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Mephedrone Freebased
by scienceofthesoul
Citation:   scienceofthesoul. "Mephedrone Freebased: An Experience with 4-Methylmethcathinone (exp96906)". Jul 31, 2013.

150 mg smoked 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)


I had some spare time on my hands, and decided to experiment with turning 4-Methylmecathinone HCL salt back to base to examine its effect when vaporized.

First off, I have experience with most forms of stimulant, and admittedly, Mephedrone is not one I particularly like. Although purity of Mephedrone is generally quite high, it never seemed to give me much effect for the amount taken. It was this reason I decided to attempt a freebase.

I placed 0.5g of the substance in large stainless steel spoon along with 0.15g of bicarbonate of soda and 25CCs of distilled water. After a brief mix, I put the spoon to the flame of a focused bunsen burner and boiled the mixture until I was satisfied that all reactants had been used in the process. Most of the bicarbonate of soda was used in the process, but some had remained, leaving the water siphoned off by a syringe cloudy and gritty in texture. The reaction time took 47 seconds to complete, and only approximately 1 minute for the oil to cool and solidify.

I have heard from many sources that the alkaloid oil of 4-Methylmecathinone is an unstable alkaloid, and, so could vaporize into a thick cloud of toxic smoke that would only be doing damage instead of any effect. Regardless, I thought, as this has not been researched much I could give it a go. For the sake of science, I suppose. On that note, many people who have attempted to freebase 4-MMC, the end product was light in colour, and seems to powder if handled to roughly instead of solidifying into a rock and mine was no different. People suggested this could be to do with too much bicarbonate of soda, but in my opinion it is to the unstable properties of the alkaloid as if anything, I was slightly sparing with the bicarb, but obviously nothing is conclusive and I will report back when I have ran more tests.

The end product was, as stated before, light in colour, bordering on pale yellow with tints of blue, and was generally turned to power if fingers are used to grasp the substance, but if handled gently stayed whole. It weighed 0.475g after the process, so some product was lost, but a relatively insubstantial amount.

Let me say that I did not take any 4-MMC before the first test of the base and had not consumed any other drugs either apart from a joint about 1.5 hours prior. I placed 0.15g of the substance in my pipe and began to melt the oil. It melted quite quickly, and the vapour began forming soon after. I inhaled tentatively at first to test the water, so to speak, and the vapour was quite harsh. Not unlike Methamphetamine/Ice. It didn't hurt all too much, so I decided to inhale a larger amount and the effects were almost instantaneous: a small rush, and increased energy. After this I finished the bowl and it was quite a nice body/mind high, but completely unlike 4-MMC. After the initial energy buzz, I noticed that I was becoming more put down, almost like a body stone from marijuana, but with a tingly euphoria that is unlike the high from cannabis.

I plan on getting some friends over and testing it out on them, to see their reactions to the drug so I can make a more conclusive report, as well as performing the procedure a few more times with different bases to find a base to make a more solid alkaloid, with the best effect.

In conclusion, so far things look good for a freebase 4-MMC but do not recommend it as it has not been researched enough to say whether or not it is actually not completely horrible for the body and mind or if it is even safe chemically as an unstable alkaloid oil. If anyone is in the mood for some experiments I say go ahead, as it interests me to see how other people react.

'What I do ain't science man, its art.' 'No, everything is science.'

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96906
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jul 31, 2013Views: 13,600
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