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A Welcoming Home
Citation:   moe.ron. "A Welcoming Home: An Experience with 2C-I (exp96858)". Sep 3, 2017.

16 mg   2C-I  
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Late April, 2012
Chemical: 2C-I, Cannabis
Dose: 16 mg, repeated

T (00:00) 3:30 PM It's been quite a while since I had a psychedelic phenethylamine enter my body but recently two very strong LSD trips, mushrooms, and dmt have helped me to decide to gave phenthylamines another chance. This is the lowest dose I have taken of this chemical, I have many past experiences with 2C-I including a 60 mg trip. Well be interesting to see how this plays out. Oh how I miss tripping all night on 2c-x but in the end my over use of these chemicals left me jaded towards them, and a nasty case of HPPD which took about a year to fully subside. Going to smoke a bowl of marijuana for this come up.

T (00:55) 4:24 PM Watching the anime FLCL for the first time, really digging the metaphorical layers the writers took the time to put into this madness. Perhaps first alerts, perhaps not. Well smoke some more and report back.

T (01:20) 4:50 PM Trip may be beginning, hard to tell. Well I'm definitely at an indistinct but mild plus two at this point. Visual hues are darkened, some light geometry forming as well, tracers, auras, all the usual phenthylamine good stuff, plus that wonderful body high and euphoria, with a particular manifestation in the legs. Stretching is good. The mind is mostly unaffected sans an insane amount of emotional heightening. A good initial dose, in fact I find myself coming up by the second, getting trippier in the thought processes of my brain. Will smoke more.

T (01:50) 5:20 PM Wow find this to be a very surprisingly emotional chemical as I cry healing tears. Over what thoughts? To personal to say/

T (02:05) 5:35 PM For the moment I have got over the emotional bit, which was weird to say the least. Since then things have got quite a bit trippier. Visuals do there thing, beautiful. Man I was out of the tripping for too long.

T (02:30) 6 PM Has been a very emotionally tolling trip (but in a good way), especially considering I use to eat the shit like 40 mg was the normal dose. What a beautiful trip this is though. I wonder futilely about the futility of dreams or of memories by and especially memories gone wrong. It seems clear to me now, everything at all, whether material or immaterial, is probably not enough; everything all adding up, it's not enough, and it's a startling conclusion, and when one makes it such as I have one would find themselves in my position. Visuals are beautiful, life is deep, to be lived and loved in. Not enough? Its all there is. I can turn the philosophy on and off. It's nice.

T (02:35) 6:05 PM Very philosophically minded chemical, or perhaps it's just an amplifier. That males the more sense. The visuals increase in strange geometry about the room. I'll smoke more.

T (03:00) 6:30 PM Really feeling this chemical excellent now, coursing all through out my body.

T (03:12) 6:42 PM It is so life, to have people come into our lives only to realize there importance after they have left!

T (03:20) 6:50 PM Emotionally and mentally I feel exhausted. The trip is still going full steam otherwise so I decide to watch some anime.

T (03:25) 6:55 PM Wow, but naturally after a few tokes on the pipe I am propelled back into +++ territory, but you can tell it is losing steam.

T (03:40) 7:15 May be coming down now.

T (03:55) 7:30 There's a leftover energy, perhaps best suited for dancing company.

Post Script: My journal of the this trip stops abruptly here. Over the next few hours I continued coming down until I went to bed around a normal time, 10 or 11, trip completely over with.

Final Thoughts: Although rereading through this report now it may appear as if I didn't have the best time, but believe you me brother the opposite is true. This would be the trip that reignited my love the empathogenic, entactogenic and analtyical trips of the psychedelics phenthylamines, and I will always be grateful for it. It may seem like the peak was a bit bumpy but the whole ride was as smooth as can be. 2C-I worked its magic on me and left me with an entirely different perspective on entire class of psychedelic drugs.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96858
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 3, 2017Views: 2,487
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2C-I (172) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Unknown Context (20)

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