the sleepiness while I waited for onset and made the 30 minute drive.

At 8:30a, I met my sitter; we got into my car and drove down the street to a local Albertsons. I purchased an orange, a couple of bananas, and a large bottle of water. We used the restrooms and returned to my car. We sit and talk for a good minute. I eat a banana and a few bites of the orange. It is around 9:30 when we leave, and I am unsure if there is a notable change in perception or feeling.

At about 10:00a, we return to where her car is parked and decide we would not drive to the local park that we would be idling around in. We begin the 2 mile walk. It is about this time I turn my phone off and become uncaring of my perceptions of time. I am starting to feel a weight in my chest, and the general queasiness I experience with 2Cs. By the end of the walk I am glad I did not eat more, as I am feeling very nauseous. We arrive at the park about 10:30.

There is some sort of summer camp going on and I feel a moment of uncertainty about my decision to do this in public. The body load has intensified, and I am feeling a level of restlessness that is probably a mixture of the Addi and 2cp. We walk around the park, use the restrooms, and settle on a bench for a few hours. We talk of all manner of things, and it was when I stopped moving and sat down that I began to notice the very intense 2C-I esque visual suction I experienced on a 20mg trip of that. I attempt to write, but my thoughts are becoming scattered and I feel my ego resisting and wishing to believe it is the supreme voice, the answer, the one that puts the words down.
I feel my ego resisting and wishing to believe it is the supreme voice, the answer, the one that puts the words down.
After a half page I set my pen down, observe my sitter is napping, and proceed to look about and ponder. The park is particularly pretty, but the manmade lake is disgusting. There are large flocks of geese that live in the park, and there is a particularly oily sheen and color to the water that intensifies my nausea. I try to focus on the birch trees, and the other trees within the park. The way the branches grew, it appeared as though eyes covered the length of the trunks. It is probably around 11, and my body load and general pyschedlica is continuing to intensify.

My sitter wakes up, and we make a trip to the bathrooms. I cannot pee, and it is frustrating. I am probably not drinking enough water, but the queasiness makes it hard to handle. We walk around again for some time, and settle in an area designed to be a butterfly garden. She is from northern California and mentions how sad and dead all of the plants are. I noted the irony; in that most of what is planted in this city is a non indigenous species, kept alive only by the amount of water pumped into sprinkler systems and other such. That the natural area should be the one suffering? We talk at length about Gods, Divinity, Human Condition and measures of happiness. I feel as though I am simply a microphone recording what the Universe has to say, and explained to her early in the trip that I felt as though ďI am the canvas being prepared by the painter. That the painter will create his work upon me, allow it to be enjoyed, and then destroy it so it is the power of a memory.Ē

We return to the area of our first sitting, and lay in the grass. It is about 2pm when I decide to turn my phone back on and remember time, and I have reached the plateau. The load is comfortable, and the queasiness is constant, though never again as intense as when we first settled in the park. I try to drink more water, and nibble on orange, but the juiciness and texture of the fruit is too much for me to handle. Unlike other psyches, I have no desire to smoke any amount of weed at all. I had brought an edible that I had planned to dose at the same time, but I felt as though what I was experiencing was ENOUGH and it needed no alteration. We lie in the grass and discuss more about life. We talk about personal demons, childhood trauma, and how to create change. I have received text messages from family and a phone call from a client, and I am unable to respond to anything. It begins sprinkling around 4:00 in the afternoon. I had thought it would be nice all day, but it was relatively warm and very humid.

We begin to walk back towards the general direction of our vehicles, crossing the park and beginning to think of where or what we could do. We take shelter under the gazebo at the edge of the park, and it begins to rain. The rain is incredibly calming in sound, and I begin to feel incredibly sleepy. The conversation has died down some, and we exchange poetry and stories, as well as more orange that I cannot handle yet. There are bathroom trips, both successful and unsuccessful, and more fretting on my end that my sitter is bored of this general silliness and would like to be doing something more exciting. She says I am foolish. The rain dies a little, and we venture back towards our cars.

It is 8pm; we have met a friend, and are now sitting in the Sitterís car hiding from the rain. We have met our friend, the Fairy Princess Queen, and they eat cookies while we listen to mellow and funny songs. I have a nibble of one and note that the sugar was just too much. Iíd like to take a nap, but I am unable. Our friend leaves about 9, and we continue to sit in the car and wait for our friends, her boyfriend, and fellow band members come home from work/frolicking. I had forgotten that I was supposed to record in the studio tonight, and am feeling generally negative about the idea.

It is about this time that a thunder storm has settled in, and my sitter notices a very palpable change in the air
a thunder storm has settled in, and my sitter notices a very palpable change in the air
. We both get that jeepers-creepers feeling, and she begins to complain of darting lines of color and shadows moving in the mirrors. I am still going strong, and try to comfort her that she may just have gotten a second hand high from my level of energy. I begin to notice moving shadow figures as well, something visually different than what I was experiencing visually the entire day. We begin to work with a piece of labrodorite that I always carry, chanting mantras of light and positivity. I explain my personal belief of bringing intense burning light to the deepest darkness, and focus my energy on burning away any negativity that might be chasing us. The figures and colors continue to persist, and I focus on the latter to try and discern its nature. I come to feel, both in my body feelings and visual state, that the color was a movement of energy, the flow or current of the universal force. With how much discussion on Gods and Magic we had that day, I reasoned to her that the figures we were seeing were probably curious of what kind of energy and power we had been projecting, and may be investigating us with curiosity and not malevolence. I call them out to it, noting that if they choose to instigate I will fight, and that we are hardly worth the effort they would have to put forth if they are seeking to feed off of us, to hunt us if you will. I am feeling incredibly resolute, armored, and armed, and lead her into an exercise of visualizing the battlements she would need to combat any darkness that came.

We reason more on the nature of that heeby jeeby feeling in the neck and shoulders, and I come to believe that we feel it under any presence, that fear is the entirely natural response because it is unknown. I come to believe as well that no force could possibly wander or exist purely to destroy or damage, that all negativity is manifested from human action, will, and thought, and that demons, angels, or other beings in which we have given power in order to ask for favors, are all simply created for a quick path to an objective. I firmly state my divine right to the light, because I live, because I thrive, and it is about this time the shadows recede. My sitter notes rainbow hues in streetlights, something I do not, and she becomes generally at peace. We wait a little longer, and everyone arrives.

It is 11:30pm. I catch up, explain a little of how I am feeling, how itís been very slowly wearing down, and the general connected understanding and euphoria. We talk for a minute, smoke some weed, and go into the studio. I record my part (bongos) in two takes, feel great about it, and settle in with the Bassist in the living room to watch anime. He shares his dinner of beans and crackers with me, something that I needed. I drink lots of water, and fall asleep accidently.

About 3:30am I got home, instantly fell asleep in my bed, was awoken by construction a few times throughout the morning, and now here I am getting ready to go out into the world, see friends, and play a show tonight at a local bar. All in all, I had a fucking fantastic experience, and am very glad I prepared the way I did to it. I am sure I could have managed solo with music, but when I was coming up and plateuing she gave me a high level of comfort in making trips to the bathroom, and quelling my nausea. Be ready to be humble, allow yourself to be humbled, listen to what the Universe has to say, appreciate the beauty you will be shown, and be safe. Enjoy.

I did not experience any feelings of uncontrollability, though I did feel as though I was wetting myself when I was walking to the bathroom when I really had to go. Iíve gotten this feeling before on RCs, and itís just psychedelica. There was not a supreme amount of audio or visual distortion, and it was very much so headspace and feeling for me. I did have some trouble keeping thought lines together, but it was MUCH easier to find them, restart, reconnect, and finish the thought than I have found it to be with Acid or others. Blessings.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96850
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Feb 12, 2020Views: 5,550
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Amphetamines (6), 2C-P (305) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Performance Enhancement (50), Guides / Sitters (39), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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