My Lovehate Relationship With Ecstasy
by Palneka
Citation:   Palneka. "My Lovehate Relationship With Ecstasy: An Experience with MDMA (exp96953)". Sep 19, 2019.

1 tablet oral MDMA


It was the night of my 19th birthday party and as a gift from a good friend of mine, I was offered an ecstacy pill. I first did ecstacy when I was 16 and between 16 and 19 I had probably done it about 8 times or so. Each time was a wonderful and exciting experience and to this day there are certain songs, people, memories and smells that bring a nostalgic memory of each experience.

Having had some very good times with it in the past and one pill always being more than enough, I jumped at the offer and was very excited and enthusiastic about the night to come. He had actually ended up offering me two pills. I took one and gave the other to my sister, who ended up splitting it with my then boyfriend just for fun. They were both different pills, I don't remember what the other one was but the one I took was green and had the Batman logo on it. That I will always remember.

I had taken the pill at about 10pm and by 12am I wasn't really feeling anything which wasn't normal
I had taken the pill at about 10pm and by 12am I wasn't really feeling anything which wasn't normal
, so I thought it was a shitty pill and just gave up wondering if I was high or not. My sister said she didn't feel anything either, but she didn't care either way. A short while later I started getting dramatically tired. The party was in full swing and it wasn't near over, but I asked my friend if he would drive me home. All I wanted to do was get in my own bed and go to sleep. He drove me home and as soon as I got in my house I felt very comfortable and couldn't wait to go to bed.

As I was nestled in my blankets and ready to shut my eyes, suddenly it felt as thought my eyes were glued open. No matter how hard I tried shutting them they would just slowly split back open. I tossed and turned for probably 3 hours and suddenly started feeling extremely paranoid and I was sweating but was freezing at the same time. By about 6am I could finally feel myself getting a tiny bit tired. For my birthday that year my sister had gotten me a book filled with the art of Camille Rose Garcia (it is very dark and inspired by old Disney esque cartoons). When I shut my eyes I saw the characters from the book I had received and they were all standing on a spiral stair case of some kind and bending their knees bouncing up and down all in sync while I could hear the song 'puttin on the ritz', but the version covered by this musician from the 80's called Taco. (it's terrifying). For about the next hour this would happen every time I closed my eyes so I was too terrified to sleep. By 9am my entire family had driven to my parents house to throw a big birthday dinner for me. I walked downstairs looking like hell and the site of food made me want to vomit. Best birthday ever!

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 96953
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Sep 19, 2019Views: 549
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