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Alternate World Trip Lasting a Month
2C-I & GHB (Xyrem)
by NarcolepticM
Citation:   NarcolepticM. "Alternate World Trip Lasting a Month: An Experience with 2C-I & GHB (Xyrem) (exp96957)". Feb 5, 2016.

  oral GHB (daily)
  1 tablet oral 2C-I  
    smoked Cannabis  


I took GHB for a year (for narcolepsy) with no side effects but when I upped my dosage, due to a tolerance, I was taking on average 13.5 grams/day. I never noticed any of the side effects (even the fact that I had lost 20 lbs (115 to 95 lbs.) in a little over a month, once increasing my dosage), until after I took 2C-I. I was so wrapped up in it that I thought my roommate was trying to steal money from me or kill me to the point that I “booby trapped” my room before I left for Christmas break, in 2010. The 2C-I trip, that I would have a few weeks later, was the key factor that placed me in an alternative mindset that led me to live in another world my brain stayed in, post trip, but also allowed me realize I needed to stop taking GHB.

It was Christmas break and I had about a week before starting the Spring 2011 semester of my Junior year, at a large Texas university. I had spent the majority of my junior year, especially during Christmas break, on the couch at my friend's place (smoking pot, of course) that I would later trip at. We would sit there pretty much constantly, drinking and smoking. Therefore, when my friend mentioned he had acquired a good amount of 2C-I (he was a largely experienced user of the drug), I jumped at the opportunity to try something new!

My boyfriend (it was his place and why I was constantly there) and I were the only ones who took one pill each, while my other 2 friends (the one who had experience with 2C-I and another who had done acid a few times) were going to be our baby sitters. I took the pill (around 3pm) and sat on the couch smoking, watching TV and watching my 3 friends (all guys) playing video games.

After about an hour of sitting waiting for it to kick in, all the sudden I noticed the environment I was so used to was the same, but very different. The game my friends were playing (World of Goo) looked phallic in nature and childish. All of my friends’ stuff (gaming consoles, speakers etc.) just looked like black boxes with no function, just STUFF of no use. I felt as though I was stuck in time in a sort of cube of space, containing only the couch, my friends, and their useless boy toys that they were so engaged in. With this feeling of discomfort, I jumped up and yelled STOP! My sober friends suggested they would put something on the TV but everything that was on it just seemed pointless and empty, which only further alarmed me, so my 2C-I experienced friend helped by turning off all stimulating devices (the computer and TV). It was as if the image/view from the couch I had spent dozens and dozens of hours in front of had been broken down by brain and I was seeing the pointless nature of the sedentary state I had been in. I then found myself in a new world where it appeared that everything (literally, everything) had eyes, or a certain life to it.

In response to all the attention it seemed I was getting from the world that surrounded me, I tried hitting over a lamp and tried to mess with the TV but my friends stopped me and one of them said “we don’t want you hurting anyone” as they looked around at everything/'everyone' (I don’t think anything I thought they said during my trip, was actually said, at least not in the context I was receiving it
I don’t think anything I thought they said during my trip, was actually said, at least not in the context I was receiving it
). At one point, I took the bottle of water I had and turned it over completely to be poured all over my friend’s cat (I’m allergic to cats and I guess my brain which was in control wanted a little payback).

After getting (relatively) used to my surroundings, I went out on the balcony for a cigarette, right as it was starting to get dark. Living in an area very close to campus, cops are constantly in the area. There must have been cops out because my boyfriend also remembered the red and blue lights, which ended up transforming for me. The lights seemed to envelop the entire outside world, almost appearing as a firework/light show. This was sort of relieving to see something beautiful, rather than the stationary world that I had just discovered lived around me, all the time, and left me sort of in awe. However, the scene quickly changed into a scary one and even my boyfriend confirmed that it looked like cops/troops were walking the streets with large guns, policing the area, so we all promptly moved inside. This is where it got weird for me and I experienced ego death.

Once moving inside, my boyfriend must have passed out on the couch pretty quickly because I lost all knowledge of his presence after this point and it seemed to be just me in my own tripping world (I don’t even really recall my sober friends at this point). I was sitting in a chair behind the couch, with the red and blue lights still dancing on everything, as I watched the world around me look like it got sucked into a black hole in slow motion, watching every grain of the fabric around me being disintegrated away (I didn’t really have a physical body at this point, just my consciousness).

After experiencing what seemed like the end of the world, my two sober friends “came back” to me, but as sort of Good Angel and Bad Angel characters. However, they both shared the view that “the end of the world” that had occurred, in the distant past (it was if I was in a part of space-time far into the infinite future), was my fault. I felt like I was (or had created) a singularity, which destroyed the material world as we know it
I felt like I was (or had created) a singularity, which destroyed the material world as we know it
, and my Angels had materialized to introduce me to the hell I had created.

After some indeterminate amount of time, my “Bad Angel” friend disappeared from the picture and my “Good Angel” friend (the experienced 2C-I user) was sitting next to me holding my hand to comfort me and explain that what I had created wasn’t all bad (even though it was like all humans had become some sort of infinite processor/energy source and had lost all material self and ability to physically move, left only to experience eternity) and we just sat there, so that I could experience what “they” experience. I became a part of this future world, but as an intruder and my friend and I both knew this, so we had to be careful (again, I really doubt my sober friend was experiencing this). I can’t really explain what we were doing other than exploring the new form of humanity, which was basically just me exploring my own destitute mind, trying to figure out how I could prevent the current reality I was in. As I was doing this, if it seemed like we were about to be “caught” by whoever the moderators (aliens, republicans…… ) of the future world were, I would have to close my eyes and try to turn my mind off so that I would be as inactive and blended with the material world around me (living but un-living, in that they could not experience the world), so that I could go unnoticed.

After several instances of this, “they” finally “found”/pinpointed me (since it was like there was some kind of life form in every square inch of space time) and it felt (since my eyes were closed) like the room (the living room I spent months and months in) was filled with higher authorities of the “operation” that I was responsible for and they knew that I was trying to infiltrate it, so they (it sounded like a lady's voice talking to me) were trying to get me to open my eyes but I wouldn’t. I just sat in the same chair with my eyes squeezed closed for what felt like days (actually from about midnight-4am, roughly).

When I opened my eyes for the first time at about 4 am, everyone had gone to sleep. My boyfriend was still passed out on the couch, so I went over to him to attempt to lay with him, but because he was awake immediately as I came close to him, I suspected him and retreated back to my chair to sit with my eyes closed, until the sun came up. When I opened my eyes for the second time, everything appeared normal again, but I was still skeptical of EVERYTHING (I never did sleep when my eyes were closed). I went into my boyfriend’s bed (he must have moved in there when I woke him up at 4am), and I found that I was scared of him now and no longer thought he was a real person (since he was not a part of my trip I thought he was some sort of lower life-form). I had lost all sexual desire (because I saw the cramped condition of the material world, sort of like a human-centipede thing), so I was really scared of him touching me, but I lay in bed with him trying to sleep, to no avail.

I left the apartment in the morning (11am) and went back to my apartment, where I took my normal 4.5 gram dosage of GHB (it’s taken twice a night, so 9 grams total, daily, and I would take naps/keep sleeping, often, adding on more to the 9 grams), so that I could finally sleep, but I thought once I slept I would die and continued to think this pretty much every time I went to sleep for a while, after that. I became skeptical of everything and everyone around me and was just waiting around to experience the end of the world that I thought I had foreseen in my trip. I grew extremely paranoid of my boyfriend and roommate, thinking that they both were trying to kill me (to prevent me from causing the end of the world) and that my roommate was trying to steal money from me. I could hardly go to class/be in public because I had such anxiety and my mindset was not right, to the point that I thought everyone was looking at me with accusatory looks and talking about me.

For some reason I let this be my reality for about a month, during which I (sort of) broke up with my boyfriend and declared I would quit drinking and smoking pot because when I was sitting on the same couch I tripped on (smoking pot only), watching Batman & Robin (I think), I thought God talked to me through the television, reminding me of my trip and that I still had some sort of responsibility. So I asked my boyfriend outside and I explained that I wanted to stop having sex, which really confused him, but he respected my wishes. School started up and I began to live out my new life (no sex, drinking or smoking) relatively normally, until one morning where my alternate reality materialized into the world I knew before (and knew was still there) and I realized I had an issue.

I would explain what the event was, but it’s rather hard to put into words and I still don’t, and will probably never, fully understand what happened, but it ended up with my TV blowing a fuse after I “received a message” through it, which really scared the shit out of me. So, I ran into my room, woke my boyfriend up (I had woken up at 8 am, about 3-4 hours after taking my second 4.5 gram dosage of GHB), explained to him that I thought I had problem with GHB, that I thought I was crazy and was living in another reality and that I needed help.

In the end, I pulled myself out of my alternate reality and changed sleeping drugs (I had trouble getting to sleep without GHB for a while after that) and am doing just fine and am set to graduate in December 2012 (despite my educational troubles following my GHB experience, for the rest of 2011).

[Reported Dose: '1 pill 2C-Im 2-6 bowls cannabis/day, 12-15 grams GHB/day']

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 96957
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Feb 5, 2016Views: 8,752
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2C-I (172), GHB (25) : Entities / Beings (37), Post Trip Problems (8), Multi-Day Experience (13), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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